State of the Ministry – January 2015

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Dear friends, family and fans of Inspire Ministries…

Last year this month we were praying, planning and preparing for our first year of full time ministry with Inspire.  Here we are a year later and we are pleased to report of God’s faithfulness in 2014 to this ministry and the amazing ways that He has used us to encourage, motivate, teach, train and inspire people to live lives of passion, purpose and praise.  We have ministered to many couples, families, single parents, children in crisis, students and leaders…offering classes, workshops and special events as well as individual coaching and counseling.

Here are some highlights of what was accomplished this past year and what we hope for in 2015:

  • We held monthly events in our home for couples, moms and parents.  These events were well attended with more than 50 people walking through our doors each month to benefit from the things being shared by us as well as special guest speakers.  Moms raved about how blessed they have been by our Titus Teatime to encourage moms of all ages and stages of life as the journey through motherhood.  At our Couples Coffee Club not on only did we learn practical ways to strengthen our relationships but we enjoyed the wisdom and fellowship of other couples who desire to let the Lord be at the center of their marriage.  Both single and married parents were built up and encouraged while learning valuable parenting skills during our Passionate & Purposeful Parenting Workshops. And Dan met weekly with a group of guys to study the Word of God and challenge one another in their faith.

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  • We were thrilled to help families begin to establish family traditions that would be both meaningful and memorable through two different day long conferences – Family Faith Traditions gave ideas on traditions that would center on faith and spiritual growth in the family and Treasured Traditions was all about making the holiday season centered on the Lord in a fabulous and festive spirit.  We also spent countless hours video taping sections of the Treasured Traditions Conference for those who could not attend due to schedule conflicts or location. The response from all of these opportunities was tremendously enthusiastic.  We received countless texts, messages and emails sharing photos from those who were inspired to begin these traditions that are impacting their families in powerful ways!

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  • Our passion for strong marriages is the motivation we have for spending dozens of hours every month preparing and praying for, meeting and counseling with couples who come to us to help them prepare for marriage as well as those who need serious help to restore their marriages.  We had six couples we ministered to in 2014  and we saw amazing results with most of them. Unfortunately we were unable to help them all to succeed and this is heartbreaking for us. However when we recently saw a post on social media from a wife of one of the couples we counseled saying …”Inspire Ministries saved our marriage” we are very encouraged to carry on in this important facet of our ministry.

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  • Inspire Ministries was committed in 2014 to mentoring both the youth and youth leadership at Lakeview Assembly.  This was a very time consuming and yet rewarding part of our year.  We were able to develop a comprehensive youth program for the church, mentor the leaders and disciple the youth. We developed many relationships that we know will be have a  lifelong impact.  We also met with several of our former students throughout the year for monthly and weekly discipleship.  Dan and Beth also committed to teaching a few high school classes weekly for Cornerstone Co-op, a group of homeschooled students. We do love young people!

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  • 2014 brought us several influential speaking opportunities where we were able to minister to men, women and believers at retreats, men’s & women’s events and in churches.

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  • Life Coaching for individuals of all ages and life situations has been consistent throughout the year with a half a dozen people being helped to find their passion, purpose or direction for life. Some of these meetings are one time while others are weekly or bi-weekly as we work out a solid life plan for individuals seeking coaching.

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  • One of the areas of greatest impact we had this year was in the important ministry of helping children in crisis! Our hearts beat passionately for the lives of children both unborn and born, orphans and foster children as well as those young adults who were part of the system and were never connected to a “forever family”.  This year we accomplished much –
    • speaking  on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and sharing our adoption story
    • Participating in the Walk for Life
    • Holding several informational events in addition to many individual appointments to recruit CASA’s for SJ County (we recruited 5 in 2014)
    • Researching all the” ins and outs” of foster care in SJ County to better help people who are interested
    • Advocating, Mentoring and Counseling a couple young ladies who have aged out of foster care and are trying to navigate life on their own
    • Taking a two year old child into our home through Safe Families to love and care for while her mom…a former foster child…stabilizes her life
    • Advocating, Mentoring and Loving our CASA kids through weekly get togethers, school open houses, meeting with foster parents, going to court and taking them out for special events and activities that they do not have the opportunity to enjoy as foster kids.

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supportAnd now for a support raising and financial update:

  • We raised 70% of our 2014 budget through monthly supporters and one time donations.  We deeply thank all of you who were a part of that support… TRULY we could not do what we do without your financial support, prayers and encouragement.  Consider yourself hugged! (and we do pray for you regularly)
  • We made it through 2014 in the black by staying on a very “bare bones” budget, which is the good news.  The bad news is that Dan was unable to draw any staff salary in 2014.  While this kept the ministry up and running, it put us personally in a very precarious financial state which we will not be able to continue  in the upcoming year.
  • The bottom line financially for Inspire Ministries in 2015:  In order to continue with both Dan & Beth full time in ministry, which we believe to be crucial to the effectiveness of what we do, we will need to rely on ALL our current supporters to give in 2015 at least the same monthly or yearly donation they did in 2014 AND we will need to add an additional $30,000 in donations for the year. (that could be 100 new donors at $25 a month OR 50 new donors at $50 a month OR 30 new donors at a one time $1,000 donation OR even 6 new donors at $5,000 or 3 at $10,000….however it can happen we will rejoice in it!)
  • We believe that there are people out there who believe in Inspire Ministries as well as many who love & support us.  We are praying that that faith, love & support will result in financial support so we can continue to press ahead with all that He has called us to do in this life.
  • If you would like to join our support team and can contribute any amount in 2015….we would be so very grateful!  You can email us at and ask us how to donate through a monthly credit card payment or check draft or you can donate online here – or you can mail a check made out to Inspire Ministries to – 313 West Robinhood Dr  Stockton, CA 95207

We are expecting the Lord to do GREAT things with Inspire Ministries in 2015!  We would love to hear from you with any words of encouragement or ideas and information that you have to help us continue to serve the Lord through this ministry.

May the Lord bless you all abundantly,

Dan & Beth Lambdin

Inspire Ministries



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A Big Milestone…let’s do this!

10850069_10153491686652662_2448920655812252555_nFive months ago this beautiful young single mom of a darling two year old girl was homeless. After having spent much of her childhood in foster homes, she aged out of the system with no family and no support system, forcing her to spend the past three years on friends couches, chasing down relatives who should have cared, or staying in various homeless shelters. In August she had run out of options and realizing she may be on the street with her two year old daughter she turned to Safe Families for help.  That is when we got the call from the Child Abuse Prevention Council asking us to house her little girl for an extended time period until she could stabilize her life situation.

We chose not only to embrace and open up our hearts and home to two year old Rosie but to come along side and help her mother, Megan as well.  In the five months we have counseled, mentored and loved her she:

  • ended a destructive relationship that was mentally abusive and controlling
  • enrolled in school to finish her high school diploma (and has perfect attendance!)
  • just began to work and received her first paycheck today
  • opened a bank account for the first time and is learning to have a budget
  • passed her written drivers test and is learning to drive
  • recommitted her life to the Lord and got baptized
  • has been attending church regularly
  • is learning positive parenting skills and what family life should really look like
  • AND has gone from homelessness to a shelter to a transitional living home and is now ready to rent a room and begin the path to full independence! 

Yes, beginning February 1st she will be renting a room from a strong Christian young lady who will be able to mentor her and provide a loving stable environment for her to continue to grow.  She also will be able to move in for a fraction of the cost and then increase her contribution incrementally as her income stabilizes with the goal of being able to carry the full responsibility for half the expense within a year!  It is very exciting to see what being connected to a family and community can do in such a short period of time.

apartmentMost of us can remember our first step “out of the nest” to live on our own…whether that was as a college student, moving out with friends to share a house or apartment or perhaps to get married.  It was exciting, fun and a bit scary all at the same time, not too mention financially challenging as we had to purchase things that we had often taken for granted in our homes growing up – everything from bedding to kitchen appliances to toilet paper & light bulbs.  The wonderful thing for most of us is that we had parents, family and friends to help ease the financial burden by purchasing items for us and even throwing a household gift giving party to allow our community of friends to bless us!

Now stop and think about how hard that would be with no family or community to help you?  No parents, grandparents, siblings or even friends who were there for you to give you a helping hand and bless you in this way. Most of us cannot even picture what it would’ve been like to walk through these milestones without family or support.  Yet, that is exactly this young single mom’s situation and this is where we can all step in and become her extended family. We have already asked her local church, Lakeview Assembly to help and they graciously offered assistance with a deposit, the Safe Families organization (  is purchasing her a bed, the local network at First Baptist in Lodi may provide a dresser and the Mary Graham Foundation was able to get some lamps and end table donated!

Now it’s our turn to help!  It’s our turn to be a blessing!  It’s our turn to be the family that she never had!

