Live, Love & Laugh

I am a flower quickly fading
Here today and gone tomorrow
A wave tossed in the ocean
A vapor in the wind

from Casting Crowns song – “Who am I?”

I have spent the past few days pouring over photos of a mans life in preparation for a slide presentation for his memorial service today.  He lived 64 years and from what I can tell thru those photos he packed a lot of living, loving & laughing into those years.   

The photographs depicted a man who loved & stayed committed to the wife of his youth, a man who was actively involved in his childrens lives bringing him joy and fulfillment, a man who had children that adored him, a man who had stayed close with his extended family, a man who enjoyed fishing, photography & the outdoors, a hard working man who once proudly served his country in the military and a man who smiled a lot, laughed and enjoyed life.

To some he lived a long & fulfilling life, to others his life was cut short.  To me……he lived a lifetime.  His lifetime happened to be 64 years.  His appointed time covered 768 months or 3,328 weeks,  or 23,296 days.  Each and everyone of us has been given our own lifetime to live.  We do not know is how long that appointed time will be.  It could come to an end just around the next bend or it could be next week, next month, next year or in the next decade or beyond.  We could have thousands of weeks or days left to live or we could have just a few months or years.  We just do not know. (and in this world of “knowing”  and being in control of almost everything…this really bugs some of us!)  All we do know for sure is that one day all of our lives will come to an end. (as my dear darling hubby tells his Junior/Senior world view class  – “Here is an accurate statistic for you  –  10 out of 10 people die”)

At the end of my appointed lifetime ….what do I want the photographs of my life to depict? 

I want people to see someone who lived –

I strive to live my life with compelling purpose & with passion.  I hope to make a difference in the lives of those around me. I live to glorify God! I want to have energy, enthusiasm & excitement. I desire to live a fulfilling life and to have very few regrets.

I want people to see someone who loved –

I love the Lord my God. I love my dear darling hubby. I love my wonderful children. I love my large extended fabulous family. I love my dearest life long friends. I love my former students and their families. I love my co-workers & clients. I love my large circle of friends from different seasons of life & different parts of the country.

I want to love those who are hard to love – the destitute, the outcast, the unlovable. I want to love those who see me as their adversary or who make my life difficult. I want to love with an unconditional love.

I want people to see someone who laughed –

I want my life to be joyful & filled with memorable moments. I want to smile a lot. (as my daughter reminds me often… “Smile Mom! It releases endorphins!”) I want to be less intense and more relaxed (ie: stop sweating the small stuff) I want to laugh a lot!

 When your appointed lifetime comes to an end….what do you want the photographs of your life to depict? 

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  1. Wow Beth!!! These thoughts sound like they came out of MY head!! Thank you so much for articulating them!!
    I think I could add one more to live love!!! I so enjoyed dancing at Showcase!! What a happy time!! Actually, everyday is a happy day when the joy of the Lord is my strength!!

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