Fat Face Update – July 2

It has been six months since I began my current lifestyle of healthy eating, weight loss and exercise.  Here are my results since beginning on January 2:

  • Total weight loss: 46 pounds
  • Total inches lost: 21 3/4 inches
  • Blood Pressure: January 2008 – on 2 medications with BP averages 130/85  July 2008 – OFF meds BP averages 132/84
  • Blood Tests: ALL normal! (even my iron levels – which are consistently low)
  • Fitness Level: I walk an 11 minute mile and can run 3/4 mile without stopping (although running is not my “thing”)

I am pleased with these results but am still working towards additional goals:

  • 13 more pounds (I am thinking this will take 3+ more months at the minimum – ugh!)
  • Several more total inches
  • Building muscles through consistent weight resistence exercise (Between my back problems & a recent knee swelling I have not yet gotten into this routine – excuses, excuses)

Ok….true confessions…in the last few days I have been a bit lazy on the “healthy eating” plan.  My justification? It is HARD to “dietin the summer. (be sure to add the appropriate whine in your voice when you read that last sentance)  After all summertime is filled with FABULOUS foods like:

  • Ice cream cones, ice cream sundaes or trips to Baskin Robbins on warm summer evenings
  •  Fresh sweet corn on the cob slathered with butter (nothing better!)
  • BBQ dinners of hot dogs & hamburgers with all the “fixens”
  • Camping S’mores – which I can’t seem to eat just one
  • 4th of July smorgasbords of all sorts of yummy foods
  • Ice coffees & ice cold fresh squeezed lemonade
  • Family reunions, picnics and lazy poolside afternoons

Hmmmmmm….but come to think of it the upcoming Fall season is HARD too:

  • Pumpkin spice lattes with cinnamon scones on a fall cool crisp morning
  • Chili & cornbread (with honey butter) for dinner
  • Warm apple dump cake with vanilla ice cream
  • Friday night high school football games filled with temptations of popcorn, nachos, candy & soda (not too mention pizza parties galore)
  • Five immediate family birthdays (September 1,7,18 Oct 27 & Nov 2) with delicious homemade cakes
  • Thanksgiving with all its scrumptious blessings

Winter….now that would be easy if it were not for:

  • The entire Christmas & New Year season with all its parties, celebrations and special events that are all centered around the most incredible food of the year.  For 6+ weeks it is one temptation after another – that alone makes winter by far the HARDEST time to diet
  • Cold winter mornings where a Starbucks vanilla latte just takes the chill off your bones (and of course whats a coffee without a goodie)
  • Valentines Day and its chocolate deccadance
  • Soups….mmmmm good – and the creamier (and most fattening) the better – potato soup with cheese & bacon bits, clam chowder in a bread bowl, split pea soup, lobster bisque, cheddar cheese soup garnished withpopcorn

How about Spring? I can think of lots of obstacles then too:

  • Easter with all its delectable delights (chocolate again!)
  • Wedding receptions and graduations to attend in abundance each having an assortment of food to tempt even the most dedicated of dieters
  • Spring picnics and Church potlucks
  • Strawberries everywhere – strawberry shortcake, strawberry pies, pancakes with strawberries & whip cream
  • Mothers Day breakfast in bed and being treated to lunch out on the town

Ok so that leaves…..no EASY time to diet.  That’s right – Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all have their temptations.  If not for the special delights of each season there is simply the year ’round special events, birthday parties, weekends away, date nights and just plain daily living that is full of wonderful opportunities to eat and overeat! So if you are waiting for the “right” season or “easy” month or “perfect” timing – forget it! There is no such thing.  You simply have to begin today despite all the justifications that another time would be better. (because it won’t!)

With that said, I will not continue to use the “Summertime is just too hard” rationalization as I press on towards my goals – although I will enjoy relaxing the diet during our camping vacation later this month and treat myself to an occasional ice coffee (with a drop of cream and some splenda) on a hot summer afternoon. Other than those “planned” splurges – I will stay the course.  Will you join me?



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5 responses to “Fat Face Update – July 2

  1. Hi Beth,

    like I said in your post “The One Year Old Portrait”. You really do look fabulous I believe you when you have made so much progress towards your goal. I have seen you, and you really don’t have much more to go…”I salute you and cheer you on”!!

    My “personal goal”…is drink more water..(ssshhhh, don’t tell too many people I can go days with out it). I know, “that bad”!! That is why we all have our own goals to reach…right?


  2. beckycollins

    Ummmm….after reading about all that food, I’m gettin’ a NO. 🙂

  3. Your FOCUS is paying off. Congratulations to you – you are doing it!

    I have the same struggle. In the summer, it sure feels better to be in shorts and a tank top than in long pants and something with sleeves!!!

    Even being able to walk around my pool in a swimsuit with WITNESSES would be a great relief. The food is gone after a moment, but the body is with you everywhere you go.

    Keep up your efforts – you are looking great. And, KEEP TAKING THOSE PICTURES. I find the mirror lies – I don’t see any change in it – even when it’s 40 pounds. Strange, huh?

    Happy 4th – celebrate in health!!

    Enjoy the journey,

  4. Donna Nelson

    oky Beth I am laughing so hard as I am reading this post I think you just jumped into my head :)! This has always been the biggest challenge for me in my life, but as you know Tom and myself are taking our family down a new path that is changing our eating habits..it is not an easy change but we are taking it one step at a time! It has been so worth it we have started weekly exercising nights with great kids workout videos that are alot of fun those nights are filled with lots of laughter as we try to dance our hearts out to these videos even my little girls love it! keep up the great work and yes we will continue this life long journey also for the health of our family!

  5. Sheila Demattei

    I have to tell you I seen you last Sunday at church and you looked wonderful. I seem to set small goals, like no junk food( I can put away the chocolate), but I seem to fail continually. I so enjoy you updates, it inspires me to set a goal and keep it , even for just a week..
    Keep inspiring us all with your words and actions

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