What is my strong suit?

Just over a week ago was our annual Lambdin family summer camping trip to the beautiful & cool (as in weather) Lake Tahoe. We had an amazing week with family and friends relaxing, reading, swimming, eating and playing!

One of my many favorite things about our family camping trip is that we play games…Catch Phrase, Pass the Pig, Capitalism, Mexican Train Dominos, Uno and lots of card games. Hands down my favorite card game is Hearts! And my girls, as well as all the cousins, will attest to the fact that I am a bit boastful about my win/loss record when playing this game and that I like to annihilate everyone. In fact,  in one of our hands this past camping adventure I had what is called a “strong suit” – a long suit with many high cards. It was awesome! In Hearts whenever you have been dealt that type of hand and play it well, you are almost guaranteed that you can “shoot the moon” (ie: give everyone a kazillion points while you get none…and yes this is a good thing because in Hearts the goal is to have the least amount of points) It was simply stellar playing out that hand and watching them all squirm. (I can feel them rolling their eyes back home in California as they read this post!) But I digress….

As you may be aware I am beginning to pursue the possibility of doing speaking and writing in a more full time capacity.  I want to ask you – my blog readers, family & friends – for some advice and input. As I began this post with stories of my card playing prowess, I want to relate that to my life. Let me be the first to admit that I have been dealt a good hand in life.

  • I was raised in a strong Christian home with parents who loved each other and their children. We were blessed with a solid family life filled with many fun & meaningful traditions
  • I received a good education and a myriad of extra curricular opportunities
  • I have been blessed with a truly amazing husband and eight fabulous children
  • I have been privileged to serve the Lord my entire adult life in some type of ministry
  • For over a decade I ran a very successful & profitable home based business
  • I have founded, along with my husband, a stellar Christian high school

Scripture says, “to whom much has been given, much is required” and I have desired to be diligent to use my gifts to bless others.  These blessings have given me a broad base of areas in which I could pursue speaking and writing…but I need to narrow my message down to just a few. (at least to begin with)   Here are some of the “generic” areas I have a passion for, experience with and could consider developing book proposals or speaking topics on:

  • Motherhood
  • Family Faith Traditions
  • Dating, Courtship & Relationships (Purity too)
  • Adoption & Pro Life Issues
  • Marriage – Preparing for & making it meaningful & lasting
  • Parenting – from toddlers to teens
  • Scrapbooking
  • Raising Girls
  • Time Management
  • Plus Size Families (not in pounds in number..lol!)
  • Leadership
  • Home Business
  • Family Life
  • Purposeful Living at every season of life
  • Christian Education
  • Goal Setting

This is where you can help me!  I need to know your thoughts – What is my “strong suit”?

What areas have I helped you with most in your life? What has inspired you & motivated you to do something greater or different? How have I influenced you? What do you think my greatest passion has been? What books would you read? What speaking topics would you just love to hear more about? 

I would be thrilled if you could take a moment and share your thoughts with me to help me make some key decisions  (You do not have to narrow it down to one, in fact I would love to hear your top three or four.)  I will pray that the time you take to help me will be given back to you in abundance…and I’ll try not to “shoot the moon” if I ever play against you in hearts! 😉

In addition if you will share your comments by August 5th…I will draw a name from among all of you who comment and give away a few books that I have received at this conference. (yes! I am bribing you)


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57 responses to “What is my strong suit?

  1. Vicki Watt

    Beth, I would read anything you write. You are an incredible woman of God and someone that I admire and respect very much. You have given me so many tools to use on this journey of life and it seems that at every phase of my life I have been blessed beyond measure to glean some kind of insight from you and your relationship with our Creator! At this time in my life I would be most interested in reading about “Marriage,” about daily becoming the dedicated and committed wife that God has called me to be to the blessing of a husband that He has given me. Other topics I look forward to gaining insight from you in would be parenting Godly children, how to love them with God’s love, being a mommy & how to leave a lasting legacy in my family through family traditions. Whatever you write I look forward to reading. You have so much to share and I am thrilled that you have been given this opportunity and look forward to seeing how God uses you. More than that I consider myself blessed to call you friend. Thank you for investing in my life – I pray that I give back to the young people God brings into my life like you have so freely given to me.
    I love you so much! Thanks for being a constant example of God’s love and faithfulness to me.

