Our Weekend Barn Raising Report

What a great weekend of working hard to enlarge a room to be used as a combo – office, school room, play room & family room- with the ultimate goal of creating (and filling!) a boys bedroom.

We were blessed this weekend to have many friends join in the effort and help us save time & money.  THANK YOU with all of our hearts to:

  • Deanne, Justin & Kaitlyn Barth – for their hard work, delicious food and always uplifting fellowship (Justin your expertise and excellence  was sooooooo appreciated and needed!)
  • Andrew Colton – who came over after a full days work to use his awesome building experience to help with this room
  • Tracy & Felipe Rodriguez for bringing over pizza on Saturday for the crew and for Felipe’s wise advice & input
  • Cindy Moore for the healthy & yummy snacks she brought over to keep us nourished
  • Jennae Lambdin for her tireless hard work & buying the door
  • Aunt Eilene for the yummy (as always!) food she sent over!
  • Rachel Fichtner – for providing a delicious and full dinner on Friday night
  • Sarah Vigil Jones for bringing by a basketful of snacks Saturday morning
  • Our dear “Grandma” Gloria Grupe for the financial help and for emptying her cupboards to bless us.
  • Brandi Gaston – for helping with Home Depot “hunting”, painting, sanding and encouraging.
  • Jeff Gilbert for working hard all day long on Saturday (we are ready to return the favor when you do your garage!)
  • Donna Nelson & her children for providing two fun filled days for Joy and Daniel (and one for Grace too!) – what a blessing.

The current project status:

The room is sheet rocked, taped & “mudded” (is that a word?), sanded & mudded again. (and again) The doors are hung.

Next up:

  • Monday – last check for more sanding & mudding needed; hopefully texture will be applied and perhaps painting will begin
  • Tuesday – walls, ceiling & trim painted
  • Wednesday – windows put in (depending on Scott’s schedule)  Floor tile begins???

Help Needed

  • Floor – we may be in need of help to tile the floor.  As we get a closer to that step – we just may be asking for help with this step in the process. 🙂
  • Counter & Cabinets – we are hoping to install a long (25 foot) counter with a space for each one of the girls to do school as well as a spot for my office.  We also will need cabinet storage for homeschool curriculum & supplies as well as my Creative Memories inventory and JECHS development office supplies.  We have a friend coming over this week to give us ideas on doing this inexpensively.  We have no idea what this part of the project will entail.

Our goal will be to have everything completed and moved into the room by the time Dan goes back to work on August 5th.  (oh and I would so love to have a new baby boy by then too – we are trusting the Lord for His perfect timing) We will keep everyone posted as things progress – both with the room & the adoption.


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