Fat Face Update – June 2

“And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”   James 1:4 

Endurance – that is what I need to continue to work towards achieving my weight loss and health goals.  This month despite continuing to be self disciplined in my eating and exercising (except for the last two weeks of not being able to do weight resistance training due to my back pain) I only lost…

2 pounds

Not really very motivating for my “results oriented” personality.  However, I did lose 3 1/2 more inches (which is why I always recommend weighing and measuring)  and I got my blood test results back and my total cholesterol was 195 with my HDL (good cholesterol) going up significantly and my LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides going down!  All other tests (kidney & liver function, thyroid and blood sugars) came back well within the normal range.  This was GREAT news! My blood pressure continues to hover at the 133/82-84 level. (which I am confident will improve with the next 10 pounds)

So despite the less than impressive weight loss – I will endure and carry on with the program realizing that these final 15-17 pounds may take longer than I want them to.  In the first four months all I needed was personal self discipline which was quickly and regularly rewarded in many ways – the scale and tape measure showing shrinking numbers consistently, fitting into smaller size clothing, losing the “fat face” and double chin and the compliments and admiration of others.  But now I need endurance, which often does not come with any immediate rewards.  Endurance means carrying on no matter what.  Endurance is what it takes to get you through despite discouraging circumstances, bad reports, slow change, negative predictions and even when you can’t see the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Endurance is a key component to most everything important in life.  It takes endurance to –

  • Complete a degree or training program
  • Become an outstanding athlete, musician, actor, artist, writer or any other pursuit
  • Start and grow your own business, especially in the early years or when there are major setbacks
  • Stay committed to your marriage vows for life even when things look hopeless, strained, complicated or just hard
  • Be a good and diligent parent for decades with often little appreciation
  • Walk through the seemingly never ending adoption process
  • Live a Christian life without compromise when you are being tempted, belittled and berated from all sides

We could all use a hefty dose of endurance in areas of our lives.  I know that if I continue to endure with this healthy lifestyle, I will eventually reap not only the reward of meeting my health goals but I will have built up my endurance which will benefit every area of my life!




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4 responses to “Fat Face Update – June 2

  1. Jaye Jackson

    I changed my email address but this still came to my old address. Please check to see if I did something wrong as soon this email will not be reachable. Thank you!

    I really appreciate your MM&M and hope it continues!

    P.S. You look great! Size 10! WOW!

  2. Kathie Baldwin

    On losing weight – just remember that even the little amounts are significant. I was once doing weight watcher and was discouraged because I was losing 1/4 – 1/2 lb. each time (or staying the same). Our leader brought a small package to a meeting and passed it around. It was fairly hefty in weight. At the end, we found out that the package contained 1/2 lb. of LARD! And also remember that each 1/4 lb. is equivilent to a stick of butter!

    Keep on keeping on!

  3. betty

    Wow Beth, Leave it to you to share your blessings and upbeat attitude with our community in a way that uplifts and inspires. Thanks! I needed that. Betty

  4. betty

    PS. No kidding about the endurance. I just graduated with my BA and completed my CBEST. Even if I had to keep changing the goal (before I’m 45, 46, ect.) In the end it was the tail end of 49. Fine with me!

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