  2. Beth

    meaningful, pure, faithful family traditions……frugal living ideas….these topics I have stolen from you on numerous occasions and would purchase a book about them

  3. Joyce Solomon

    Beth, in a world where immorality is rampant you have always set the bar high to live a moral and Godly life. I remember when you were the youth pastor at Lakeview, you took a bold stand against dating. You stood up to parents and kids alike. I am seeing way too many Christians, young and my age, giving in to the immorality of the day. We need voices again that stand for righteousness without being religious. Your girls are an example of parents, especially a mom, who have that balance. Perhaps your strong suit is being that voice once again. I always loved working with you back in the day, even if it was only once in awhile. We need your voice.

  4. Rachael Ruiz

    book #1
    family faith traditions- with speaking series on mother hood, parenting, plus size families, adoption and pro life issues.

    ( i already recommend this book to people and you haven’t even written it)

    Book #2
    marriage- with workbook and speaking series on dating and courting

    Book #3
    purposeful living- with chapters on leadership, time management, goal setting,

    Book #3 1/2
    home business.

    Book #4
    raising girls.

    Book #5
    christian education.

    after which you must write a book about parenting adults.

    traditions and marriage are your best way to start a following. I have recommended your family traditions on your blog to so many people. I also believe that these are the launching points of a strong family foundation. after which you must write/speak inspirationally about purposeful living.

    knowing you beth…they are all your strong suit but traditions are what is going to stay with people and make them want to devour anything else you write.

  5. Suzanne

    Hi Beth! I’ve been starring at your suggested list of writing/speaking topics for several minutes and a few jump out at me but I also have some thoughts/impressions that I can’t seem to articulate so attempting to express them in writing is likely not best. How bout we find some time to talk and maybe together we can yank out what’s rattling about and see if it has any value to your current process and pursuit?! I’d love the opportunity to catch up with you too! :)!! My cell is 714 974-6878. I’m usually free in the evenings and on weekends. Miss you! 🙂


  6. Robin Dayneko

    My preference in order
    1) Family Faith Traditions
    2) Raising Girls
    3) Marriage ~ preparing for and making it meaningful and lasting
    4) Dating, courtship, and relationships

    I have been inspired at your commitment to “live” the christian life in all areas, and not making your life a church going life, but a Christ following life. I would read each of those books because I desire to have my family to live out their faith in all areas. I desire to raise my daughters to be Christ following, sacrificial leaders striving to do best with the gifts/talents they have been given. I so desire them to live holy lives…nothing would make me happier then them looking back on their childhoods and they can say with satisfaction that mommy and daddy loved the Lord well, loved each other well, and gave us a firm foundation to start life out from. You have been an inspiration to me on so many levels, even though I only met you for a short time. The impression has stayed with me all these years, and it has been a blessing to read your blog in how you celebrate the christian holidays, how you raise up your daughters, etc. Hope this helps.

  7. I love your ability to boldly tell the truth in Christian love and reminders of how to apply God’s word to our daily lives.
    I look forward to hearing more on:
    ok…I will pick some favorites off of your list:
    Time Management (ie: balance/priorities)
    Goal Setting
    Purposeful living
    Family Faith Traditions

  8. Deana Scroggins

    I vote on the marriage and family issues because I feel that that is a subject that everyone can relate to and seeks guidance and help and support for. Raising children and staying married is one of the most difficult thing that all people deal with. Some of the other issues will be narrowed to a select group and are great for that group but if you are looking to narrow it down, thats what I would vote for.

  9. Carleen

    Your #1 topic….anything concerning the family, making traditions, a home, raising girls. Look at your beautiful family and all they are becoming and share your secrets (well not so secret) globally!!!!!

    2nd….goal setting. You are where you are because you have vision and you know what to do to get there.

    3rd….Christian education. Look what you and Dan have done together for so many years!

    I so much miss the mark when I look at all you do and where I fall short, but you have always encouraged me to do better, and I am a better person for it. It would be beneficial for many of us to keep learning from your examples. Love you, and can’t wait to see what you decide on for your first project, as I suspect there will be more than one!

