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2011 post picks & winners!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my request for input (My 2011 Year in Blogging) on your favorite blog posts from 2011 and what you would like to hear more of in 2012. It was really helpful, insightful and very encouraging! I wish I had the ability to take you all out for coffee or tea to chat about life and enjoy some warm wonderful fellowship.

This morning my girls and I put your names in a drawing and picked a name from all the commenters !

The winner of the Starbucks card is:


Becky from Arvada, Colorado!

Oh wait….the baby girl decided that this little exercise looked like too much fun and she quickly grabbed and card out of the box and screamed for her winner! (love the spontaneity when I have the camera out) Sooooooo….thanks to Christiana I have another winner:

Linda from Eugene, Oregon

Congratulations Becky & Linda….your Starbucks cards are on their way!

My People’s Choice Awards

These are the top posts, not according to number of views, but according to my readers preference.  If you are new to my blog, this might be a great place to begin reading. If you are a “regular” these are great “re-reads” or posts perhaps you might want to send to your friends and family or post on facebook. Also let me point out that some of the reader comments on these post are really great and inspiring too….so check them out.  Speaking of commenting…I love your input, insights and ideas…so please comment away!  A special thanks to the top 5 commenters on my blog  in 2011: Jason Edwards, Ceci Sallee, Linda Hendrix, Gloria Borden (Hi Mom!) and Caroline Kirchner and I can’t not mention Patty Martin who sends me an encouraging and uplifting email after most every blog post! Love you guys…your encouragement keeps me going. Ok here they are: Drum roll please….your top 10 favorite posts for 2011 were:

  1. Don’t you know what causes that?  August 14, 2011
  2. Love for a Lifetime   December 21, 2011
  3. And after you have suffered….   June 22, 2011
  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or (gasp) Xmas!   December 7, 2011
  5. Always Daddy’s Girl  This was actually a post from 2008 but I re-posted it on facebook on Oct 22, 2011, the 16th anniversary of my Dad’s passing
  6. “Faint heart never won fair lady” or “Jumping through a few hoops”  March 18, 2011
  7. Accolades for Amy  May 27, 2011
  8. Random, Abstract & Off the Wall  January 21, 2011
  9. I am the 1%  October 19, 2011
  10. Times of Refreshing (part 1) (part 2) June 12 & 16, 2011

Runner Ups Include: What was, What is and What might have been… , Words of Wisdom for the College Bound, My New York/Boston trip Posts –here, here & here, and Lambdin Christmas Greetings 2011

Beth’s Top 5 Picks

And as promised, I want to share with you my favorite posts from 2011.  Do you know how hard that is? Almost like picking your favorite child…pretty much inconceivable not to mention impossible (side note: speaking of favorites – my kids will tell you that my standard answer when one of them is complaining as to why their sibling got to do or have something that they did not — “Well, I like them better than you” — pretty much ends the conversation right there)

Getting back to my “favorites”…I forced myself to really look back over all the 2011 posts and pick 5 that not only did I really enjoy writing but that I felt benefitted my readers the most…here they are (Incidentally three of them were the same as yours):

  1. Love for a Lifetime  This was your #2 choice in favorite blog posts and I must agree! Besides that this message was the heart of what I spoke at my 25th Wedding Anniversary service, which I really wanted to share with everyone who was not able to attend our special celebration, it is also I believe a “life line” for many a struggling marriage and I hope that you will be able to share it with others who may find themselves wanting to break their vows or walk away from their commitment to their spouse.  Since the number one thing people new to my blog are searching for is articles relating to marriage problems I am led to believe that this is a crucial subject and crisis in our culture today. The response to this post just in the last month has been amazing as people have shared with me the encouragement they have received to keep fighting for their marriage and to put God at the center of their lives.
  2. hos·pi·tal·i·ty [ hòspi tállətee ]  To be honest I was a bit disappointed by the silence that this post produced. I was passionate about this topic and really had hoped that my readers would be as convicted as I was about becoming serious in truly walking out biblical hospitality in our hearts, in our speech, in our homes, with our things and in every area of our lives.  I just figured that I either 1) missed the mark, 2) it wasn’t something that resonated with others or 3) it made folks uncomfortably convicted.  But regardless, several weeks after the post I got a message from a reader that made this post worth it all:  