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Gift Cards to – Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Home Goods or even a Visa gift card
  • Personal care items – shampoo/conditioner, body soap, face wash, razors, toothpaste/toothbrush, feminine products, cotton balls, q-tips  (all of these types of things were provided for her in some way at the transitional living shelter she was living in)…oh and a hair dryer!
  • Laundry supplies – basket, detergent, softener, dryer sheets, lint brush, quarters for machines
  • Miscellaneous items that we take for granted – clothes hangers, toilet paper, personal room trashcan, light bulbs, bathroom drawer organizers, hand soap
  • Bedding – mattress pad, sheets, comforter, pillows, blanket, bath towels (contact me for her preferred color preferences or see registry link below.)

She and her future roommate/mentor, Tiffana, who is also moving out on her own for the first time have registered for items they will both need (ie: kitchen supplies, dining, bathroom hardware, cleaning equipment & appliances) at Bed Bath & Beyond.  This registry can be purchased from directly and sent to you or to our home if that is more convenient OR it can simply be used to get an idea of their needs and desires which could be purchased elsewhere or even donated if you have these items in good condition.  (many of the more expensive items were listed just to give you an idea of color preference not quality needed.)  Here is the link for the registry –

And what is a achieving a milestone without a celebration?? (Doesn’t happen without a celebration in my family!)  So we are having a housewarming blessing celebration for both Megan and Tiffana where you can come and bring your gifts and your love to shower upon them both! We’d love to have you stop by for a moment or hang out for a time of celebrating and praying for this great God inspired adventure!

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If you can’t attend the celebration….you can send cards, gift cards, gifts or greetings to our home at:
313 West Robinhood Dr
Stockton, CA 95207

Another option if you want to make a financial donation you can send it via paypal  –  or at this link  –  and we will be sure she gets it!

DSC_0692I’m so excited to see the outpouring of support for Megan as she realizes that she has an extended family and friends all over our city and country who want to love, support and bless her just as if she were their very own daughter, sister, cousin, niece or granddaughter!  (Because according to the Word of God we are all family)

And I promise to share the outpouring of blessing & celebration with you all via photos so that we can rejoice together in the great thing God has done!

Let’s do this!

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Merry Christmas from the Lambdins: The Greatest Gifts!

Merry Christmas from the Lambdin family!

Dan and I are currently enjoying the gift of a weekend away to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary…

photo (10)Yes….it is a gift of a weekend together to celebrate our life, our love and our Lord during this beautiful, magical and festive time of year!  When we were asked during our pre-marital counseling what gift we wanted Jesus to bring to our wedding to celebrate our marriage (what a great question right?), after much thought, we agreed we wanted to ask him for the gift of a double portion of His anointing so that together we could accomplish greater things for Him than we could ever do on our own!

We learn in grade school that if 5×20=100 then 500×20=10,000.  But God says “Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand…” (Leviticus 26:7) What?  That math does not make sense!  But God….

The Lord has indeed not simply doubled our effectiveness in ministry by bringing us together in marriage but he has multiplied it beyond what we could ever have imagined those 28 years ago on December 20, 1986 through the gift of children and the gift of ministry!

The gift of children

We never planned (as so many do) how many children to have and when we should have them…we left that in the much wiser and capable hands of God….who choose to give us the gift of eight children who have the name Lambdin and in addition many more who we claim as Lambdins!  Each of these children have greatly multiplied our effectiveness in God’s kingdom through their unique giftings, personalities, passions & callings. Here is a snapshot of each of their lives this past year.

Christiana is five years old already (how did that happen?) and began kindergarten this year at the Lambdin “life is school” Academy which is unbelievably in it’s 18th year of existence! (who would have ever thought what started out as a 10857947_10153481650317662_9053317499573850844_ntemporary homeschool year would still be going strong 18 years later?!) She just last week celebrated her first born again birthday, marking the day she first put her trust in Jesus!  She certainly has a life FULL of celebrations – her birthday, “gotcha day”, adoption day & now a born again birthday.  We know that the Lord has BIG things planned for her and that she is gonna do great things for Jesus….and we tell her that everyday! We thank the Lord daily for the precious gift of “baby girl” in all of our lives!

10410638_10153486171867662_7183234151649953084_nDaniel, our boy who is growing and learning everyday to become a man of God and a gentleman is seven years old and in the 2nd grade. He is constantly amazing us all with his love and knowledge of the Lord. He currently wants to be a policeman, join the military and be a worship leader when he gets older…but also wouldn’t mind being in a couple Broadway shows!  What a combination of passions…sure to be used by God. The gift of Daniel… a son and a brother…has been beyond all we could ever have wanted.

10665228_10153388859597662_80835601432952803_nJoy….our playful, happy, spontaneous, enthusiastic, talented gift from God! At eleven years old and in the 6th grade we are in the beginnings of those adolescent years that can be challenging. And Joy, as the “lone” Otter in the Lambdin home, helps to remind us all to “lighten up” and enjoy life! She continues to hone her God given talent in singing through participation in the Stockton Youth Chorale and sang the National Anthem this past year at swim meets and at her sisters collegiate soccer game. We know that with her joyous personality, loving heart and talent that the Lord will use her greatly in this life! (hard to believe in just a short six more years she will be ready to launch from our home)

1510420_10153459920732662_8872010840989322002_nGrace…just celebrated her 16th birthday this month in New York City! (a Lambdin mother/daughter tradition)  Life does not exactly look like what she had thought her high school years would be…and yet we know that the Lord is molding, shaping and preparing her for the future. We are taking her high school education one year at a time. After finishing up her freshman year at Capital Christian (which was amazing but with a 104 mile round trip commute and no driver along with the tuition obstacle we knew it was not an option) …she decided to homeschool this year. It is a new and challenging experience that we are still navigating.  Our homeschool co-op has added a high school division which has allowed her to have a couple more traditiDSC_0002onal classes including yearbook, leadership, Bible and History through Film…although they are taught by her Mom & Dad…she would probably like some variety. Grace began her year long Rite of Passage tradition in September and is excited to be mentored by many awesome women! She also has her drivers permit and will soon be Moms chauffeur for her brother & sisters!  Grace is a lovely young woman who worships the Lord with all of her heart and serves her family and others with humility and love. She has always been a gift to us…a daily reminder of the undeserved grace of God towards our family. As we enjoy these last few and precious years with her in our home we are excited to see all that God has for us!

IMG_0796 (2)

As you can see from the photo….Rebekah is traveling this year and for the first time ever all of our children will not be home to celebrate the Christmas season with us. It is really hard to write, in one short paragraph, what 2014 looked like for our 19 year old daughter Rebekah. Many of you have stayed on top of her journey…supporting her, loving her, praying for her and cheering her on through both the hardest and the best year of her life! We can’t thank you enough for being a significant part of her life.  Bek graduated with honors as a Capital Christian Cougar after being embraced with love & enthusiasm from the staff, students and administration. Her soccer team captured the section championship and she hopes to play again when she heads back to college in the fall.

She chose to spend this year traveling and ministering throughout Europe before going to college. Her home base is in Germany where she and her friend Nettie live with a dear life long family friend (Carrie Bracken Elliot BCHS ’91) and help her 10330303_10153038887442662_4368381966182666934_nas she lives the “single mom life” while her husband is deployed for 9 months. She has learned so much about the sacrifices our military and their families make for all of us living free in the USA. She has also been ministering and serving the Lord in various places this past fall and will be in both Romania and Amsterdam after the holidays working with orphans, single moms and helping stop human trafficking. She is also is getting to travel and see new parts of the world.  An amazing life changing experience to say the least! (If you want to read more about her experience or contribute towards her work you can do so here –

She will be returning home in May and hopes to attend The King’s College in New York City next fall where she will prepare to hopefully accomplish her life goal of changing the foster care system in our country! What an incredible dream….truly Rebekah is a gift not only to our family and the body of Christ but also to the world!

DSC_0302 (1)Kristen is 20 years old and well into her second year at SAGU in Waxahachie, Texas and is looking to possibly finishing in the Spring of 2016 (Mom is voting for this and a double college graduation with Amy….wouldn’t the photos be great?) She competed as a Lady Lion on the soccer team for her second year, is making strong friendships and is enjoying her classes. We could not be happier with her college experience. Many of you have heard us comment over the years about our “perfect child”, our number three, our sweet Kristen! God has certainly blessed us with the gift of Kristen….she has faithfully served our Lord, worked hard, loved others and given of her time, talent and treasure to bless others. I am continually amazed at her culinary abilities and the way she can make things happen in our home with precision, excellence and expertise. (one example…after six hours of traveling and jet lag she made and baked over 200 mouth watering delicious scones for our annual Holiday Tea in just several hours!)  Anyone interested in investing in a Ministry Tea House with not only delicious savories and sweets where you can enjoy lunch with friends or special celebrations but rooms for ministry (Inspire!) and a library where you can come read in a cozy intimate atmosphere….I am sure that it would be a great investment into the dream of this beautiful young lady!  I think there is already a name in the works – Kristen’s Korner. Dreamin’ big dreams for God’s glory! Yes, Kristen is a gift.10744931_10152781935085269_225162261_n

Our Amy girl just celebrated her 22 birthday the same week she played in her last ever collegiate soccer game and she received a most memorable gift!  Her daddy surprised her by flying out to Texas to escort her on the field as they honored the seniors and watch her 2014 Family Album - Page 081final game.  Tears of joy streamed down her face as she saw her dad walk into the team room that beautiful day! (It was a special birthday gift for Dan too as he was surprised the day prior to find out he was getting to go to this event that he so wanted to be a part of) Amy had a stellar four years as a SAGU Lady Lion soccer player. She played both offense and defense with intensity, determination and skill, was passionate about her sport and was an influential leader both on and off the field.  Her dad and I couldn’t be any more proud of this godly young lady!  She has overcome so much and is within a year of graduating from college with a degree in communications which will be well used as she lives a life that is both inspirational and influential.  Her God given gifts of leadership and influence have been greatly enhanced during these college years and we know that she will use these gifts throughout her life to impact others for Christ!