  10. I would have to say Motherhood, Family Faith and Traditions, Leadership, and Time Management are my top four; but admit that this is difficult. Difficult, in that it depends on not only what you’re talking about, but where the person on “the other end” is sitting! I would RATHER say that I think the broad range of topics you have listed are ALL dead on in their own way.
    Sorry. If that’s too vague; merely refer to my list! ;0)

  11. Well, techincally we don’t know each other BUT from what I’ve read in your blog, here are my top three picks:
    ■Marriage – Preparing for & making it meaningful & lasting (I think you and Dan do a great job at celebrating the little things and enjoying each other’s company.)
    ■Purposeful Living at every season of life (let’s just say you’ve seen a lot of seasons and done well in every one – or so I have surmised.)
    ■Time Management (because quite frankly I’m still trying to figure out how you get it all done.) Really, I can’t wait for the book – please send a memo. 🙂

  12. Grace Lambdin

    hey!………….at least i can beat you in dominoes! ha!

  13. Linda Stephens

    You have impacted my life in a lasting and positive way in the following areas:

    1. Living Christian priorities and completely rejecting the world’s definition of success.

    2. Translating Biblical history and traditions into meaningful and intentional living.

    3. Multiplying love (again, rejecting the world’s limits on proper family size) and raising children to love, share and live as good stewards of God’s provision.

    You’re a gift!! So grateful that God is multiplying the gifts he’s given you so that more women can grow in Christ through your obedience and transparency.

  14. Beth – I have been inspired by how you raise your kids. I have always been inpressed by how kind and loving your children are. You have been doing a wonderful job. I would love to read a book on raising great kids. I love reading your blog!

  15. I agree with all of the above posts. I would read anything you write. You are encouraging and inspiring and I have loved reading your blog posts. The number one thing for me right now would be a traditions book. I LOVE your traditions and the meaning behind them.
    Many Blessings

  16. Terri Hickok


    I would read anything you write as well. In my life I have gladly looks for Family Faith Traditions, Parenting, Scrapbooking, Cooking , Purposeful living, and Christian Living. I feel the way you present yourself with your ideas and beliefs is inspiring to me and I love to “take it all in”. I know you will be successful in anything you do.


  17. …hummm…your last statement about hearts can’t be true! It is against your constitution not to “shoot the moon” if you can! You are a force with which to be reckoned! I KNOW, I’ve been on the losing end of those 26 pointer rounds of hearts!! : )

    #1. Leadership, which spans several of those topics you mentioned. Without leadership in our families, in our churches, in our communities, in our nation, in our world, we are lost and aimless and at the end of our lives have nothing to be proud of being or doing that leaves a legacy for the generations to come after us. That also spans the audiences from Christian to non. Everyone needs leadership skills.

    #2. dating, courtship and purity, marriage and relationships (maybe you can take up the mantle for Dr. Laura when she retires?, now that would be a great speaking career for you!)

    #3 You know that I love family traditions and would be glad to co-author a book with you about that one! : )

    Zoot, zoot!

  18. Hi Beth. We haven’t met yet. You have always inspired me through your Monday Motivation & your blog. I would read anything that you wrote. The first thing that popped in my head would be your family traditions-I’ve “cut & pasted” those in a file planning to adopt some as my own. Perhaps consider a “family night” type book with all of your traditions mixed in or a book on just traditions.

    Leading girls on a path to purity would be an amazing book.

    You could really write about any of the topics you mentioned.

    Blessings to you,


  19. tina hudgens

    I have been reading your Monday Motivations for so long (ever since they use to come weekly by emails through the CM chain)and now reading these and also your facebook messages and u have touched my life in the following areas… So these stand out for me!

    Family Faith Traditions▪ Dating, Courtship & Relationships (Purity too)▪ Leadership
    Family Life
    Christian Education

  20. Bonnie Stalter

    Yeah.. for you.
    I have been a speaker, writer, counselor,
    Bible study leader, leader in scrapbook business
    mom, youth worker. I found that speaking and counseling go together. Your MMM could be compiled for your first book. A Bible study for
    girls teen to marriage. Family traditions.
    purity, The pro life activities need more spokespeople. You are a living example of being prolife. I have learned so much from you. God is using you all the time. people will listen to you on goals and time management. You have your act together and can share how you do it. Blessings for narrowing down.. your choices. Girls need
    messages on modesty and personal purity though they do not want them. Prayers for your family.
    You will know what God wants you to do.. by the
    struggle to pursue it. The enemy will let you know by his attacks. Praying Eph 6 for your family.
    Onward Christian soldier.