Dear Beth,    I have written this note to you – in my mind – since your Monday Motivation just before Thanksgiving. I must tell you how it impacted my life.I was really “struggling” as to whether I wanted my step-mother to be at our home on Thanksgiving. She had been in a Nursing Home for the past six months recuperating from serious bowel surgery. The surgery left her with a “bag” – not even going to try and spell it – and she did not like the responsibility of it at all. To the point, where she would allow herself to be in situations that required more”clean-up” than was necessary. By the way, I apologize for being so blunt with all of this – there is a reason! Anyhow, I kept allowing my mind to go through several ways that things could go wrong before, during or after our Thanksgiving dinner and none of them were good. Then I read your Monday Motivation and realized how incredibly selfish I was being, especially to a woman who had endured so much over the past six months and who my father truly loves. All this to say, I invited her and she was thrilled. Dad pick her up at the nursing home and upon arriving at my house, she literally danced into my kitchen. She was so grateful to my family for allowing her to come – I was overcome with joy myself – you had prompted me to remember that my home does not belong to me, but rather it belongs to the Lord, and when He “nudges” us to do the right thing and open it to others – We are the ones that are blessed beyond measure!On December 8th my step-mother died. We were with her when she died. So, again Beth, thank you for your words that remind us/me to do the right thing so we will have no regrets – I just keep thinking what if I had not invited her for Thanksgiving?!?! Love can heal a lot of things if we only give it to others!

3. Don’t you know what causes that? Wow!  Your number one pick and definitely one of my favs!  To be honest I wrote this several years ago but never posted it because…well because I just get weary of all the snide remarks, jokes and negative (meant to be funny) comments (even from the pulpit) about large families (or really for any baby past number two or that comes too soon, too fast or too late in life), as well as folks who think I am “judging them” for not having a large family and of course I knew there would be people appalled that I do not believe in or use birth control and think that I am putting my convictions on them. After 25 years of walking this road I guess I was just weary of it all.  But then a young man in his early 20’s asked me for some input in this area as he is forming his thoughts, ideas and opinions. I quickly emailed him this post, not yet published, that I had written.  His  positive response, enthusiasm and encouragement led me to posting it soon after.  I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response that I continue to receive about this post (not that everyone agrees with my philosophy but they are willing to take a look at my opinion and perhaps be more accepting of those who like me have chosen to use “God control”.  Apparently many found my style humorous in this post as well….always a good day when you can make people laugh!)

4. Accolades for Amy  I really, really, really love this post.  Personally I think you should send it to every teacher, administrator, guidance counselor and principal you know.  Many could use this perspective.  I also think it would be a good thing to pass on to parents who have a child who may have a learning disability, academic struggles or to share Amy’s favorite quote…”You can’t put in them, what God left out”.  Think about passing this one on…you could really make a difference in the life of a child. As a follow up to this post, I am happy to report that Amy just completed a successful first semester at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Texas (SAGU) where she started on the women’s soccer team. (Her original college choice, Bethany University, sadly closed their doors in June and she had to quickly make a new decision for college) She flew back to Texas yesterday to start the spring semester and is a strong, confident, poised young lady who is growing in her God given gifts and talents every year.  I can’t wait to see what He has planned for her!

5. It couldn’t get any better than that!  This post is near and dear to my heart because it includes my passionate heart for the unborn and adoption and all the fingerprints of God that are found through every aspect of my precious baby girl – Christiana’s adoption.  It will be one of those posts that ends up in her baby album. She continues to amaze us and be the light of our lives.  We are so blessed that God chose us to be her forever family…it doesn’t get any better than that! (PS – That reminds me – January is Sanctity of Human Life month – perhaps we could all do something to protect the life of the unborn, help a mom in a crisis pregnancy or take part in an adoption – through our finances, practical support or beginning the adoption  or foster care process ourselves)

6. “Faint heart never won fair lady” or “Jumping through a few hoops”  — Six???  You said five Beth!  Ok, I can’t help myself.  I have to include this one post in my top picks. You see speaking into the lives of single young women (and men) has been a part of my life for three decades and I will continue to share my heart in hopes of helping them to make good decisions when it comes to dating, courtship and relationships and to choose very wisely whom they will commit their lives to. Perhaps you have a young person in your life who needs to read this! (Shout out to all my blog fans that are in that season of singleness…thanks for being faithful readers of this “middle age” lady’s blog…you bless me more than you will ever know!)

