Adoption Update: God’s Providence & Provision

There are some amazing circumstances surrounding our recent adoption that are evidence of the providential hand of God in every detail of our lives.  Let me share them in “bullet” form so that I can get them out quickly in the limited time frame I have.

  • Many have asked about her name.  Yes, it is her given name by her birth parents and it is PERFECT.  All of our girls first names are ones that we simply like and all of their middle names are “family” names connecting them to a member of one or more of our extended family members (grandmothers, aunts, cousins etc..) and giving them role models to follow.  When they told us that our sweet new baby girl’s name was Christiana Michelle, I just couldn’t help but smile.  Christiana is a beautiful name that means “follower of Christ” , “anointed”.  And her birth Mom giving her the middle name Michelle — well it just doesn’t get any better than that.  Our first born daughter is named Michelle and we are thrilled to connect her to that name and couldn’t ask for a better role model.  Wow!  God is amazing!
  • As I shared in an earlier post we just “happened” to have our placement the same day as the Open House for Life Choices and got to tour the facility and see the ministry up close & personal.  Just watch what the Lord does with that inspiration in the future. Wow! God is amazing!
  • God provided us with a place to stay in Nashville – Amanda, a former JECHS graduate and a place to stay in Memphis – Kim, the sister of a CMC friend. Connections we have because of two of the great passions & pursuits in our lives – Jim Elliot Christian High School & Creative Memories. Wow! God is amazing!

DSC_0114We decided to visit the capitol building in Nashville while we were there – partly because we wanted photos of Christiana in her birth state Capitol and partly because I had one of my homeschooling daughters with me (Rebekah who is the 13 year old “rich” babysitting daughter & paid her own way to be there for the adoption of her little sister) and after all “life is school”.  When we arrived in the building there was a lot of commotion going on.  We asked the security guard what was happening and he shared that they were about to start a legislative session.  Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to see government in action, we headed towards the balcony seating to watch a few votes.  To our surprise we ran into Karen & Sue at the bottom of the steps – the Life Choices Executive Director & Board President.  They were as surprised as we were and asked if we were there for “the vote”.  DSC_0136Not having any idea what they were talking about it was quickly shared that the strongest pro life legislation in Tennessee was up for a vote that very afternoon and was expected to pass – giving a great victory to the pro life movement.  They began introducing us to the multitudes of pro lifers that were there and were showing off our sweet Christiana to all, as a testimony to the option of adoption over abortion.  I can’t begin to explain to you what this all meant to me – a lifelong passionate  pro lifer.  Wow! God is amazing!

  • Our last night in Tennessee we had the awesome privilige of having dinner with a former student who, without going into details, was a special part of our pro life journey over two decades ago. It was an incredible “full circle” experience to meet and share sweet fellowship with her and her husband who traveled over an hour and a half to join us for dinner.  Wow! God is amazing!DSC_0181
  • My eldest daughter just “happened” to be flying home from her freshman year in college on Tuesday the same day we were flying home from Tennessee.  And even better yet she just “happened” to have decided to fly into Los Angeles to spend a couple days with her cousins before driving home to Stockton.  And of course we just “happened” to have a 2 hour lay over in Los Angeles on our way to Sacramento.  And all this just “happened” to converge at 11:30am on Tuesday.  Christiana was greeted by her eldest sister & namesake Michelle as well as three screaming cousins – Kate, Beth & Jen along with an adoring Aunt Caroline in LAX.  Wow! God is amazing! lax



  • And last but not at all least an update on God’s provision.  Just hours before we left for the airport we had received enough contributions to pay for the adoption placement and all of our travel expenses. (thank you to everyone who has so generously been a part of this amazing adoption – may your generosity be multiplied back to you over & over again!) This left just our post placement adoption fees of between $1200 – $1400 (the amount will vary based on court costs & mileage fees)  Just this week we have received over $400 towards these expenses.  We have less than $1,000  left and we will have paid it all (the total cost of this adoption has been $16,000+).  We had our first post placement visit yesterday and I asked when our fees would be due – we should know that answer next week.  We are confident that the Lord who has provided in amazing ways thus far will complete His work on time!  Wow!  God is amazing!


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3 responses to “Adoption Update: God’s Providence & Provision

  1. Melody Bennett

    Beth and Dan, I’m so happy for you. I was curious about those details too so I was so happy to read your post! Love the name and had wondered about that! Wondered how Rebekah got to go along and I have tears in my eyes thinking of her spending her own money to go along! (That’s what big families do, right?) And I also wondered how Caroline and the girls saw the baby–now I know! So happy for all of you! So COOL that Michelle saw her at the airport so soon! God is so good and as my girls say–God IS IN THE DETAILS!

  2. Pam

    This comment isn’t so much for posting as for sharing with you. Since my adoption in 1945 my life has been a miracle. I didn’t know that until I met my full sister 50 years later. (Another huge, incredible story with God in charge of the details.) I am a lifer like you but I am primarily an adoption advocate. I have never become actively involved in either “movement” but think I should investigate what I can do to help people become more aware of the Adoption Option. How tragic it is for so many babies being sucked down the drain when empty arms are waiting to embrace and love them. I wish it were manditory for every woman choosing abortion to have to watch a video on adoption. I wish every woman with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy could watch a video on adoption. (I get almost as fussed up over selfish women who want to raise their babies as a point of their own greed and pride when they do not have the resources or mind set to do it right.)

    I wish each of these woman could see what I saw one time: I housed a woman who was giving her baby up for adoption. I was at that birth to support her and saw the new adoptive mother collapse to the floor in sheer joy at seeing her new child for the first time. I was told that was what my mother did when I was born. (She was also there to witness my birth.)

    As for what you will face regarding the role of an adoptive mother vs. a natural mother. You got everything it takes.

    Your challenge will be to make a dark skinned child feel comfortable in the midst of your beautiful “golden” family. There are several families in our church that have adopted outside their race and the families seem to be doing just fine. Some of these children are from countries like Haiti and some came from the LA foster care system. If anyone can do it you can.

    My mom and dad used to tell me, “Of all the babies in the nursery we could have had we picked you!” It was a wonderful statement.

  3. Sharon F.

    What an incredible journey. Christiana has the face of a princess. I am confident she will grow into a beautiful and loving young woman and I look forward to getting to know her at our crops! Its so wonderful you are documenting her story for her and your family and that you will be able to share with her how you felt at the time and she will be able to go back when she is older to read about everyone’s feelings. Hopefully all the kids will write something too to include. What a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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