  21. Gloria Borden

    Thanks be to God who is speaking to others through you. As far as topics, speak and write about those things for which you have the greatest passion and the greatest experience. I don’t think you will go where you haven’t been. Love and blessings to you, Mom

  22. Nina Ward

    Hello Beth,
    well, you have helped me in all areas of my life over the past 26 years? AS my youth pastor at the age of 16 to now 42…. so lets see, you have coached me through every season of my life..since you are older than me:) anyways, anything you write will be good and I will read it.. but if I had to put the top things for me it would be:
    1. Goal Setting
    2.purposeful living in every area of life
    3. Dating and courtship
    Like I said, everything you have written and talked about has helped me and others. YOU will be successful in whatever you write, because you follow God’s Will and he has the best plans for you:) I love you
    Nina Ward

  23. Beth,

    I love all the comments about your gifts. You are an amazing woman. I think you have the gift of “wooing”. I can’t remember the exact definition but it basically means that you have the ability to woo people to your way of thinking. You have the ability to present things in such a way that they hit to the heart of who’s listening/reading etc.

    That is what I think God gave you and you use it to bring him praise and glory and that’s what makes you super!


    • caroline

      yes, you are a woo-er!
      “People strong in the Woo theme love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person.”

      from StrengthsQuest

  24. Mary Ellen


    I love reading everything you write. But here are my top choices:

    1. family faith traditions/family life
    2. dating/relationships/purity
    3. marriage
    4. resource (blessings) management–time, talent, & treasure especially when any or all are in short supply.

  25. Beth, though our paths have rarely crossed; (I heard you come and speak in Redlands YEARS ago)….I am a huge fan. Your priorities are always in order, and I appreciate your wisdom.

  26. Lana Black

    Well Beth all I can say is whenever I have come to you with an issue (any issue)you always have something full of wisdom to say. I know thay you could write on any of the topics listed and it will be awesome. I love to read all your Monday Motivations and More. If I had to pick a few I would say.
    1 Dating, courtship and relationships
    2 Purposefullliving at every season of life
    3 Family faith traditions
    4 Leadership/goal setting

  27. Becky

    1. Family Traditions. You ROCK at this and I am sure many of us have already implemented many of your shared traditions in our own families. As my own kids became older, I tried to introduce a variety of new Advent Devotionals that I thought would be more age appropriate. My kids INSISTED that we ONLY use your Advent Devotional, regardless of how old they get. 🙂

    2. The stuff you shared at our Ladies Retreat last time you spoke about what a Wise Woman does was challenging, convicting and inspiring. I think it was out of the Sermon on the Mount??? I believe you are a great voice to all of us as women because you practice what you preach.

    3. Your personal adoption experience gives hope and great advice to other couples out there hoping to adopt. You were an huge encouragement when my niece and her husband were in the process of adopting.

    4. Dating, Purity, Marriage – always relevant topics that need a Godly perspective

  28. kelly

    I am soooo excited for you! For how long now have we been encouraging you to take this step…but of course it had to be the right season!

    You have impacted myself and my families life in numerous ways. You have so many talents and gifts but what stands out the most to me are:

    1. family, faith, traditions
    2. marriage
    3. goal setting, leadership
    4. raising girls, dating,courtship

    I have yet to find another as unwavering in her faith, and as sure of her convictions as you, I admire and love you Beth, and am cheering you on as you take this next step into this journey God has laid before you 🙂

  29. Jacquelyn Werchan

    You family traditions

  30. Erlinda

    purposeful living I think sums all the categories

  31. Deanne

    Beth, I’ve heard you speak (in actions and words) for half of my life (!) about all of the above and I find myself drawn, always, to whatever you happen to be sharing. That being said, my top four topics would have to be:
    1)Family, Faith, Traditions
    2)Dating, Courtship, Relationships
    4)Purposeful living at every season

    Love you. Hope your trip was fabulous!


  32. Sheree


    You have inspired me to start more family traditions, but, moreover, you’ve encouraged me, through your blog and emails, to step out on faith and trust God with all of my heart no matter what. Here are my suggestions….

    #1 Purpose Living At Every Season of Life
    #2 Family Traditions
    #3 Time Management

    Happy deciding…

  33. Pam Hendricks

    Looks like lots of people agree that they would like whatever you write or talk about. I am interested in how to get from procrastination to action in home based business. And actually, I am forwarding this to our Women’s Co-ordinator at our church so she can check out the possibility of having you come to our church. We have a pretty good sized congregation in Torrance, CA.