I hope you have enjoyed this year in review and perhaps you were able to catch a few posts you missed throughout the last year. I would love it if you would pass any of them on to friends and family who you think would benefit from one of these vast and varied posts.  My life goal is to inspire, motivate, encourage and bless others through my writing. You can help me reach more people!

What’s next?

My readers have shared with me things that they would like to hear more about this year.  It is quite the eclectic list and I will most definitely be looking it over throughout the year for inspiration.  Here is what you said:

  • family life stories
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • singleness
  • how do you do it all (priorities, time management)
  • finances (personal testimonies to Gods provision)
  • family traditions
  • homeschooling
  • perseverance in trials
  • sibling rivalry/arguments (to which my daughter exclaimed – “You’re not going to tell them about our fighting are you?”)
  • faith
  • favorite movies & why
  • date night conversations
  • decorating a small house
  • challenge our way of thinking and responding.
  • Things that encourage us to not accept the cultural norm but to strive for a better way.
  • random acts of kindness
  • showing appreciation to hubby

If you want to add to my list…I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas (although I have no more budget for Starbucks “bribes”…but perhaps the reward of  me writing about your desired subject will be enough!) 🙂

Here’s to a great blogging year in 2012!


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I never win anything!

Yup….I am one of those.   

You know the ones. . .in fact maybe you are one of them too.  The ones who never win anything that requires “the luck of the draw”! I never win a raffle drawing, a radio show call in give-away, a door prize, publishers clearinghouse, a fast food chain game, the lottery (ok so I don’t play…but I have been given a ticket once by my father-in-law for a Christmas gift!) or a free vacation…nope not ever. 

Or maybe you are like my friend Nina (and her mom Linda) who consistently win things! Either way you will appreciate this:

I am hear to tell you that after 47 years of life…I won something!  During the first day of the “She Speaks” Conference they had a drawing during lunch for one of Lysa TerKeurst’s books & study guide…”Becoming More than just a Good Bible Study Girl”.  I was politely eating my salad and listening half heartedly when I heard Lysa (the president of Proverbs 31 ministry) call my name.  I sat there stunned before standing up and looking like a deer in headlights as I proceeded up to the front to claim my prize.  I can no longer say. . . “I never win anything!” 🙂

Ok, so yesterday I wrote a blog post and asked all my blog readers (over 700 subscribers), my facebook friends (1270) as well as my friends & family members on my email list to leave a comment on my blog that will help me in making a determination as to “the next step” in my life.  I also promised to have a drawing from the names of everyone who choose to help me.  I really am interested in your input! Today I decided to post for you the prizes that I will be giving away in hopes that you will add your name into the mix with your comment and help with my request!  

1. Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story      An autobiographical look into the life of one of the best neurosurgeons in the U. S. of A, is unbelievably inspirational and poignant. While pursuing his career, Carson encountered prejudice, negative peer pressure, and politics in getting a job. His sense of humor, faith in God, patience, and his belief in the work ethic come through without preaching. In the last chapter, Carson gives recommendations to students on ways to live and to achieve.     

2.  90 Minutes in Heaven

More than 4 million copies sold!   

On the way home from a conference, Don Piper’s car was crushed by a semi-truck that crossed into his lane. Medical personnel said he died instantly. While his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car, Piper experienced the glories of heaven, awed by its beauty and music.

90 minutes after the wreck, while a minister prayed for him, Piper miraculously returned to life on earth with only the memory of inexpressible heavenly bliss. His faith in God was severely tested as he faced an uncertain and grueling recovery. Now he’d like to share his life-changing story with you.  90 Minutes in Heaven offers a glimpse into a very real dimension of God’s reality. This New York Times bestseller encourages those recovering from serious injuries and those dealing with the loss of a loved one. The experience dramatically changed Piper’s life, and it will change yours too.

