When life stops

The last two weeks my typically “full speed ahead” life virtually came to a stop (or at least a slow crawl).  After first dealing with a bad case of strep throat that knocked me out for several days, I then did something to my lower back (I say “something” because I can’t pin point the exact cause of the pain although I did spend a couple days movingcamping equipment & heavy boxes of books because with my “get it done NOW”  personality I simply couldn’t wait for dear darling hubby to do it!).  I woke up ten days ago to excruciating back pain.  I could not get much relief – sitting down (as in in front of the computer, to eat meals or just chat with the girls) was impossible and brought much pain, laying down was also painful which meant that I was up every couple of hours each night trying to deal with the pain, standing was also painful although slightly less and when I walked briskly I could get some relief.  I tried ibuprofen, ice, heat,  back exercises, rest – with little results.  After a week of this I was very grumpy and sleep deprived. I decided to go to the doctor and a chiropractor to seek help.  The doctor prescribed pain medication and a muscle relaxer.  The chiropractor gave me an adjustment which provided immediate relief for about an hour after the first treatment and several hours pain free after the second.  Yesterday was Jim Elliot Christian High School’s 10th graduation (more on that later!) and I put on one of those girdles (affectionately called “suck ’em ups” at my house) – I was amazed!  I made it throughout much of the day with little pain. Today I am actually sitting here in front of the computer with just minor discomfort…hoping that I am on my way to a complete recovery.

And of course life went on….without me! As a wife, mother and self employed business woman, it is always a humbling experience to realize that life will continue on even without me at the helm.  Of course I have had this experience throughout all of my seven pregnancies as I am typically “worthless” for at least four to five months with hyperemesis gravidarum (in laymens terms – extreme nausea & vomiting all day long).  It is always good for me to see that life will carry on and I think it has been fabulous for my children to become independent and learn great leadership and serving skills.  And once again when I was “down for the count” these past couple of weeks – they all stepped up to the plate and life went on pretty smoothly.

I know so many Moms who do everything for their children.  While I know that their motivation is out of love and nurturing, I believe that we actually do a disservice to our children when we do not allow them to take care of things, independantly of mom.  When I taught high school I was always amazed at the number of students who could not accomplish some basic life skills – cooking, cleaning, laundry, making appointments, planning an event, taking care of a younger sibling, basic banking transactions and more!  Often times too they lacked crucial problem solving skills because their parents (usually mothers) always rushed to their sides and solved every problem for them. 

If you are that “do it all” type Mommy – let me encourage you today to begin to give your children some areas of responsibility.  It may be hard at first but down the road it will pay off for both you and them!


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