  34. DeAnna Buyco

    Dearest Beth
    I would read any book that you write!! You have so much wisdom & knowledge on a vast variety of topics. I am truly blessed to call you friend. You have always given me sound advice. And it is wonderful to have someone believe in the same things you do—so many times, you & I have talked about issues and agreed upon them, especially in the areas of raising daughters. I think you have made a profound impact on so many lives, including myself. God has blessed you with such a gift and His loves radiates through you. I think some of your best wisdom would be about Marriage, Raising Daughters & Scrapbooking.
    Love to you

  35. Carrie

    Family Traditions.

    I think that a lot can fall into that. Scrapbooking, etc. You can go through the various activities and make it very hands on. Recipes, maybe “Easy, Moderate, Heavy” time commitment activities so families can grow into them with time and not feel overwhelmed when they first start. Also list where you can buy supplies etc. Yes, people want it to be easy 🙂

    Lent and Advent family devotionals for various ages. Preschool, Grammer, intermediate, and high school. Maybe include crafts etc for the younger ones.

    Can’t wait to see what happens!

  36. Melissa Beaumont

    Beth – what has touched me most about your life is your family traditions – and your family in general. How you do it amazes me to no end. That said – time management, goal setting, family life, marriage and parenting all fit into that catagory as far as I’m concerned. I would buy books, come see you speak – listen to you for HOURS on those topics. I also feel that many of the other topics you listed – even scrapbooking – could be incorporated into the above as well. Everytime I read your blog about traditions I’m inspired – and how you fit it all in – you are truly remarkable. Thank you for touching my life in so many ways.

  37. Sheila D

    I believe you could write about anything and others would glean so much from it.. If I was to pick a subject for you it would be marriage.. Because without a great marriage, it would be hard for your readers to focus on other areas of their lives…. You write from the heart, with such encouraging words, everyone will enjoy any book you write..

  38. Donna Nelson

    I once asked a Pastor before I had kids, how come your kids are different then a lot of other kids that grow up in Ministry. His kids all loved the the Lord and were very well rounded kids. His answer to me has forever stayed in my heart ” I am the same person at home as I am at church”. With that I relate that back to you and Dan. You are the kind of people that you see what you get and “real” no matter where you are at. You practice what you preach and live it out daily in all that you say in do.

    With that being said I would love to read a book about Raising Godly children in a Godly and selfless home in a very selfish world.

    For the record I would buy any book you wrote. You have always been an inspiration to me and a mother I strive to be like. I just want my kids to Love and Serve God and anything that will give me the tools to do that I would love to read!!!

  39. Tracy

    Beth! There are so many topics but I think a really great one for you is perseverance and passion. No matter what anyone thinks and if they agree or not you are sure to indulge in a heated debate about something you are are passionate about. Do not get me wrong, I love that about you- always willing to stand up for what you believe in. The good thing is that you are well read about the topic, because you care about it- whatever “it” might be- and you educate yourself about it. The other good thing is you always allow the other person to have their opinions and that is good.

  40. Patty Martin

    There’s no point in my reiterating what’s already been said SO WELL above by so many…..I have always known that God has called you to speak, not only to youth as when I met you in 1985 ( ’85-He’s Alive) at SLW but all thru the years as you began raising your family. I agree w/ the writer above who listed ALL the books that you need to write, then speak on them as you publish them. God will then show you how to balance your writing and speaking alongside your family responsibilities. You are a gifted person, Beth…continue to walk in those gifts as God leads.
    LOVE you!

  41. Valeri Olson

    Beth – The Monday Motivations that have spoken to me the most over the past several years are the very honest, but very uplifting “parenting” blogs. I am a mother of three children (son age 7, and twin daughters age 5), I teach part time, and I am a Creative Memories Consultant. My plate often feels too full and life gets overwhelming. I’m always reminded by your messages that I am not alone (there are other moms feeling the way I feel, and God has my back), and I am encouraged to find the positive in even the most trying times. I’d love to hear more motivating stories about parenthood from tots to teens. Thanks!!

