Oh what a beautiful baby!

Oh what a beautiful girl!

beaut baby

I can’t believe that it has been seven weeks since I have posted anything on my blog!   It certainly hasn’t been —

  • for lack of anything to say (this girl ALWAYS has something to say)
  • and it hasn’t been because I am sitting around eating bon-bons (although I have been eating a bit too much these last few months & the clothes are getting tight….again. darn it!)
  • or because I am sitting around watching TV (in fact there is no longer television available in my home – which is not really much different than before the big digital switch over,  since we only watched sports and an occasional Hallmark movie anyway).
  • and no there are not any big JECHS events or fundraisers (although we did enjoy a reunion picnic in June), Creative Memories activities or homeschooling functions chasing me with deadlines at the moment.

Can I just call it “maternity leave”?  I took 12 weeks “off” with my first four babies (back when I had not yet decided that I needed to be an “at home Mommy”, whether we could afford it or not).  So a seven week break from blogging seems reasonable, after all there are 204 archived posts for everyone to read or re-read! 😉

What have I been doing for seven weeks? I have been enjoying my sweet baby girl…immensly! 


Is she a good baby?

She is practically perfect – and I am not just saying that.  When she fusses it is because she is hungry, tired or messy.  Other than that she is happy, happy, happy! She is really an easy baby. (and I have had HARD babies so I know the difference!)  But ya know….even if she was extremely fussy and hard, we would love and cherish her just the same…this just makes it more fun!


How is she adjusting?

This question always makes me laugh.  I want to look at her and say…”Christiana, how are you adjusting?”  She seems to have taken to us just fine. 🙂

How is she sleeping?

Ahhhh….the number one question every Mom & Dad of a newborn gets asked. (or a variation of it  – “Is she sleeping through the night?” or “Are you getting any sleep?”) First let me say that I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night since I began this mothering journey in 1989 (Well except for my annual anniversary get-away, CM conventions & incentive trips). I get woken up at least once after going to sleep by either a fussy two year old, a six year old having a bad dream or telling me they are using the bathroom, a sick child, a coughing child, a teenager with a question, a late night phone call, giggling girls having a slumber party or an all night study session. Oh and then there’s the 63 months (over 5 years) I spent gestating in which I am up with bladder issues, heartburn, nausea, back aches or just plain being TOO large to sleep.  So does it really matter if she is sleeping through the night?  Nah…not really. Besides someday I will enter into my eternal rest…right?

But I digress….to answer the question. She usually sleeps for 10-12 hours at night, only waking up for one bottle at 2 or 3am. She drinks the bottle, burbs, smiles with her big beautiful smile and goes back to sleep.

june 2009 618

How is Daniel doing with not being the “baby”?

He loves being a big brother.  He kisses her feet each morning and says “My baby”. He really does adore her.  It is so neat to watch the protective big brother come out in him.

june 2009 408

Actually the only child of mine that ever had a problem with a new baby was the #1 child who after having her little sister for less than a week said – “When are we going to take her back to the hospital?”

I think one of the bonuses of having a large family is that no one ever feels displaced when a new baby arrives…since they were never the center of the universe to begin with.

Is she yours?

Yes! I  am the proud Mamma!


What are people’s reactions to her?

 Oh my!  I feel like a celebrity every time I walk out the door.  Everywhere we go people stare at her saying she is beautiful.  They want to touch her, hold her and ask lots of questions.  Its really amazing – people are always attracted to babies, but I have never experienced this type of attention with any of my other children.  She is charismatic! How great God’s plan for her life must be.

Is the adoption final?

 We just signed “semi-permanent” placement papers today (leave it to the State of California to have a long drawn out process).  The adoption should be final in November and we will have a court date before the years end.  Although it is all just a formality…there is nothing that will stop the adoption from being completed. But it gives us another date to celebrate!

What no one has asked –

Are you going to have any more? or Are you done now?

Wow! How fun is this.  After the birth of every baby since Amy (#2) I have been asked if I was going to have more.  And after the last few people have gotten bolder and just flat out asked us if we were done now. Sometimes this is said with curiosity, often it is said with sarcasm. To which I have always replied either:

  • “I hope not”   OR
  • “Ask God – we leave the BIG decisions up to Him”

But no one has asked us if we are done or if we will be having and/or adopting another.  So either we have finally reached the tipping point and everyone just thinks we are crazy (so they just don’t ask) or the word is finally out that we trust God with our family size and that we think children are the most amazing blessing in life! But in case you were wondering the answer is:

  • We sure hope we are blessed again with another child
  • Ask God – we leave the BIG decisions up to Him


My eight amazing blessings! Thank you Lord.

Well dear friends, I’ve missed you ….here’s hoping to be blogging more regularly from here on out.


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3 responses to “Oh what a beautiful baby!

  1. Sheila

    Good to hear from you again Beth.. I always enjoy your words. What a gifted writer you are. I enjoy the pictures even more… I miss seeing you around, but I will continue to pray for you as, I pass by your house almost daily( it reminds me to pray).You are blessed immensely with a beautiful family.. God is so good..:)

  2. Angie Guzman

    I know you always say that the children are a blessing to you and Dan but I’m starting to think the both of you are Gods gifts to them. How fortunate they all are to have parents like you!!!

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