  3. $5 Starbucks Card     

  So if you would like a “chance” to win one of these fabulous books (by the way the author Cecil Murphy was at this conference and I love him!) here is what you need to do:

  1. Read yesterdays blog post – What is my strong suit? 
  2. Log in (you have to actually be on the blogsite to do this not just through the emailed post or FB) with your name & email address and leave your comments no later than Thursday August 5th. (the comments do not show up instantly as I have to approve them so just check back later to see if they appear)
  3.  On Monday August 8th I will put all your names in a hat and have one of my daughters draw out a winner! 

I will post the winners next week on my blog & contact you for mailing information. Thank you to those who have commented so far and congrats you are already in the drawing!  Thank you to all of you who are willing to give me your advice, input & ideas…in my eyes you are all winners for taking the time to help me!

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What is my strong suit?

Just over a week ago was our annual Lambdin family summer camping trip to the beautiful & cool (as in weather) Lake Tahoe. We had an amazing week with family and friends relaxing, reading, swimming, eating and playing!

One of my many favorite things about our family camping trip is that we play games…Catch Phrase, Pass the Pig, Capitalism, Mexican Train Dominos, Uno and lots of card games. Hands down my favorite card game is Hearts! And my girls, as well as all the cousins, will attest to the fact that I am a bit boastful about my win/loss record when playing this game and that I like to annihilate everyone. In fact,  in one of our hands this past camping adventure I had what is called a “strong suit” – a long suit with many high cards. It was awesome! In Hearts whenever you have been dealt that type of hand and play it well, you are almost guaranteed that you can “shoot the moon” (ie: give everyone a kazillion points while you get none…and yes this is a good thing because in Hearts the goal is to have the least amount of points) It was simply stellar playing out that hand and watching them all squirm. (I can feel them rolling their eyes back home in California as they read this post!) But I digress….

As you may be aware I am beginning to pursue the possibility of doing speaking and writing in a more full time capacity.  I want to ask you – my blog readers, family & friends – for some advice and input. As I began this post with stories of my card playing prowess, I want to relate that to my life. Let me be the first to admit that I have been dealt a good hand in life.

  • I was raised in a strong Christian home with parents who loved each other and their children. We were blessed with a solid family life filled with many fun & meaningful traditions
  • I received a good education and a myriad of extra curricular opportunities
  • I have been blessed with a truly amazing husband and eight fabulous children
  • I have been privileged to serve the Lord my entire adult life in some type of ministry
  • For over a decade I ran a very successful & profitable home based business
  • I have founded, along with my husband, a stellar Christian high school

Scripture says, “to whom much has been given, much is required” and I have desired to be diligent to use my gifts to bless others.  These blessings have given me a broad base of areas in which I could pursue speaking and writing…but I need to narrow my message down to just a few. (at least to begin with)   Here are some of the “generic” areas I have a passion for, experience with and could consider developing book proposals or speaking topics on:

  • Motherhood
  • Family Faith Traditions
  • Dating, Courtship & Relationships (Purity too)
  • Adoption & Pro Life Issues
  • Marriage – Preparing for & making it meaningful & lasting
  • Parenting – from toddlers to teens
  • Scrapbooking
  • Raising Girls
  • Time Management
  • Plus Size Families (not in pounds in!)
  • Leadership
  • Home Business
  • Family Life
  • Purposeful Living at every season of life
  • Christian Education
  • Goal Setting

This is where you can help me!  I need to know your thoughts – What is my “strong suit”?

What areas have I helped you with most in your life? What has inspired you & motivated you to do something greater or different? How have I influenced you? What do you think my greatest passion has been? What books would you read? What speaking topics would you just love to hear more about? 

I would be thrilled if you could take a moment and share your thoughts with me to help me make some key decisions  (You do not have to narrow it down to one, in fact I would love to hear your top three or four.)  I will pray that the time you take to help me will be given back to you in abundance…and I’ll try not to “shoot the moon” if I ever play against you in hearts! 😉

In addition if you will share your comments by August 5th…I will draw a name from among all of you who comment and give away a few books that I have received at this conference. (yes! I am bribing you)


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