Adoption Update: Christiana’s Homecoming

Was there ever a baby so loved and adored?

You wouldn’t think so by the overwhelming response upon our arriving home on Tuesday afternoon.  We arrived back home to the squeals of delight from all of our children. They each took turns meeting, holding and adoring their new baby sister.  It was such a special day. 

Throughout her first week she was greeted by friends and family members who stopped by the house to meet the newest little Lambdin. She also took her first trip to Jim Elliot Christian High School where she was “oohhed & aahhed” over for hours by hundreds of teenagers.  Friends & family members stopped over all week and we had a “Welcome Baby Christiana” Open House on Sunday.  She is blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love her and are committed to her.

As the saying goes…”A picture paints a thousand word” – I will let you enjoy these photos of Christiana’s homecoming week.

Tennesse, pics 261Daniel meets his new baby sister! (Who he has claimed as “mine”)

Baby Christiana 212

Kristen adores her newest sister

Tennesse, pics 264Joy is going to be a fabulous big sister!

Tennesse, pics 281Our dear friends Kelly Hale & her Daddy “Grandpa Jim” meet the baby girl

Baby Christiana 192 Tiffana stops by to meet our newest addition

Baby Christiana 229Cousin Janessa adores her baby girl cousin

Baby Christiana 233Auntie Jennae chats with her sweet new niece

Baby Christiana 232Daniel helps feed his baby sister – what a great big brother he is already becoming!

Baby Christiana 188Sooooooooooo sweet!

Baby Christiana 240Nothing better than a sleeping baby to take a nap with!

moms digital 244

All eight of our blessings from God together at church on Sunday morning.  This moment made my heart swell with joy. Truly these children are my greatest treasures along with the love of my life, Dan. I can only encourage everyone reading this to give thanks for the blessings you have been given. If you are debating or considering having another child….do it! If you have ever thought about adoption (or even if you haven’t) begin to look into your options. If you have the room in your heart & your home (and believe me there is more room in both those places than you think) – why not open them up to a child of God? Be open to all life that He may want to let you play a small or even large part  of here on this earth. Don’t miss out on all that God has for you….you just may be “entertaining angels unaware” (Hebrews 13:2) and you will certainly be close to the heart of God.

Baby Christiana 320

Enjoy this slide show of our “Welcome Baby Christiana” party!  Yes….I would say she is loved.


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5 responses to “Adoption Update: Christiana’s Homecoming

  1. Angie Drier

    You are so very blessed! God gave each of you such generous hearts. He blessed Christina’s birth mother with an extrodinary couragous heart. My prayers and wishes to you and your family.

  2. Beth and Dan,

    Beautiful!!! And such a wonderful work of the LORD! I just love the picture of all of your blessings from God! Wow!

    And… I just love that my sister Jenny and her three girls were on your slide show!

    We are so thankful for the work that God has placed in your hearts! We want to do it too!

    In Christ,
    Cindy for the Strang Family

  3. She is so beautiful, Beth! May God bless you and your family and friends and your new little girl.

  4. Hello Beth,
    When you get some time, could you please email me privately?? We want to get our adoption going and I have a few questions for you.
    Thank you!
    ~Cindy (Jennifer Gibson’s sister) Strang

  5. Angie Guzman

    I’m so happy to know your family. You all deserve all the praise and love you receive from friends and family. Congratulations to you all!!!

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