Hope deferred

We got an email from the adoption agency this morning saying that the birth mother had chosen another family for her sweet baby boy.  We rejoice that another baby has been placed in a loving Christian home.  We rejoice with that family who is celebrating today!

  • Are we disappointed?  Yes
  • Are we a little down today?  Yes
  • Are we discouraged?  No (well maybe a little but that won’t last long)
  • Do we know and believe that the Lord has a baby boy for our family to adopt, raise and love as our very own?  YES! YES! and YES!

One of the hardest things for us right now is the knowledge that there are many orphans around the world without a forever family who we could “easily” adopt now that our home study is completed, if we only had the finances.  We have not considered foreign adoption due to the huge expense involved.  Even though a domestic adoption is expensive (We estimate in the end we will spend close to $14,000) – a foreign adoption begins at $20,000 and often ends up costing much more.  So we will continue to pursue a domestic adoption unless the Lord gives us the resources to look abroad (We were sent a great website about adopting from Uganda – they have two boys right now we could go get if we had the means – frustrating, huh?)

What happens from here?

There are currently no more babies without families at the adoption agency in Tennessee.  They do have a few mothers who are delivering throughout the summer and have chosen to adopt.

So we wait…..and we hope. 



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4 responses to “Hope deferred

  1. anneke zuyderduin

    Our friends adopted twins from Uganda and could let you know the actual costs. I know it was les then the amount you stated above so maybe you can do it. I am here in Uganda and indeed there are many kiddos looking for a good home! You can always contact me if you want to pursue this, anneke.zuyderduin@gmail.com. Proud mum of two Ugandan beautiful boys

  2. Pam

    I am always blessed to hear adoption stories. I was adopted at birth (63 years ago). Oh, how I wish more women with unwanted babies could read such passion. Why, oh why can’t we get them to understand?

  3. Robin Caraway

    Stephen Curtis Chapman and his wife have a foundation that assists families with the financial aspect of adoption. You might check out their website at shaohannahshope.org.

    God’s blessings on your family!!

  4. bethlambdin

    Thanks Robin!

    We have applied for an adoption grant through the awesome ministry of Steven Curtis Chapman. We are waiting to hear (it takes up to 120 days & we applied mid April)

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