Word for Wednesday – Honor God

“The Lord declares…those who honor Me, I will honor”   I Samuel 3:20

Last Wednesday I shared with you about a young Christian man who was having to trust the Lord’s plan for his life after a potentially season ending football injury (see Word for Wednesday on Sept 19) Well the story continues….

After accepting Gods will for his football season, RJ went to the doctor to see what could be done for his injury.  Amazingly, the doctor cleared him to play, assuring him that although he would experience incredible pain he would not further injure his shoulder.  RJ did play on Saturday in what the newspaper called an “inspirational performance”.  He scored 4 touchdowns and led the Elliot Eagles to their first victory of the season!  But more importantly than that He gave God the glory!

“The doctor said if I could tolerate the pain, I couldn’t hurt it any worse. I will need surgery after the season, but right now I am just thankful to the Lord to be playing again. I give all the glory to God.”
Read the rest of the article here)

“The Lord declares…those who honor Me, I will honor”   I Samuel 3:20

RJ has honored the Lord and this week he has been honored by being chosen as “Athlete of the Week” in the Lodi News Sentinel.  (Read story here) When we give God honor & glory, He promises to honor us.  We may not see it as quickly as RJ has, perhaps not even in this life here on earth, but He promises in His word that it will happen.

How are you honoring the Lord with your life?

  • Are you using the gifts, talents & strengths He has blessed you with to bring Him glory? 
  • Do you give Him the credit for your gifts, talents & strengths and all you accomplish because of His blessing? 
  • Do others know that He is held with great distinction, reverence, respect & awe in your life?
  • Do you worship Him?

Let us all strive to live lives that honor the Lord and bring Him glory!

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  1. coachsusie

    Very nice post, I enjoyed it very much

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