And you can’t capture the gift of Amy in just one photo!

4x6 - Page 007

is 25 years already (could it be so?) and is truly “living the good life” in New York City!  She is still working for her alma mater…The King’s College…as the Housing Director.  She is greatly using her amazing gifts of leadership, organization, communication, problem solving and influence as she faithfully serves the students at King’s.  We recently saw a comment about Michelle from another staff member in a correspondence to a prospective student – “Michelle is exceptional at her job. We’re lucky to have her!”  It is such a joy to watch her be used so greatly and love her job.

Her “second job” seems to be a hostess par excellance and premier travel guide for the revolving door of friends and family who are visiting New York. She not only provides them with a place to stay (for free!) but helps them win Broadway show lottery tickets, tells them how to navigate the subway, the best places to eat in town and anything else they need to enjoy their trip.  And she does it flawlessly in the midst of working her full time job.  She is…and always has been…impressive!  10805577_10152844239733654_4187976719002253251_nShe chose to spend her holiday vacation with her sister Rebekah in Germany and we will miss them both greatly but are thrilled they can celebrate together! Michelle just began the first leg of her trip in London for a weekend sightseeing trip with Carrie. What a gift to Rebekah and the Elliott family.

Michelle is a beautiful and accomplished young woman with exceptional gifts and talents and the heart of a servant who is greatly making an impact in the world….such an amazing gift!

1491591_10153450579532662_3169023389610014315_nMost of you know Tiffana…an honorary Lambdin now for a dozen years since she came into our lives as a transplant from Chico via Radical Reality Summer Camp to JECHS. We love her as our very own child and she has been grafted into our family.  Tiffana moved back to Stockton this year which has allowed us to see her more often….a GREAT blessing to our family.  She is currently working at Grand Canyon University recruiting and enrolling students.  She is such a hard worker and is diligently chipping away at her student loans and medical debt.  She also became a CASA volunteer this year and is influencing and advocating for a young lady who will be soon aging out of the foster system.  We are so proud of all she has accomplished and we are super excited with her future plans of going to South Africa as a full time missionary.  65560_10152788295630449_6378688145815382565_nShe asked for and received approval from our board at Inspire Ministries to be under their covering and sent out to inspire the people of South Africa to live a life of passion, purpose & praise!  Our first missionary! We know her impact will be felt far and wide as she loves people and shares with them our precious Jesus.  She brings great joy to our entire life…such a gift to our family! We love you Tiffana!

610_4122And now we have 21 year old Megan and her sweet 2 year old daughter Rosie as a part of our family. (I guess that makes us grandparents! Whoooo hooo!) To make a long story short Megan came into our lives in August through the Safe Families program ( where we are signed up to be a host family. She, a former foster child, was homeless, hungry and hurting. We were asked to take care of Rosie while her mom Megan began to look to rebuild her life. We of course said “yes!” and Rosie began to live with us on August 28th. We also decided to do our very best to involve Megan in our lives and to help her in any way we could.  One day after her visit I walked her to the door and she said to me: “you know that day we first met and you said that now we would be family?” I nodded and adamantly assured her that was true. With tears in her eyes she asked: “Can I call you Mom?” I embraced her and said “of course you can!” She then proceeded to say “It’s been so long since I have called anyone Mom”. My heart was broken for her and yet filled with joy to have the privilege of being considered “mom” to another young woman!

We love Megan and Rosie as if they were our very own and it has been a fulfilling almost four months of getting to know them and embracing them into life at the Lambdins.  Megan has recommitted her life to the Lord and to our great joy was baptized in October.  She is attending school and will graduate with her high school diploma in May…what a celebration that will be! She just landed a job at Squeeze Burger and will begin work as a server at the first of the year with hopes of being able to make enough money to be able to rent out a room for her and Rosie or share an apartment by mid 2015. Just this past week she passed her written drivers test 610_4377and we will begin to teach her to drive!  So many exciting things happening for Megan right now….the greatest gift of 2014 for us!  You just never know how the Lord will grow your family, increase your influence and allow you to impact a life!  Keep your eyes open and your heart willing. 

The gift of ministry

inspire finalThe Lord has truly given us the gift of ministry our entire 28 years of marriage and we believe that our newest adventure, Inspire Ministries, is the culmination and pinnacle of all the ministry that came before this. Our time in both youth ministry and Christian education for 27 years as well as the season of ministry and speaking with Creative Memories all prepared us to be able to have the in depth comprehensive ministry we have today.  Without this preparation, along with raising children of our own in three different decades of life who currently range in age from 5 to 25, we would not have the wisdom, knowledge and experience that we needed to touch the lives of the multitudes of people God is sending our way.  It is breathtaking to us to see how intricately He prepared us for “such a time as this”.

In 2014 Inspire Ministries officially kicked off the year as our official full time ministry.  We stepped out in faith and the Lord has done amazing things through this ministry.  We have ministered to many:

  • families of all shapes and sizes who need inspiration, motivation & encouragement to be intentional about family life
  • moms in need of mentoring and refreshment as they navigate the often rough road of motherhood
  • couples in both healthy & growing marriages as well as those in crisis and need of reconstruction
  • couples looking to get married and desiring to build a firm foundation
  • men who want to be strong in their faith
  • foster children and other children in crisis who need love from a caring adult and role model
  • single moms who need emotional, spiritual & physical support
  • youth who want to know and live for the Lord as well as young people who need to know the love of God
  • leaders who desire to be more impactful and influential
  • home educators in search of support and information on educating their children at home
  • adults and couples looking for information on helping foster children through the avenues of CASA, Safe Families, Foster Parenting and Adoption
  • those looking to add meaningful faith traditions to their lives
  • people wanting life coaching as they move forward towards college, career, ministry or a life change
  • believers needing to know who they are in Christ and are ready to break free of bondage that is holding them back

It has been exciting, rewarding and at times exhausting.  We look forward to seeing where the Lord will take Inspire Ministries in 2015.  Thank you for all of you who have encouraged us, cheered for us, supported us and given of your time, talent and treasure to the ministry. You, our dear friends & family, are the reason we can keep pressing forward to help others.  As we end 2014 if you are looking for a place to invest some of your financial blessing, Inspire Ministries can really use some vital resources going into 2015.  You can mail a check made out to Inspire Ministries at 313 West Robinhood Dr  Stockton, CA 95207  or you can donate online here –    We promise to use your donation to continue to minister to people in need!

Also if you want to get our monthly updates via email….send us your email address at and we will add you to our list.

Merry Christmas from all the Lambdin family!  We love you and pray that you are blessed with the greatest gifts this year as you celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ who was born in a stable those thousands of years ago and hopefully has been born again in your life.inspire - Page 019

For those of you local….join us for our annual Christmas Open House.  We always love to see you and give you a heartfelt holiday hug.


As we close this annual Christmas greeting we want to remember three of our dear friends who are celebrating Christmas this year at home with the Lord.  We are still grieving over the loss of three important people in our life who we loved so very much and miss greatly. Please join us in praying for each of their families as this Christmas season is sure to be hard for them all.

10658837_10153363397152662_2965379629397846547_o10460278_10153077199742662_6317643498011866551_nAndrew Colton - Page 050


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So…’s it going? Inspire Ministries Update

The number one question we are asked lately is….

“So…how’s to going with your new ministry?”

The short answer is: There is NO lack of ministry opportunities and both our days and nights are filled to the brim with counseling, coaching, praying, advising, mentoring, discipling and hosting ministry events! Support raising however is lacking a bit as we are 33% funded and it is already 50% through the year. (yes that does mean we have not been paid our full salary from Inspire Ministries but we have been able to stay afloat and keep fully trusting the Lord that He will provide our needs.)

The longer answer is this report that we hope you will read, enjoy and be inspired to pray for and support us as we serve the Lord and others.  We are loving this ministry and all that God is doing in and through us!

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temp - Page 015

temp - Page 016

temp - Page 017

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Introducing Inspire Ministries!

Here it is!

inspireWe promised in our Christmas letter that you would have more information about what exactly we are doing with Inspire Ministries and this post will give you a look at all that we have planned for 2014.  The newsletter below, that will go out in the mail next week, is an introduction to Inspire Ministries.

