The tale of two “practically perfect” days

This is a tale of two practically perfect days.

A week ago last Friday was our traditional family fall outing to Apple Hill and when I came home that evening I posted my status on my face book account that it was the end of a “practically perfect” day!

We got up early on the first cool crisp morning of the fall…made a quick Starbucks stop for a Pumpkin Spice Latte and we were off.  Highlights –

  • touring the historic town of Coloma – I love history!

  • panning for gold on the American River

  • a delicious picnic lunch  at Apple Hill overlooking the beautiful mountainside and trout pond

  • enjoying the fall weather and colors while making memories with my children

  • yummy caramel apples

  • a leisurely drive down the hill watching the first rain of the season come down on the windshield and blaring music loud in the van while singing along!
  • coming home to a warm bowl of cheddar cheese soup with several friends joining around the festive fall candlelit table before heading out to the perfect Friday night activity – a Jim Elliot football game (bonus – they won!) and having my teenage girls want to sit with their Mom and Dad. 🙂

  • and finally enjoying a freshly baked apple pie ala mode on the couch with Joy – my 5 year old “night girl” (the only one that didn’t “crash” before the pie was done)

I lay down to sleep that night perfectly content that I had enjoyed a thoroughly memorable day with my favorite people on earth doing some of my favorite things and enjoying some of my favorite foods.

The  next “practically perfect” day was last Tuesday when life as I knew it stopped.  Instead of going, going, going from dawn to dusk – homeschooling the girls, driving to and from a multitude of sporting events and practices (we currently have three soccer players, two volleyball players and a cross country runner), tutoring a dear friends son, taking Grace to reading class and Rebekah to play rehearsal (I drive over 75 miles every Tuesday) and in between trying to keep up with my work for Creative Memories, Jim Elliot Christian High School, Cornerstone Co-op Administraton on top of being a Mom/Wife (getting food for all to eat, managing the house and getting in a quick phone call to the college daughter and having a conversation and a goodnight kiss with the dear darling hubby) – everything came to a screeching halt when baby Daniel was in the hospital and my life was quickly pared down to one assignment – being Daniel’s mommy. 

And I have to say despite the staph infection, the hospital surroundings and the lack of sleep it truly was a practically perfect day!

  • We cuddled, cuddled and cuddled some more!

  •  We ate all our meals together (cooked, delivered & cleaned up by someone else – bonus!). We read books, played ball and watched cartoons together.

  • We even chatted on the phone together to big sister in New York.
  • And while he napped I read my online devotions and daily Bible reading (that I sometimes try to say I am too busy to read….excuses, excuses) and I prayed.
  • My friends took over my life – driving my girls to their practices, tutoring schedules & rehearsals.  They brought me a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and fed my family delicious home cooked meals.  And everything the “needed” to get done for JECHS, CM and co-op just didn’t happen.  And you know what?  Life went on.

As I laid in the crib/cage that night scrunched up next to my precious little boy I was fully content that my day had been so simple and truly enjoyable – just caring for my son and time with my Lord, a few visits from dear friends, my girls and the love of my life.

You may be thinking – “how can being in the hospital with your very sick child be a practically perfect day?”  It is because I believe that truly is not what happens in your life each and everyday that counts – it is how you view it and how you respond that makes the difference.  I choose to see and live life not through “rose colored glasses” as the saying goes but through the filter of Gods word that says –

“All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.”

“This is the day that the Lord has made…Iet us rejoice and be glad in it!”

“In everything give thanks for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.”

“Rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice.”

 Two very different days but both practically perfect in many ways.  It is all in how you see it – a lesson we could all take to heart and teach to our children.



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5 responses to “The tale of two “practically perfect” days

  1. So glad to hear that Daniel is o.k. and I have to say that even sitting at home on those days when my kids were sick and would cuddle with me hold some very fond memories. I just feel their chubby little warm bodies thinking about it.

  2. Teri

    We are so thankful to the Lord for answering prayer AGAIN…and for doing so in a “humanly favorable” way! ;0) God is sooo good!

  3. You are so inspirational – I hope people tell you this all the time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us on a regular basis – even in crisis. You change lives, you know.

  4. Patti Bublat

    I, too, was a CM consultant for 6 years and generally loved it. I was never able to put together retreats, get-togethers, etc. But I did work a lot with weekly one-on-one customers preserving their family memories and sharing in their lives. I loved it. Then my mom’s health declined even more and I had to give it all up to care for her. Making less than half the money and putting up with sometimes unbearable stress from her and family members hasn’t been fun. But on the plus side I’ve had some really nice times with my mom. Then my son & dil decided to cheat on each other. The end result being my son chose to live with his so called “we’re really going to make it work” girlfriend. The same one he is moving out on to take a job as a “ski bum”. In reality it is his dream job and a good move financially and personally for him. But without his wife and 2 adorable little ones? It was hard to listen to my 3 yr old granddaughter playing with her Barbies. One was saying, “Oh Daddy, you came back. I love you so much.” If I wasn’t so angry at the time I’d have been in tears. DH and I are babysitting these darling kids full-time 2nd shift meaning sleep is at a premium getting home at 1am and starting the day at 7am.
    I do, though, treasure the times when I hold my grandson while he drinks his bottle. some of our most intimate moments are shared at that time. Now to find the peace that only God can offer, to get me through. Being on the downward swing of Bipolar isn’t helping a bit. Thank you for sharing your perfect day. I’m going to start looking for those perfect moments. You know, baby steps. Pray for my relationship with God to be re-energized with his strength.

    Lost and forlorn

  5. Katrina Hess

    I’m so glad to hear Daniel is okay! We have been praying for him! Thank you for sharing your life on your blog… I really enjoy reading it, and it is very encouraging to me! You give alot of great advice– similar to a book I am reading right now called “The Mom Walk,” by Sally Clarkson. It’s really good, I recommend it. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I appreciate you very much! My blog isn’t nearly as inspiring, but if you ever want to peek at the boys the website is:


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