Caught Up

As promised…I have posted about many of our Christmas season family traditions. (not all believe it or not – so you will just have to wait until next Christmas to hear about the remaining few!)  I have back dated the posts to when they actually happened – so if you want to see them all,  you can –  simply by going to the Categories section and clicking on “Christmas Season” and it will give you all eight postings. (or just click here)

Enjoy! I hope to be back in a regular routine with my blog this week.



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One response to “Caught Up

  1. beckycollins

    I’m speechless …..Elizabeth! That’s all I can say..there are no words, just many tears. Tears for how awesome your family is and tears for how far behind I am. I know I know, like Dan says, “We’ll start tomorrow!”. 🙂 love you and can’t wait for you to come feed the hungry in Pioneer.

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