We have already begun hosting several of our scheduled events as well as meeting regularly with individuals needing coaching and counseling in specific areas of their lives. In just this first month of the year we have seen marriages strengthened, men encouraged, parents equipped, moms refreshed, individuals inspired to impact children in need and young people on the road to being set free! We can hardly contain our excitement as we use our decades of experience in ministry, education, counseling, mentoring, discipleship, speaking and leadership, combined with our God given unique gifts and talents, to impact those in our community and the world on a larger scale.

It is yet another dream for us coming alive! We could not be more thrilled and filled with anticipation for the future!

2014 Inspire Plan_press-1

2014 Inspire Plan_press-2 2014 Inspire Plan_press-3 2014 Inspire Plan_press-4

And this is just the beginning of what we believe the Lord may have in store for this ministry! We have many dreams for the future:

  • We dream of ministry homes where we can really get in daily and help to mentor train & teach people how to live a life of passion purpose & praise — those in poverty, foster children aging out of the system, pregnant moms in crisis, single parents struggling to raise their children — who have not been given the firm foundation that many of us have
  • We dream of adding events, conferences & retreats to our annual schedule and growing from ministering to hundreds to ministering to thousands and Lord willing tens of thousands
  • We dream of bringing on passionate volunteers and staff who can both  minister with us and  take on entire areas of this ministry and add value and growth to our vision
  • We dream of having resources (books, videos, webinars, products) that will enhance our message and help others to live a life of passion purpose & praise
  • We dream of having an office and administrative staff to handle the business aspect of Inspire so we can focus our time and energy on ministry
  • And yes…we still have a big dream of owning a camp or retreat center where people can get away for a week or weekend and have a life changing experience with the Lord that will impact young people, marriages, men, women, parents & families!

732fcc7730dfe3d348d20e6444cf39bdAnd this ministry has begun with our stepping out in faith into what we believe the Lord has called us to do and with the prayers, encouragement and support of a couple dozen people who believe in us, our vision and in the value of Inspire Ministries!  We look to the scripture in Zechariah 4:10  – “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin!”  – as a source of inspiration and motivation to press on!

In order for us to pursue this as full time ministry, we are going to need our number of supporters and partners in ministry to grow much larger. Our board of directors has approved our financial goals and support raising plan for 2014 and it includes a budget of close to $100,000 for this first year of pursuing Inspire Ministries full time.  That budget includes administrative, office, promotional and ministry expenses (we are not charging for our events or to counsel, coach, mentor or train people…although donations to the ministry will be accepted), charitable giving and salaries for both Dan & Beth Lambdin as Executive Directors of the ministry.

We know that the Lord can raise that budget (and beyond!) in any way He pleases and we are trusting Him to meet our needs.  We are asking Him to give us at least 230 ministry partners who would commit to:

  • faithfully praying for Inspire Ministries and for the Lambdin family
  • giving financially to support Inspire Ministry. We are asking for either a monthly donation of $25, $35 or $50  OR an annual donation of $300, $420, $600 or $1,000.  That said, we will be blessed by any size financial gift to the ministry and are excited to see how the Lord will use His people to meet the needs.

ashley - Page 006As of today we have 15 ministry partners and we are praying that this blog, facebook post, email and our mailing next week will quickly add to that number, allowing us to move forward with confidence.

If you believe in us, our vision and the ministry of Inspire and would like to become one of our ministry partners, we would be beyond blessed, humbled and thrilled to have you join with us to impact people to live a life of passion, purpose & praise!

If you decide to become a ministry partner our response card is below.  You can respond via email with the information on this card –  or you can send us your address and we will mail a response card to you that you can fill out and return. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  All donations are tax deductible.

To God be the glory…great things He has done!  We love you all and are so thankful that you are a part of our lives.


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It’s Adoption Day…Celebrate Life Together With Us!

Over 5 years ago a distraught young  woman found herself facing an unplanned crisis pregnancy. She was upset and conflicted.  She was unmarried, struggling financially and already had a one year old child.  Her friends told her to get rid of the “problem”.  Her boyfriend said that he could not support another child. Her grandmother told her if she had the baby that she could expect NO help from her.

So…when she walked into a place….just like our Pregnancy Help Center here in Stockton…she was ready to get an abortion. The counselors there lovingly talked with her, encouraged her and shared with her the options of keeping her baby and that they would assist her with resources to raise the child or to place her baby in the loving arms of a forever family through adoption.

After much counseling she made the decision to choose life and pursue adoption.

On April 3, 2009….she gave birth to a beautiful healthy 6lb baby girl.

  • A baby girl who just months earlier…could have been just another one of the 55 million casualties that have taken place since  January 22 1973…41 years ago when the Supreme Court  made abortion legal in our country.
  • A baby girl who could have been destroyed and torn apart limb by limb through the gruesome procedure we call a just a “choice”
  • A baby girl who tragically could have never taken a breath or given a chance at living the unique and exquisite life she was made to live
  • A baby girl who was not a mistake or an accident, but a planned creation of God.
  • A baby girl who was not a “potential” human, but rather a human with great potential.
  • A baby girl who never would have been placed into the arms of loving parents and been given a forever family to grow up in if her mother had chosen abortion

But praise be to God….and thanks to the counseling and prayers of the Christian staff & volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center…this baby girl’s mom chose life!

photo blurred to protect confidentiality

photo blurred to protect confidentiality

june 2009 036And on Sunday May 19….baby girl was placed into the arms of her adoptive parents who with love and joy overflowing from their hearts and uncontrollable tears streaming down their faces looked down into her beautiful brown eyes and said…”You are ours!”  The miracle of adoption!

The mommy in this picture is me and the handsome man is my amazing husband and “baby girl” is our precious daughter who was given to us by God through the unselfish act of love of her birth mother who choose NOT to abort her despite the obstacles she faced and instead gave her to a large, loving…. “church going family” (her only request for who would adopt her baby).

2010 Family Album - Page 0049 months later ….on January 22, 2010, the exact anniversary of that ominous Roe vs Wade decision to make it legal to have an abortion at any time during pregnancy, (and I do not believe it is a coincidence that the court “happened” to choose January 22 as her official adoption day….no God in His amazing providence choose to “redeem” this day through a child who was rescued from abortion and given life!)…we sat in front of a SJ County Judge and committed to love, care for and share all our inheritance equally with baby girl just as if we had given birth to her…and with the pound of a gavel, she became officially a Lambdin!


So today is officially “baby girls” Adoption Day!

  • We celebrate her life!
  • We celebrate and honor her birth mother’s loving choice!
  •  We celebrate being a Lambdin!
  •  We celebrate being a part of God’s family!

Happy Adoption Day to our precious “Baby Girl”

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A fight to the finish!

grace bekRebekah & Grace are down to the final semester at Capital Christian High School and we are so proud of them both for their tenacity, perseverance and endurance!

They get up at the crack of dawn every morning to head out the door for the 75-90 minute commute to Sacramento for school each day. They endure the long drive,  crazy traffic and loss of sleep and then head into a full day of classes before jumping in the car again to head home…missing out on some of the “normal” high school social activities of making last minute plans with friends after school or meeting up with them later for a “coffee chat” or the mid week basketball game that is so much harder to do when you live 52 miles away from campus. They arrive home, a bit mentally and physically drained, yet still with homework to complete (I know they often wish that they had those 3 hours of car time to study instead of drive) before going to bed and starting all over again the next morning.  Soccer practice begins with conditioning this month and then daily practice and games next month.  This will make their current schedule look “easy” and will certainly stretch them in even greater ways.

Yes they are troopers!

They have both excelled academically, are making new friendships and have been blessed by fabulous mentors and teachers at CCHS. We all know that the Lord was “in” this decision by the girls to attend a Christian High School this year and He has blessed them abundantly. We are really proud of them both!

Rebekah continues to work hard to pay for their gas expenses each week and she has been successful at raising tuition money for them both through the month of February.  If you have not been kept up to date here is why: Rebekah, knowing her parents had no income, committed last July to raising money for her and Grace’s tuition at CCHS through soliciting donations, working and holding fund raisers.  Yes…she a mere 18 year old senior in high school stepped out in faith and committed to this huge goal. To date she has raised and paid over $12,000 towards this goal. It is impressive to say the least.  Beginning March 1, she will have three more tuition payments of  $1216.00 each left to end the year. That is only a total of $3,648…a drop in the bucket compared to what she has done so far and yet I know (not because she ever says it but because I can see it on her countenance) that she is growing weary of working and asking for help.

Family Album 2013 - Page 026So, even though Dan and I are at the beginning of raising our own crucial support for Inspire Ministries, we thought we would come along side our girls right now and at the very least let everyone know how they might help them make it to the finish line at CCHS!

She and Grace will be holding another “Will Work for Tuition” yard sale the weekend of February 7-8. If you live locally and have anything you would like to donate….all items are welcome! They would love to have a bake sale at the same time if you would like to contribute some baked goods that would be fabulous too! Last time they did this, they raised an entire month of tuition!

