The pay off

It was one of those moments when being a Mom to many girls really pays off.

I arrived home after my weekend scrapbooking retreat and my sweet daughters not only had the house clean and sparkling with candles lit — but they had a tray set up in the family room to pamper Mom after a week of staying in the hospital and a weekend of working. (I know a scrapbooking retreat sounds like fun and that it is…but it also requires hours of packing, setting up, assisting over 100 women, problem solving, diplomancy, a bit of counseling, cleaning up and unpacking…it really is a lot of work!)

Ahhhh…. a foot massage, a pedicure, a warm wrap around my neck & shoulders, a couple squares of dark chocolate with a vanilla candle filling my senses.  Does it get any better than that? (mmmmm… well maybe marital bliss after a long week of being apart and preoccupied  is better –  the pay off for marrying the right man!)

Thank you my sweet girls (and Dan the man!)

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