  42. Lisa Crouch

    Beth I love reading your posts, and believe that anything you wrote about would be well read and helpful to many people. You are inspiring to me as a mother! I always enjoy reading about what you are getting your children to do and it motivates me to try new things with my kids. I am amazed at your “plus-size” ness and how you can manage and accomplish so much in any given day, which is a great motivator for any woman trying to manage even a small size household. And, lastly, I think your family faith and traditions area is another one that is super to read about. You always have such great ideas and your faith is awe-inspiring. You are an amazing woman and I am glad I am blessed enough to read your posts and learn from you. 🙂

  43. Lisa Fairchild

    Where do I begin…all of the things that you listed are certainly topics that I would love to read about and things that you are truly gifted at doing. I guess (if I had to pick) I would pick parenting as a general topic…you have sooooo much to offer! I count on you for frank advice and truth (with-out sugar coating it). I depend on you for ways to keep my family unit strong, connected and supportive. I admire the way you are able to parent 8 very different children with different gifts and abilities yet you are able to encourage each of them to be exactly who God created them to be. I take from you creative ideas for everything from unique family traditions to frugal living. I am inspired by your faith and trust in the Lord no matter what your family is facing. I am in awe of your ability of being “super mom”…wife, mother, teacher, friend, mentor, business woman, blogger, etc. I am challenged by your example of being a recovering perfectionist. 🙂 Most importantly, I look to you for a picture of what it looks like to raise a family in God’s grace and provision, with a faith that is alive, priorities in balance, children who love and respect their parents, serve one another and worship the Lord, and a husband and wife who are still very obviously in love after all of these years. It is a beautiful thing!

  44. arvie

    i have a file called ‘beth lambdin stuff’ on my outlook page ….and after scanning the numerous blogs i chose to save ~ just about ALL of them are about your family traditions! beth, you have gifts galore ~ go out and shine for the glory of God!!
    =o) arvie

  45. Monica Martinez

    Beth Dear,

    I am just now reading your blog! (talk about going on vacation-even my emails got a rest!) Well dear, like so many people who have been touched by the Lambdin Family, our family has certainly been blessed over the many years of your friendship. I obviously cannot write all the ways you have influenced my life (and that of my family) in this short space. Just as Denise said a few weeks ago (at her rehearsal dinner) “how can I put in simple words the impact you and Dan have had?” Your impact has been tremendous!!

    I realize this may sound very cliche-ish, but when I look at the tapestry of our lives (Sal and I) there have been “threads” that God has so blessed us with and you and Dan (and your precious children!) are some of those “threads”. Like this one:

    I can go back 13 years when we were at that crucial fork in the road when we had to make a decision as to Ana’s education: public, private….home schooling? I can write a chapter (or book!) on how God orchestrated that decision, but you my dear, were a key player in the people God used to encourage me to believe that I could actually educate my child. And so home schooling it was! After 12 years of home schooling, no one can ever tell me (or Sal) that that was not the BEST decision for our family. Next week we send off our youngest, Nettie, to an amazing HIGH SCHOOL – JIM ELLIOT CHRISTIAN HS; that just so happens to be the very school you and Dan founded! I love the “threads” that God sows through our lives! From primary education to the diploma the girls will soon have in their hands, you have been a part of that! And although we consider education a very important part of life (and thank God He has used you in that area) I truly am most grateful for the love we share in Jesus:

    I love that you have never been ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus nor compromised ITS Truths. I love that we can talk (for hours!) about so many different subjects, yet find ourselves always coming back to the Word of God. I echo Paul’s words: “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you my sister, have refreshed the hearts of the saints”.
    Phile v.7

    You are an encourager! Anything you write will encourage the saints, and by the grace of God, those that are not saints…yet.

  46. Sarah Vigil Jones

    Hi Beth-
    Just wanted to say the book I ‘need’ most in my season (so therefore the one i want you yo write!) would be one on family yraditins, raising girls and purity. I’ve been watching you implement these principles in your life before it became mine so this statement isn’t completetly selfish. :). The thing is all of the topics are interrelated and you are so firmly passionate and gifted any book you write would be a success.

  47. Brenda Harrison

    Good luck in your new endeavours. I hope that God blesses you abundantly in your writing and speaking. Your strong suits are definitely motherhood, parenting and relationships. I love reading about them all in your emails. Here are my thoughts on what you could share your expertise on, in order… Brenda Harrison, Ontario, Canada

    Marriage – Preparing for & making it meaningful & lasting
    Parenting – from toddlers to teens
    Family Faith Traditions
    Family Life
    Dating, Courtship & Relationships (Purity too)

    Purposeful Living at every season of life

  48. Leah Kidger

    Hi Beth,

    Wow, to have to choose your strong suit…its a toughy.

    I’m always inspired to hear about your family traditions and time management. Now that I have 2 girls of my own, I’m also interested in raising girls…especially in this day and age….

    I’ve also always enjoyed reading and have been “witness” to your planning madness! If it’s not planned, it won’t happen, right. I think this is one of your strong suits!