If you would like to make a donation towards their last few months at Capital Christian, you can send a check directly to the school for their account:

Capital Christian High School

Lambdin girls account 139809

9470 Micron Ave

Sacramento, CA 95827

….Or if you want to send it directly to them, you can use our paypal account at and we can put it towards their account.  Another option that I know would really bless Rebekah, especially as soccer season begins and she has less time to work, would be a gift of gas gift cards, Safeway or cash to help pay her commute. If you are our personal friends and family…I can imagine that this would be the best early graduation gift that Rebekah could receive!

We look forward to celebrating with you all the Lord’s faithfulness as well as their hard work, faith and commitment as Rebekah walks down the aisle at graduation on May 30, 2014 and receives her well earned diploma! A diploma that will represent so much more than four years of study.  It brings tears to my eyes to think about as it will certainly be a day of unspeakable joy, great contentment, refreshing relief and a glory to God for the great things He has done!

Thank you for your part in making this happen for ours and God’s girls!

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Lambdin Family 2013 Christmas Card

Greetings to our dear friends & family,

Family 2012 - Page 001

2013 has been quite a year for the Lambdin family.

We, as well as many of our dearest family and friends, have experienced much hardship, heartache, pain, sorrow and suffering. It began right at the beginning of the year when our dear friend who we affectionately refer to as “Granny Ann” tragically lost her 49 year old son on January 2nd. It was devastating and we helped her navigate through all the things that need to happen in the midst of her great grief. The month continued with one heavy heartache after another with friends whose spouses walked out of their lives, children being diagnosed with terminal diseases, mental health breakdowns, job losses and more.  We grieved with them, supported them and prayed with them. And that was just the beginning of our year! (Most of you should have received our email this summer sharing the hardships & heartache we experienced as well as our major life changes.  If not you can read about it here – and here –

well with my soulWhen I ordered this necklace a year ago I had no idea how much I would need to be reminded throughout the year….”It is well with my soul”.  As the song says (written by a man who in just several years lost everything he owned in a fire, lost his four daughters when the ship they were on went down, lost his business and life fortune and then lost his only son to a disease)….”Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say…It is well, it is well with my soul”  We are so thankful that the Lord gives us peace in the midst of the storm!

And here we are at the years end…and we are still surrounded by those hurting….and we are still supporting, grieving and praying with them. And personally we are still without a regular income. (although the Lord provides on time everytime thanks to the love & generosity of many of you!)

One of our favorite songs of the season is My Grown Up Christmas List. It is a more contemporary Christmas song that everyone may not be familiar with. You can listen to it at the link above but here is the second verse and chorus…

As children we believed
The grandest sight to see
Was something lovely
Wrapped beneath our tree
Well heaven surely knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal
A hurting human soul

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
And everyone would have a friend
And  right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown-up  Christmas list

As I listen to this song, with tears streaming down my face, I think of all the hurting people in our lives.

  • So many broken marriages and families
  • Diseases ravaging peoples bodies and lives
  • Grieving hearts that cannot be comforted over the death of loved ones
  • Those struggling with addictions and life controlling problems that are destroying their lives
  • Believers in bondage to the lies of the enemy
  • People in physical pain or disabilities
  • Our sweet CASA kids (foster children we mentor) who are in desperate need of a forever family
  • Our own daughters Rebekah & Grace who are still navigating through the pain and stress of their lives and friendships being “torn apart” with the termination of their fathers employment that resulted in major changes in their lives that can be a daily struggle

Add to that our heart beats with compassion for the widows, single moms, orphans, foster kids, hungry, homeless and hurting…even though we may not know them personally.

But there is an answer to all the pain, suffering, grief,  brokenness and sorrow!

And the answer is in that baby that was born on that first Christmas morning….Jesus!  Yes, Jesus came into the world to comfort, heal and give us love like we have never known, peace that passes all understanding, joy unspeakable and a blessed hope for the future. He has done that for us this year in amazing ways and He can do it for each and everyone of you!

The other answer is in us, the followers of Jesus, to be His hands & feet…to help those in need, to comfort those who grieve, to walk through life with the hurting, helpless, homeless and hungry.

As we enjoy these last weeks of the Christmas season, know that we are praying for you all and asking for a blessing of love, peace, joy and hope to overwhelm your life and that you in turn would bring that shining light of love, peace, joy and hope to those in need!

We love you and pray for a warm and wonderful Christmas celebration and a meaningful New Year in 2014. If you are local we would love to give you some Christmas cheer and a holiday hug at our annual Christmas Open House!

open house


Dan, Beth, Michelle, Amy, Kristen, Rebekah, Grace, Joy, Daniel & Baby Girl (aka: Christiana)

inspireP.S. After much prayer and waiting on the Lord…Dan has decided to pursue full time ministry with our non profit, Inspire Ministries in 2014.  We will be looking for 225 supporters either monthly ($25, $35 or $50 a month) or yearly ($300, $500 or $600 annually) who believe in our ministry of helping those in need and inspiring all to live a life of passion, purpose and praise.  You will all hear more about our plans in the upcoming weeks but if you would like to jump start Dan’s new adventure with a year end gift, you can either send a check to Inspire Ministries at 313 West Robinhood Dr Stockton, CA 95207 or donate online through our secure paypal account here – Inspire Ministries Year End Donation

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Life at the Lambdins: the latest in our God inspired new adventure!

We are….

…eleven weeks out from the fateful day that dramatically changed our lives with the receipt of a single letter

…blessed to have an abundant amount of people who are interested in our lives and who love, care and are concerned about us!

…overwhelmed with the generosity and kindness of so many who have poured into our lives financially, emotionally and spiritually

…daily receiving input, encouragement and inquiries into how life at the Lambdins is going

I decided that I should write out a post giving answers to the most often asked questions and for those who don’t follow our daily happenings on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, a little update as well.  But before I answer those questions….let me assure you that much in “Life at the Lambdins” is the same as it has always been:

946376_10152527147387662_2006469747_nWe are still enjoying the seasons of life, carrying on with family traditions that give us stability, security and joy in times of transition and change, and celebrating life in its fullness.  After all Jesus came that we might have life…and have it abundantly!  We are living an abundant life!

We love the fall…with all the wonderful warm colors, cooler weather (sometimes!) and yummy delights…and of course pumpkin spice latte’s! It is almost Apple Hill time.

1238875_10152489607817662_1557378914_nWe are still homeschooling our pre-high school children and loving every minute of it! (as we have since the fall of 1997…16 years of homeschooling completed and beginning our 17th year!)  Our Cornerstone Co-op is in full swing for our 9th year and we have 22 wonderful families participating.

We have our first field trip today…to where else but the beach! (of course…because some things will never change)


We are still celebrating birthdays with three of them falling in September – I turned 51 on the 1st, Michelle turned 24 on the 7th and Rebekah had her big 18th birthday on the 18th. Michelle surprised us with a visit to California over the weekend of my birthday, which was the best gift I could have received!  We are thankful for another year of life and look forward to the God inspired adventure, in store for each of us, this coming year.

560537_10152522553167662_518737412_nWe are still doting over this “baby girl” the Lord blessed us with four years ago.  She is truly the center of much of our lives and garners a lions share of attention in our household. I tell her everyday the BIG things that God has in store for her life.  And yes, as always, Dan is still the primary hair stylist! (which I might add is no small thing for this beautiful child)


We are still worshipping the Lord every Sunday at Lakeview Assembly.  In fact this month I celebrated my 30th anniversary as a member of this church. (formerly known as Lincoln Neighborhood Church before re-locating to its current property in 1985) Three decades in the same church…now there is something that remains the same.

And as always….we are loving life, loving one another and loving the Lord!  That will never change.

And now on to answering some of the questions many are asking or wondering about what is happening with  life at the Lambdins:

How is the job/ministry position search going for Dan?

The simple answer is:

Dan does not currently have a new career, job, or paid ministry position nor does anything any thing appear on the horizon at this moment. (we do know that can change in a blink of an eye)

The more complex answer is:

Dan has not found a job or ministry position to apply for that is within his experience, gifting, strengths and skill set. At this point he has not pursued any non ministry positions but is open to that option should the Lord lead him in that direction.

Dan is praying, trusting and waiting on the Lord for a clear direction. For type A, driven, “gotta have a plan” or “let’s make it happen” people (hmmm…like me), this sounds good in theory but in reality we think it is a bit crazy. Shouldn’t he be “doing” something? Come on…”God helps those who help themselves, right? (by the way that oft quoted thought is from Ben Franklin not the Bible) or “How long can he wait before his family is destitute?”  The world….and sadly many believers rely on this type of logic and wisdom.  But God has lots to say about not following our own ways or the wisdom of this world.  I won’t share all the verses on seeking God’s wisdom or not relying on our own or the worlds ….I’ll just give you one: “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.” 1 Corinthians 3:19

Family Album 2013 - Page 014Most likely Dan is doing exactly what God wants us all to do before hurling head long into something that may or may not be His plan – pray, trust and wait for the Lord to show you His ways.  Sounds like godly wisdom to me…albeit hard to do at times…although Dan is doing just that with grace, faith, hope and peace in abundance. Once again I am blessed to observe first hand and be impressed by his faithfulness and attitude. (yes mam…. I did get a “sweet deal” in this godly man as my husband, almost 27 years ago!)

