The baby becomes a little boy

I can’t stand that headline!

After posting some photos on my facebook account of my baby boy – I realized how much he really did need a haircut. With his bangs hanging down into his eyes (do you call them bangs on boys?) , his hair flowing down well over his ears and the wisps of blond flying all around his head making him look quite wild – it was probably past time for him to get his hair cut.


With girls you can hold off on this “Rite of Passage” for several years thus convincing yourself that your little one is really still a tiny baby. Something changes in their “look” after that first haircut.  It is like instant aging.  They go from a baby to a child overnight. <sigh>

Since this is definitely something that needed to be done with Daddy, I knew I was running out of Saturdays to pull this off before it got so long that everyone was calling him a girl! I was determined to find a “real” barber shop (complete with a barber pole) for his first haircut although after calling around to several, I quickly found out that many of them did not attempt to cut the hair of a 17 month old.  Finally we hit the jackpot when we dialed the number to “The Village Barber” in Lincoln Center, one of the oldest and poshest shopping areas in our city. They exclaimed to us “Of course – we do anyone 0 to 100!”  We jumped in the car and headed over to the barber shop…to be thrilled to find it had a barber pole!

They had Daddy sit down in the chair and put Daniel on his lap for the haircut.  It was precious!  I snapped photos fast and furiously only stopping occasionally to admire my two favorite guys and take in the moment.

The football game on the big screen got both these boys attention!

 Isn’t this so very precious?

I love Daniel’s concentration on his Daddy

The “barber” Tina (who is apparently the only female on staff and always gets assigned the little ones) did a great job with a moving target.  To top things off, we even got a certificate at the end to put in the scrapbook along with the precious lock of blond hair.  The only problem is that the certificate said that he was officially “graduating from babyhood”. 😦

I am only all to well aware, that these precious years will be over in a blink of an eye and I will be looking up at my handsome blond haired “baby boy” as he “graduates to manhood”. I will savor each moment

We will most definitely be coming back to this shop as our first boy’s hair cut tradition. We had originally hoped to go the the Barber Shop in Red Bluff where Dan got his first haircut…but unfortunately it was no longer in business.  Hopefully the Lord will bless us with at least one more baby boy to carry on the first haircut tradition and then perhaps the boys will someday take their boys to this classic shop as well. Wouldn’t that be great?  Since this shop has already been in business for 53 years, I am sure that this is a real possibility.

Here is the final results of the baby who became a little boy!

Thankfully this morning I caught a glimpse of my sweet little “baby” boy as he lay sleeping in my bed – and remembered the words from the beloved book – Love You Forever

I’ll love you forever,

I’ll like you for always,

As long as I’m living,

My baby you’ll be.


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8 responses to “The baby becomes a little boy

  1. Jeff Gilbert

    Congratulations, littlest Lambdin. A rite of passage indeed – and most auspicious, having had your hair cut in the same shop and by the same barber as me!

  2. Gloria Borden

    I regret that I was unable to see more of “baby” Daniel–guess I’ll have to settle for “toddler” Daniel. The photos are great! I’m glad you found that barber pole!

  3. Angie Drier

    Little boys just have a way my our ‘mom’ hearts don’t they. My son had soft curls and I put it off, like you, and yes, people were saying that ‘he’ was such a cute girl. (A girl dressed in pants & jackets w/ trucks all over it – right!). So, I caved in and took him for his first haircut and I about cried – within minutes he turned into this “little man”. Well, he’s now 15 and when he’s out there on the pitching mound and his hair curls up along the brim of his baseball cap, I get jolted knowing he’s that much closer to beoming that ‘little man’. Ahh, our boys.

  4. Hi Beth!
    Loved this post! I well remember when Jordan (now just turned 13 yesterday! TEEN!) had his first haircut at the barber with his father! Ken had insisted that he go to a barber…. I was a bit confused (having had two girls before him and having never cut their hair!) BUT….. alas… was it the most exciting rite of passage for Jordan. (I have Creative Memories in my scrapbook!) Anyway—- with Judah now just two… and having Noonan Syndrome– where one’s hair does not grow so fast– well, we have not done this rite of passage yet. I am sure as soon as he needs a cut, though, Ken and Jordan will be there to encourage him into manhood. By the way, he still sleeps in our bed and he is the most cuddliest little guy in the early morning! I am savoring the moments!! We hope to adopt too… still praying about that…Isn’t it great having these precious little guys in our lives!!

    God Bless you,
    P.S. Your post on Teenagers was superb!!!! As of yesterday– we now have three teens in our home! Hooray!

  5. As my mother-in-love often reminds me “baby boys are always their mother’s babies, no matter how old they are”.

    She makes me laugh 🙂

  6. Your pictures remind me of my oldest son. He had that same flyaway blonde hair and went from being a baby to a little boy in front of my eyes at his first haircut. He was less than a year at the time but now stands 6’2″ and is 29 years old. Oh how the days fly by! Thanks for the somewhat tearful memory!

  7. Rozlynn Shirley

    Hi Beth! Imagine my surprise when your darling little boy received his first haircut at the barber shop my uncle Al Wall opened and owned all these years. (Al is married to my dad’s sister, Sue). Although he has retired, i believe he still cuts hair there once in a while. Amazing the ways we are still connected after all this time.

    Love you…what a sweet, adorable baby boy. Thanks for the wonderful moment.

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