    You are very driven, determined and inspirational! Whatever you write about, it will be a success!
    Love you,

  49. Jacquelyn Werchan

    I don’t even know how I got started receiving you blog but I miss it when I don’t hear from you for awhile. I am a mother of only one (grown) son and
    have to say I am in awe of you for not only giving birth to so many children but homeschooling them as well….and now adopting !!! How I admire your stamina…

    That said…I would take advice from you on any parenting topic, scrapbooking, & homeschooling but most of all I think everyone would be interested in your unique traditions you have mentioned in your blogs.

    Good luck with your new venture. Again, I am blown away that you think you have time to even consider taking on a new monumental challenge. My
    prayers will be with you and I continue to follow your Monday motivations.

    Jacquelyn Werchan

  50. Rachel Fichtner

    Hey friend,

    It was so GREAT hearing about your conference today. I’m just anxiously waiting to see the amazing new things God is going to do in your life and thru you and Dan! So fun!

    I think your Strongest Suits are…

    Family Faith Traditions
    Purposeful Living at Every Season of Life
    Goal Setting
    Adoption/Pro-Life Issues

    I honestly think you have influenced me w/ every item on that list….THANK YOU for that! But these are the tops in my mind….especially the Family Faith Traditions. I think more Christian families need to be informed about our faith, what it really means and ways we can purposefully pass it on to the children God has entrusted us with.

    Love you!

  51. Ruth Mulrooney

    Hi Beth,
    You asked for opinions so here I go…..

    You are good at encouraging others, and finding the right words for a given situation. You have an amazing ability to speak honestly with a softness that doesn’t put the listener on the defensive.

    You are capable of keeping many “balls in the air”. Household organization, business organization, home school organization. You have the ability analyze a situation and discerne which task should be a priority.

    You have developed many methods for living within your means. Sharing the “how you do it” method during our current economic situation would be a help to others.

    Living in this culture that blurs the lines between manhood and womanhood there is a need for our young women to hear “its a blessing to want children and to want to raise them yourself”. They need to hear that this is a good thing! Society encourages our young women to seek fulfillment in a career instead of in their family. I work part time (only while the kiddies are in school) and see first hand the indecision and split between home and career that many of the young mothers (25-35 yrs) deal with on a daily basis. In their hearts they don’t want their children in daycare, yet they feel that it would be “foolish” of them to stay home, “a waste of their college education”, “unaffordable”, etc. They don’t have a support system that confirms what their heart is telling them, so they choose to ignore their heart. Think how society would be changed for the better with children cared for by people who loved them, not people who only like them.

    Praying that the Lord uses you as only HE can.
    Ruth Mulrooney

  52. Candy Payne


    You are an amazing mother, friend, business and spiritual leader. You have touched so many lives along with your terrific husband, Dan. I have been inspired and encouraged by your commitment and determination to seek God’s will in your life. Write about what you have learned along the way, and I know that God will continue to bless your personal ministry.

    Miss you guys! Love, Candy

  53. Sara Glaser

    Beth, I’m thrilled for you to be able to pursue your passion of writing and public speaking! My top vote would be Family Faith Traditions, with Purposeful Living at Every Season of Life a close second. You have always inspired me with your clear ideals, focus, and drive to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. You communicate your values so beautifully in writing (and I’m sure speaking as well–I just haven’t had the blessing of hearing you as much in person). I look forward to holding your book in my hand! (My secret desire has always been to be an editor–I love to proof read! Does “She Speaks” have workshops for “would-be” proofreaders and editors? lol! )

  54. sarah berrett

    Hi Beth…

    Darn – missed the deadline but here is the feedback anyway…
    Hands down it is Family Faith Traditions! This is what help define a family. In our fast paced society, family traditions are becoming something of the past which is really sad. You do an outstanding job celebrating family faith traditions. If you take a look at your categories, your two top postings are: Family Faith Traditions and Life at the Lambdins. Thank you for your wisdom and insight in all areas even though Family Faith Traditions is my favorite. Continue to be blessed in all that you do!

  55. Lois Wollman

    Oh! Missed the deadline. Well, I was at CM Showcase last week and wondered if YOU were there. Now I know you were at the She Speaks conference!

    I’ll echo what many have already written:
    * family traditions
    * courtship/purity
    * purposeful living
    * raising girls

    Thanks for your wisdom, and for being so willing to shine for God’s glory.

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