And you may be wondering… just exactly what is he doing with all his “free time” this job loss has given him…besides praying and reading the Word? Let me tell you!  He is getting a bit of extra daddy time with his precious children including assisting in home schooling (they may actually learn math this year!) as well as completing some long overdue “G” jobs (guy stuff) in and around the house. He also has an abundance of non paid ministry opportunities including:

  • counseling and coffee appointments several times a week
  • mentoring our CASA kids
  • helping friends and family with car repairs, moving, yard sales, lawn care, loading & unloading objects & whatever else he is asked to do
  • pre-marital counseling & performing the subsequent wedding
  • motivating SAGU soccer players on game days through a text group he created
  • taking in seven year old twins for 10 days while their mama secures a job and housing
  • brainstorming ministry plans with a local pastor
  • and even continuing to minister to students who call, text and email wanting help, encouragement, wisdom and advice!

Yes…the ministry opportunities are still there in abundance and are a “full time job”!

How are the girls adjusting to their new school?

1239846_10152524903997662_834079844_nRebekah and Grace have been attending Capital Christian High School in Sacramento for about six weeks now and they are slowly adjusting and adapting to the many changes, unique culture and new faces.  Rebekah with her vivacious personality has jumped in and has a growing number of friends. She recently attended the homecoming formal and had a nice evening. She also has been taking advantage of some new opportunities that she didn’t have at her previous school by taking choir and weight training.  Of course she is missing her dear friends from JECHS, several of them went out of their way to help celebrate her 18th birthday, even showing up at CCHS to bring her lunch on her special day.  It was such a blessing to us all. While she has her melancholy moments thinking about what her senior year “might have been”, overall she is doing well. I anticipate by the years end she will have had the most amazing year and have memories that will last a lifetime!

Grace is doing well in her classes and likes her teachers.  As an introvert she is not making friends as easily as Rebekah. She is being a trooper and maintaining a good attitude in the midst of it all although the pain is apparent. We remind her often that perhaps her being at CCHS and not JECHS may have nothing at all to do with her happiness or experience but that perhaps God has someone there that she is to impact or influence this year. God has many ways that He works in and through us and we need to embrace His plan.

1235915_10152474952942662_750263207_nThe commute is likely going to be the greatest challenge for both the girls but God has miraculously blessed them even in that.  During the first week of school, we received a call that an anonymous donor had purchased us a 2007 Honda Hybrid for the girls to use in their daily 104 mile round trip drive to Sacramento! Not only is it the nicest car the Lambdins have ever owned…it gets great gas mileage and hybrids do not have to get a smog check! We are still blown away by this gift every time we get in the car. Rebekah is becoming a confident freeway and commuter driver and Mom & Dad are becoming prayer warriors for the girls safety! The other miraculous blessing is our sister-in-love, who lives just minutes from the school, graciously opened up her home to the girls to spend the night or come over in the afternoon before evening activities.  It has already been a “life saver” on several occasions.  God is truly in all the details…both big and small.

Of course we can’t talk about the girls school experience without telling you about the tuition provision! The Lord has been doing amazing things for these girls all along the away. After providing the money to get them enrolled, on the very day that they needed to pay for their textbooks to the tune of almost $1,000, a check arrived in the mail to cover their books as they were sitting and looking at the computer with their order in the shopping cart.  Rebekah’s Bible teacher, whom she had not even met, called to say he had heard a little about her situation and that he wanted to pay for her senior class retreat! Wow!  The girls have both been working hard – house cleaning, babysitting, serving at weddings and picking up any job they can to help contribute towards their school expenses.  One weekend Rebekah literally worked almost every waking hour. It has been refreshing to watch the tenacity and effort put towards working and fund raising.  When they began this endeavor just eight weeks ago they knew they needed to raise $16,000+ ….a daunting amount to most of us.  Yet Rebekah plunged forward with faith, hope and a commitment to hard work and just put one foot in front of the other. She even made the sacrificial decision to take responsibility for her younger sisters tuition as well…something that warmed our hearts and surely must have pleased the Lord.  As of today they are almost 75% funded…only needing $4,500 more to pay off the entire year! Almost unbelievable….but God!

Family Album 2013 - Page 013This weekend these girls are holding a two day “Will Work for Tuition” Yard Sale hoping to perhaps to make a serious dent in that remaining balance. If you are local and want to contribute things to sell or come over and purchase something, that would be great.  If you would like to make a donation towards their tuition goal….we have dear friends & former JECHS students who have set up an online site where people can donate. You can click here to contribute:

We continue to stand in humble awe watching the Lord and His people work on our behalf. We are so often at a loss for words….

Is Beth looking for a job? (or that all new fabulous network marketing opportunity?)

It appears that many think that I am, or perhaps should be, looking for a job or income opportunity. While, we are very open to whatever God has for us…we decided over 18 years ago after the birth of our fourth child that our priority would be for me to be primarily in the home both raising and schooling our children. (although all of you who are my former Brookside students…you know first hand I always had my kids “in tow” even during my work outside of the home season of life) While I have brought in additional income to supplement Dan’s ministry salary over the years through various opportunities and a home based business…I felt in recent years that my “free time” (ha!) needed to be invested in ministry opportunities with or without producing income. I began a non profit – Inspire Ministries – and have been slowly developing this concept.

Since Creative Memories declared bankruptcy this summer …I have had no less than two dozen people approach me with wonderful ways to make money through network marketing. I am honored and humbled by everyone’s belief in my abilities, strength and success in network marketing!  And while I believe wholeheartedly in this industry and the financial freedom, independence and fulfillment it can provide (not too mention great travel opportunities, gifts, recognition & rewards…I love it!), I also believe that personally I am not suppose to be using my specific gifts and talents for anything other than ministry at this time in my life. 1275457_10152482746582662_29011719_oSeveral months prior to Dan’s termination, I was seriously considering joining a new upstart network marketing company but after much prayer and consideration I truly felt like the Lord was telling me He was closing that door of any network marketing opportunity for me, regardless of how fabulous it might be.  I do not believe that just because my husbands circumstances have changed…that God has changed his mind on this since we “need” money now.

So I will continue to be a stay at home mommy to my children (that “job” won’t end until 2027), homeschooling them as well as using my gifts and talents to minister to others and inspire us all to live a life of passion, purpose & praise!

Are you making it financially?

God is faithful and He is taking care of all of our needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus.  We are not worrying about tomorrow or how we will eat or what we will wear or where we will live. We are in perfect peace living one day at a time.  I can’t explain it…but it is definitely a “God thing”.

How are you doing?

We are doing well…..really well.  We have peace in our hearts, praise on our lips and are resting very comfortably in the shelter of the Almighty.

By saying that however…we are not inferring that there is not pain or sadness in our hearts at times…only that the Lord is bigger and stronger and He enables us to able to both feel deeply the pain that comes with a loss and yet still walk in His peace, joy and love each day. (another “God thing” I am sure)

1150528_10152484074507662_717799002_oYes, our human hearts do still ache for JECHS.  How could they not?  In a sense you could liken it to a human relationship. You do not end a 16 year long commitment without some angst, pain and regret.  Or perhaps better yet it parallels the hardship on a parent who still loves their child even though he or she rejects that love and turns away from the family relationship. Life goes on…but one never stops loving or praying.  We do pray for the school, staff, students & families often and we have a prayer of blessing posted in our home to remind us to continue to pray.

We are also still basking in the afterglow of the amazing evening  held on September 2nd to honor Dan for his 25 years of service in Christian education. We were truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, kindness, compassion and generosity we were shown. Over three hundred people were in attendance that night and we continue to get cards, letters and messages of appreciation from others who were unable to be there to celebrate.  It was a wonderful reunion and coming together of multiple generations and friends from every era and part of our lives, to glorify God for what he has done in and through Dan Lambdin. My favorite remark after the evening was: “This just inspired me to be a better person and serve the Lord and others even more!”

We will never forget it!  If you want to see the photos you can view them on my facebook page by clicking here.  The evening was also video taped if you would like to watch any or all of the happenings (except the amazing worship led by Jason McEachron which was majestic!) –

Truly a beautiful display of the extravagant love of God towards His people.  We all experienced a taste of heaven that night!

1175635_10152484898767662_1389291714_nWell, if you made it this far…not only do you have tenacity and perseverance…you are now caught up with Life at the Lambdins! Please continue to pray for us and our future.

We love you all!

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God is in control!

I have a dear friend who’s sweet daughter has been diagnosed with possible MRSA…so incredibly hard to watch the child, you love more than life itself, be in pain, suffer or face a potentially life threatening disease. And yet…it seems to be a part of every Mom’s “parenting gig” at one point or the other.  And if you are blessed with more than one child, you will likely walk down this path multiple times.  And as we are currently experiencing watching our two high school daughters emotionally suffer at the hands of others, it is not any better, and perhaps at times worse, than watching them physically suffer.  I decided it was time to post something I wrote years ago in my “faithbook” when I was faced head on with the possibility of losing my child. It was a “faith” defining moment n my life.

