We are closing in on the second anniversary of getting our precious twin boys as their foster parents. Six months later their younger sister joined our family.

These three beautiful children have experienced more trauma and pain than we can even wrap our minds around. In the time we have had them there has been some healing & growth…as in two steps forward, one and a half step back type of progress. Their needs are great and at times we are just at the end of ourselves trying to meet them. When we look at the time we have left, before adulthood, to help them become whole and healed, it can be overwhelming. They are also at the early stages of puberty, a hard time for all children but multiplied hardness for children with trauma. We continually educate ourselves in ways to help, solicit and pay for advice and help from professionals and have used multiple different tools to try to bring regulation and healing. And we are committed to going the distance even without the promise of significant change in behaviors but we continually seek a break through.

A couple months ago while I had some time away, alone at the beach, I felt like the Lord dropped something in my heart. I was impressed with the thought that perhaps we needed to make a radical change in our lives to promote healing and truly bring a bonding connection to our family.

I sat with it in my heart for a bit …because honestly it sounded crazy, impossible and even potentially miserable. But as we begin to explore the possibilities, benefits for the kids and having asked those close to us for input and prayers for wisdom…it is seeming more & more like something that may be the beginning of great change, healing & growth.

And as always a huge leap of faith…

…which always seems to include for us sharing our seemingly crazy & impossible plan with others (even at the risk of looking foolish if it doesn’t happen the way we think God has directed)

Stay tuned….

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