Our hopes for our foster kids

I’ve spent my morning listening to podcasts on parenting children from hard places…which I do often. As I look at this beautiful photo of these precious kids that God has entrusted to us I was prompted to write down my hopes, dreams and desires for them. I welcome your prayers to help us be able to lay the foundation for them to live this life.

What I want for my children…

❤️ for them to receive healing from their trauma…to reprocess what has happened to them in a framework where they can live a life of peace, love, confidence, strength, resilience and faith and belief in their ability to overcome.

❤️ that they will glorify God in their unique journey & story and that they can embrace His unconditional love for them and love and serve Him and testify to His miraculous providence in their lives.

❤️ they will learn and commit to a life of loving relationships that are full of patience, forgiveness, kindness, bearing, believing & hoping all things. That they will be good siblings, cousins, aunt & uncles, friends, spouse, parents and grandparents throughout their lives.

❤️ that they will find their God given purpose in life and pursue it with passion!

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