Family & Friends Friday – Happy 18th Birthday Michelle

18 years ago today, I gave birth to my first sweet baby girl – Michelle. prom-007-007-2.jpgShe changed my life forever! She is currently 6,000 miles away from home in Australia with YWAM. (Youth with a Mission) She is one incredible young lady who is going to make a difference in the world! I am blessed to be her mother. The following is the letter I mailed to her in celebration of her life.

September 7, 2007

My dearest Michelle,

Happy 18th Birthday!

You are my first born sweet baby girl and I will never ever forget the moment that you were placed in my arms and the overwhelming love & joy that filled my heart and life. No one can prepare you for that moment when you look into the eyes of the precious life that God has given you. I came to have a completely new understanding of the unconditional love of our Lord. I loved you with a true, pure & perfect love.

That unconditional love has never changed and never wavered, even for a moment. You were a very colicky baby & a strong willed toddler yet I loved you totally & unconditionally. What a miracle that the Lord lets us share in that “agape” type of love with Him. It is AMAZING!

You have grown into everything I hoped & dreamed for you and more. You are such an impressive young lady. Your love for the Lord and desire to know and serve Him warms my heart and gives me an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. dsc_4912.jpgYou are bright, talented, creative and a strong leader who has the heart of a servant. I know that God has great plans for your life and that He will use your gifts & talents to glorify His name! I am your biggest fan. Know that I will always support & encourage you in everything you do.

We will miss celebrating your 18th birthday together with you….but you are in our hearts & on our minds all the time. We pray that your day is wonderful and that you are blessed beyond measure! We will be “rejoicing over you with singing” (all 4 birthday songs!) on your special day!

I love you so very much. Big hugs and kisses to you – Michelle-my-Belle!



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