In the fall of 2005, our precious two and a half year old, Joy Danielle contracted a serious life threatening staph infection.

IMG_2372Joy went from a carefree, energetic, happy toddler one morning to a tired, lethargic, very sick baby with a high fever that evening. We noticed a large, extremely tender abscess on her lower back and took her to the doctor who lanced and cultured it immediately, as well as putting her on a strong antibiotic. The diagnosis was MRSA. She began to show improvement but then a few days later suddenly took a turn for the worse. IMG_2374The doctor declared her a “treatment failure” and made the decision to admit her to the hospital for surgery and a dose of intense antibiotics through an IV drip.  She informed us that if that did not work there was nothing more they could do. It was an emotional evening for the entire family, filled with tears and anxiety as the sisters kissed  Joy good-bye and prayed for her healing.

I however, was in Oklahoma City on a speaking engagement with only my daughter Kristen when I received the devastating call from Dan relaying the news about Joy. I was gripped with fear! After calling my Mom and sister and then cancelling the next leg of my trip to New York with Michelle for her 16th birthday…I lay in bed desperate to do “something” as the next flight I could get home was early the next morning. I did pray feverently and yet still felt anxious and restless that I could not do “more”. I was able to speak words of faith from scripture that helped calm my fears but it did not stop me from wanting to do something…anything to make everything ok.  It was a long sleepless night of tossing and turning and coming face to face with the reality of my “control issues”…once again! You see, my wanting to do something more than pray and trust in the Lord was a clear sign that I was wanting to be in control.  I realized in that moment that in my “mommy heart” I actually believed that I somehow had the power, or the love, or the sheer will to make things better.  I thought “if only I was there…I cold make it all better”. (ha!) As I lay in bed staring at the ceiling with tears pouring down my cheeks, the Lord oh so gently pointed out to me that I actually had no control at all…ZERO! IMG_2373The power to heal and restore lives is His and His alone. Yes, I repented and once again gave Him control and why may I ask is this my lifelong battle…when God has always proven Himself faithful to me?) I am simply called to live this life trusting Him, believing His word and praying (and yes prayer is doing enough!)

After 16 years of parenting at that point (and 24 now), I had never experienced having a child so ill that the outcome could result in losing my baby. I had to settle in my heart and mind that my children were the Lords. God had blessed us with them and we in turn had dedicated to them and placed them back in his everlasting arms. But did I really believe that?  What if the Lord chose not to heal Joy? Would I still love and serve Him? Would I be able to say… “The Lord gives, the Lord takes away…blessed be the name of the Lord!”…like I sang in church many a Sunday morning?  I had to answer the question yet again…Will I trust the IMG_2375Lord to be in complete control of every area of my life?  As I flew home that next morning I said …”Yes Lord….I give you complete control”  The next four days were filled with doctors, nurses, medication, monitors, IV’s, blood draws, hospital gowns, masks and gloves….but most importantly the were filled with faith, trust, prayer and peace because I relinquished control to my Lord! Praise the Lord in His mercy He chose to completely heal Joy and we rejoiced in His loving-kindness.  The Lord used this time in my life to bring me to a new level of faith and trust in God.  He is in control of everything and I can rest in that.

Since this season eight years ago I have been given multiple opportunities to test my faith and trust in God. (We went through this same scenario three years later with Daniel but that time I “passed” the trusting God to be in control test – you can read it here)  Each time it gets easier and I respond more quickly in letting Him be in control.  In fact during this recent upheaval of our life and ministry and finances that we are still going through…we have been able to completely trust in the Lord with all of our hearts from day one….with only one minor glitch, which once again had to do with the “parenting gig”.  As we watch our girls suffer emotional pain of rejection and navigating through adult hypocrisy we once again have to give it over to God to heal them, restore them and now allowing them to come to a place of trusting God to be in complete control of their lives themselves…something we hope they grasp ahold of early in life!

God is in control of our lives!  He is not caught be surprise in any of our trials, tribulation or suffering.  He has a plan…and it is for our good! He will be faithful to keep us in His safe & everlasting arms until that day where we see Him face to face.  You can count on it!

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An Evening of Honor for Dan Lambdin!

DSC_0023As promised in my “Seasons of Change” post….here are the details that I have been asked to send out by the event chairpersons for this special evening to honor Dan for 25 years in Christian Education.  I am so filled with gratitude to this group of people who desire to honor my wonderful husband in this way.  He truly is a man of character, integrity, faithfulness, commitment, humility and service to others and our Lord….not too mention an amazing husband and father. He is the same man in public that he is behind closed doors and besides adoring him as my beloved, best friend and partner in ministry,  I have deep respect for him as a man of stellar character and tremendous genuine faith! If you can be there to honor him on September 2, I know he will be blessed beyond measure and if you can’t make it there are ways mentioned in the letter below that you can be “virtually” involved in the celebration. Everyone is invited!

Dear friends and family of Dan Lambdin,

We are excited to send you an invitation to a special event to honor someone you know and love…Mr. Dan Lambdin.  Some of you are family who have known him his whole life, others are lifelong friends from his youth, college or church family and many of you are former youth, students, athletes, parents and co-workers who he has faithfully loved, discipled and ministered to for decades. All of you have one thing in common: you know that this special man of God has committed his life to serving and loving others!

Dan has recently been released of his Bible Teacher/Chaplain position at Jim Elliot Christian High School, the school he & Beth founded and that he worked at for the past 16 years. If you had not yet heard this life changing news, you can read about it on Beth’s blog at this link.

A group of us who know first-hand the character, integrity, faithfulness and commitment of Dan Lambdin, have decided to come together and honor him for 25 years of serving the Lord and others in Christian Education. We hope that many of you can join us for this evening of praise & worship, thanksgiving, appreciation, testimonies, special music, photo presentation and a corporate prayer of blessing over the Lambdin family. A time of fellowship & refreshments will follow the service where you can personally greet and show love to the Lambdins. We will also be taking a love offering to bless them and help provide for their needs during this big transition as they seek God’s future direction for their lives.

We know some of you live out of the area or will be unable to make it that evening for various reasons.  We plan to video tape the event for those who would like to watch. We also would invite those of you who can’t be there but would like to participate through sending your own words of appreciation in a card, note or email to do so at the addresses posted below.  Also, if you feel led to contribute financially to the love offering for the Lambdins, you can send a check (made payable to Dan Lambdin) or you can donate through paypal online here. Thank you for being a part of this very special evening for a very special man!

Sincerely, Kelly Hale and Monica Martinez

“An Evening of Honor” Chairpersons

Mailing address for cards, notes and donations:         

  • Kelly Hale
  • 10762 Pleasant Valley Circle                                                              
  • Stockton, CA 95209
  • ATTN: Dan Lambdin

Email Address for messages to Dan or questions about event:



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First Day of High School: Grace & Great Expectations

My dearest “sweet baby” Grace,

Today was your first day of high school!

….and simply nothing about today happened according to our long held expectations.

The year you were born was an amazing time in our lives.  It was filled with both struggles and challenges as well as great joy and miracles. One of the reasons that we named you Grace was because that particular year – 1998 – we had experienced an abundant outpouring of God’s amazing grace in our lives.  Of course, as you know the most significant event of that year was the miraculous beginning of Jim Elliot Christian High School.  A Christian high school we had dreamed about for years, had worked tirelessly to get started and rejoiced greatly when they opened their doors.  You were there that first day of school – September 2, 1998 – safely hidden in my womb as the board president handed us the Founders Plaque at the opening day chapel. Our dream had become a reality! baby grace

Several months later during the Founders Banquet you joined in the celebration proudly wearing a button I made you proclaiming – “Future Elliot Eagle Class of 2017”.  It brought smiles to everyone who saw you as well as a few raised eyebrows from some who thought perhaps the school would never make it past its first year.  And yet….it did!

Over the following years you watched as each of your big sisters began their season at Jim Elliot.  You got up and had the traditional back to school breakfast with them on the first day of school and DSC_0991drove with them to take the traditional “first day of school” photos in front of the Jim Elliot sign . You laughed and listened to them groan with protest, yet knowing that mom would get that photo taken reminding them…”someday you’ll thank me for this”.  You watched as they played sports as a Lady Eagle…being drug all over Northern California to cheer them on with gusto. You saw the excitement of spirit weeks, dress up days, homecoming, school camp and a host of other student activities that you looked forward to participating in when it was finally your turn to start high school.  You admired their beauty as they dressed up for Winter Formals and Proms. DSC_0133 You listened to the stories they would share about life at school, Dad being “dad” and both the blessings and challenges of being a “Lambdin” at the school your parents founded.  You stayed up with them as they studied late into the night for exams and you cheered them on as they donned their hunter green cap & gown and walked across stage to receive their diploma’s and become JECHS alumni.


And yes, you expected that you would one day do exactly the same thing.

But those expectations did not come to pass.



