Fat Face Update – Back at it!

For those of you who have missed the “Fat Face” updates (although no one has commented – where are my “virtual” accountability partners?) – here we go.

The past two months have been…hmmm…shall we say….pathetic.

Between our summer camping vacation and summer camp, a trip to NYC, my birthday and just plain lack of motivation, I have been “on again, off again” (and unfortunately with “off again” winning) the past couple of months.  My exercise program also bit the dust as I have been battling blisters that kept my walking to a minimum.

The results?

I have gained 10 pounds (ugh!), the “skinny” clothes are getting tight, I feel more tired and sluggish and my blood pressure is creeping upward.  None of this being good (although the BP is the biggest concern), I knew the day of reckoning needed to come soon. Since yesterday was the first day of autumn and because I don’t know anyone who says – “I am going to begin dieting & exercising on the first day of autumn.” (being the non conformist that I am) – I decided that September 22 was the day to get…Back at it!

So here I sit at Starbucks waiting for my daughter to get finished with choral practice and despite the incredible auroma of coffee, the moutwatering pastries staring at me from the counter and that little stinker in my head saying – “ah come on…one ice coffee won’t hurt” – I am resolved to get back to living a healthy lifestyle consistently with just my monthly day off and date nights to splurge.

I know that once Thanksgiving arrives there very well may be another “hiatus” as I enjoy the holiday season.  And since Thanksgiving is just a short eight weeks away (! How does that happen?!) – my goal is to lose 16 pounds, walk 5-6 days a week, do resistant weight training 3 days a week and stay on the Fat Flush diet that entire time (with the exception of our fall family outings to Apple Hill & the Pumpkin Patch, my October & November date night with dear darling Dan and if I can somehow come up with the finances to attend Parents Weekend in October at The Kings College in NYC…I might have to do a modified version that weekend.)

The results of feeling more alert & rested, lowering my blood pressure, fitting comfortably into my clothes (yes, I did ditch most of the “fat clothes”) plus being able to relax and enjoy the holiday season will be well worth the self discipline and sacrifice.

Does anyone else want to join me in my Autumn Resolution?


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12 responses to “Fat Face Update – Back at it!

  1. Kathy

    I am right there with you. I started losing weight July 5th and have lost 36 pounds. The last two weeks I started slacking, but my goal is to ski this winter with my children……. So I am back on the wagon…….

  2. bethlambdin

    Kathy…you go girl! Wow…I can’t wait to see you. That is an awesome goal. I’m cheering for you.

  3. marla

    kevin joined you yesterday too; i saw him shooting psyllium husk powder this morning and he has been doing two a days at the gym this week.

    he wants to stop calling his runs “jiggle fest 2008”

  4. bethlambdin

    Go Kevin!

    I’m here with you gagging on that psyllium husk powder too! 🙂

    Down 2.5 lbs since Monday!

  5. Beth,
    I started loosing weight when I decided to stop sugar and eat mostly fruit & vegetables with a little protein. It was a challenge the first two weeks, but has gotten to be a habit since July 28th. I am down 17 pounds, and not looking back. Those “treats” you talked about only take away your wellness – living healthy is much more rewarding than flour & sugar could ever be. There is only 50 pounds to go – I can see that by April – Thanksgiving can wait.
    Stay focused & positive changes to you!!! YOU CAN DO IT!
    Renette Christensen (former CM consultant)

  6. Teri

    After receiving an absolutely horrid report at the Dr.’s office on Monday, I’m with you sister! It was
    quite a wake up call moment and I’ve known by many promptings in the past year that it is time to ditch the weight and gain over all health and wellness. Watching my son Preston lose 60 pounds certainly helped with the motivation as well.

  7. I’m with you! Uganda put 10 of the 30 I lost back on! : (

  8. Carrolyn

    I’m with ya! I am up 30lbs from my lowest and want so bad to get back there. Now to carve out some time for exercise each day.

  9. Glynis, CMC in NC

    What do you do after the first 2 weeks? Repeat or does the diet change? Do I need the book to go by? Thanks for the motivation and challenge–it’s just what I needed to get going!! My 20 year anniversary is next May and I would love to get back in my wedding dress!!

  10. bethlambdin

    Basically Phase 2 you can add 2-3 friendly carbs – everything else stays the same. There is a list of friendly carbs in the book – but it’s mostly low glycemic vegies & whole grain bread

  11. This has nothing to do with losing weight, but I’ve been means to ask you which orchards you visit in Apple Hill!? Matt has never been, and I haven’t been since I was about 15 with my grandmother, so we’re kind of lost as to which places are best to visit. I think I’ve been to “High Hill”, but I’m looking for the best places so we can visit in one trip! Any help would be wonderful! 🙂

  12. bethlambdin

    We always go to High Hill…but then drive around and stop at several others – there is a real neat one that I do not know the name of – I will try to find out for you.

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