…..there was no traditional back to school breakfast


…..there was no photo in front of the JECHS sign


….there was no Dad (aka: Mr. Lambdin) starting the school year  with prayer at chapel


….there was no familiar faces or places


All that you had hoped for, dreamed of and expected to happen for years did not happen. Your expectations were crushed and shattered and you were forced to give up your hopes and dreams of attending JECHS.

We all have expectations in life from our very earliest memories.  We universally expect to be nurtured, taken care of and loved by our parents. As children we expect to fed, clothed and have a roof over our head. (and in some families the children expect to receive an allowance, a car when they turn 16 and a fully funded college account…but alas you were not born into one of those families!) We all expect to be treated fairly. (or why else would every child I know at some point exclaim – “that’s not fair!”) As parents we expect that our children will behave a certain way, in our marriages we ex[pect that our spouses will treat and love us like we want to be treated & loved and we all  expect friends, family members, leaders, teachers and pastors to be, do and act according to the way we believe is right.  And of course we all have a different definition of what that “right” might be.

I have known many people who have let both unrealistic expectations as well has unfulfilled and unmet expectations destroy their lives and their relationships.  I have seen them get deeply depressed, bitterly angry, allow important relationships to deteriorate and even turn their back on God all as a result of expectations not being met.

You have an opportunity in this moment to learn a great lesson in life…one that many believers have still not grabbed hold of after two, three or even four decades of life. The lesson is…while having expectations of life, people and even yourself is perfectly normal…at some point you will be faced with the potential reality of the depression, anger, bitterness, chaos, and damaged relationships due to unmet expectations.  So what is the answer to this Grace?

Have expectations in your Lord Jesus Christ and in Him alone!

He alone is faithful and true! He alone can meet your every need! He alone can give you perfect peace in the midst of the storm! He alone loves you with a perfect unfailing love!

What does the Word of God say that you can expect?

  • You can expect trials and tribulations in this life! (John 16:33 1 Peter 5:12)
  • You can expect God to give you the power and strength to overcome everything you face (Philippians 4:13 Psalm 68:35 Isaiah 40:29)
  • You can expect to be loved completely and fully by the Lord (Jeremiah 31:3 Romans 8:37-389 John 3:16)
  • You can expect the Lord to do abundantly above and beyond all you can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20)
  • You can expect to receive eternal life through your trust and faith in Jesus Christ who shed his blood for your sins (1 John 5:13-14 Romans 6:23   1 John 5:13)

So as you start your first year of high school in a new school with new people and new events…remember to put your expectations only in the Lord.  He will always come through every time and fulfill your greatest expectations.

And today give thanks for what you did have but perhaps did not expect…


….Daddy at home (instead of at school) this morning to pray for you personally and bless you as you left for your first day of school

…a big sister to be be your side as you together navigate this new experience at Capital Christian

photo grace

….a lunch at Chick-fil-a to celebrate the first day


….and a Christian school where the administration all knew you by name this morning and are so excited to have the Lambdins as a part of the CCHS family. A school whose state of the art facilities, amazing fully developed programs, athletics and events; and  whose solid academics are enhanced by staff who love the Lord as well as a school whose desire is to glorify God in everything….this is exactly what your Mom & Dad dreamed of all those years ago when we were blessed with you…our sweet baby Grace!

Have a year filled with great expectations in what the Lord is going to do in and through you!

I love you!



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Lambdin Life: A Season of Change

Dearest  friends & family,


This sudden announcement may come as a bit of a shock to you…as it certainly did to us!

We have loved ministering at Jim Elliot Christian High School.  From its exciting beginnings back in 1997 (which many of you were a part of and for that we will always be grateful), through all the challenges and bumps over the years, to watching it grow and prosper to what it is today,  we have seen God move mightily in and through the school. Some of the best and most memorable years of our lives have been spent at JECHS and the blessings of deep friendships in students, staff and families have been abundant!

It is with both joy and sorrow that we announce that our season at Jim Elliot has come to an end. Sorrow as we will greatly miss ministering to students and their families who we love so dearly; but great joy as we watch God open up the door to new opportunities to use our gifts and talents to pursue our next dream. We know God is up to something really big and it is exciting to be part of His plan!

As we depart from our beloved school we are striving to walk in love, integrity and glory to God! We do earnestly pray that the Lord will continue to prosper and grow the school and bless the wonderful staff (whom we love dearly) as they touch and impact students for Christ!

Always in Jesus,

Dan & Beth Lambdin

faqFrequently Asked Questions

As word has leaked out, we have found that we are being inundated with questions. Thank you to all of you who have been so loving, supportive and concerned. We thought it best to answer the most common ones with this announcement.

1.       Was it your choice to leave Jim Elliot Christian High School at this time?

No. We had always thought that we would minister at Jim Elliot for life. Dan received notification on July 9, via certified letter, that his contract to teach for the 2013-14 school year was being rescinded.  There was no reason given.   

Despite Dan’s desire to stay and teach, disciple and mentor students, we believe that the Lord uses leadership to move us in the direction He wants us to go and we trust that the Lord has used the board and administration to accomplish His ultimate purpose in our lives. For that we are sincerely grateful to our Lord, as we know this will prove to be one of the greatest blessings of our lives!

2.       What about Rebekah and Grace who are enrolled as students at JECHS?

Of course as parents, of utmost concern are our precious children, every one of them gifts from God.

Rebekah and some of her classmates at a Senior Class Retreat this summer.

Rebekah and some of her classmates at a Senior Class Retreat this summer.

Rebekah was to be a senior at JECHS this coming year and was very excited about her position as student chaplain, continuing to lead “The Movement Club” (a student advocate group for orphans); and of course her passion – playing soccer for her final year at Elliot. She has also developed strong friendships over the past three years and was looking forward to graduating with the JECHS class of 2014.

This is Grace at the JECHS Founders Banquet in 1999.  She is wearing a button that says "Future Elliot Eagle  Class of 2017"

This is Grace at the JECHS Founders Banquet in 1999. She is wearing a button that says “Future Elliot Eagle Class of 2017”

Grace was to enter Jim Elliot as a freshman this year and after nine years of homeschooling was so very excited to enter the world of JECHS: to take new and exciting classes, playing sports, making friends (in addition some of her closest friends who would also be starting as a freshman there) and just being immersed in the Christian high school experience. Of course getting to hang out with her Dad every day was going to be a bonus too!

The board and administration at JECHS recently decided that our children were welcome to attend Jim Elliot providing they met the qualifications and that we paid all the tuition and fees. (One of the benefits of staff members at Jim Elliot is free tuition so this would be a new expense in our lives)

While we would love to have our children sit under the godly mentorship of the teachers and staff at JECHS, be with their friends, as well as have the opportunity to attend a local Christian high school whose goal is to glorify God.  First, let’s state the obvious…with Dan already sacrificing financially to work at a private Christian school where the teachers generally make 30-40% less than public school teachers, there was never any extra money to pay tuition, which is one of the reasons Christian schools often offer a tuition benefit to their staff.   Now with no income at this time…it’s pretty easy to do the math…even if you aren’t great with numbers.  (0 income minus $14,000 in tuition equals negative $14,000)  That said, we know God’s math is very different than ours, and if the girls wanted to be there, we know the Lord would provide the finances to make that happen.  Sadly, both girls already feel that “all eyes are upon them” and there is underlying awkwardness between them and the school.   They have decided that at this time they do not want to be “under a microscope” at JECHS as well as deal with questions about their Dad.  They have both grieved greatly over this ordeal and we are trying to help them walk through this major life change with the proper godly perspective and without allowing bitterness to get a hold of their hearts, as we know that could damage them for years if allowed to grow. It is a daily decision for them to walk in grace and forgiveness and yet we know that the Lord was not caught off guard by this and He will use it greatly in their lives!

Whew!  That was a lot of background information to answer the question so many are asking about Rebekah & Grace: “Where will they be going to school?” There is no easy answer.  As Grace said recently: “None of the options are good, Mom.”  We have made a spread sheet, written out all the pros and cons, sought counsel and of course, prayed.  At this point they are leaning towards attending Capital Christian High School in Sacramento (and yes, that is 52 miles from our doorstep…oh my!)  There are so many details that would have to be worked out: tuition (again that would take a God kind of math!) , transportation, athletic eligibility and jumping through all the admissions hoops in record time, not to mention a huge challenging life change for us as a family, having kids creating a life in an entirely different city.  We are confident that if it is the Lord’s will, He will work out all those details, even if it is hard, because God often calls us to do hard things!
Please pray for our girls as they navigate through all this in the upcoming weeks and throughout the year. They are pretty amazing young ladies but we know Satan would like nothing better than to use this to destroy their lives and have them question God.

3.       What will Dan do now?  Does he have a new job?

No, Dan does not have a job or any potential jobs at this point.  This question is perhaps the hardest to answer because of the differences between a “job”, “career” or “profession” and a “ministry”, “calling” or “vocation”.  But we will try.

First …our commitment to Christian education goes far beyond simply a job or profession. We realize perhaps for many Christian school teachers it is more of a career choice or job that pays the bills; which is perfectly acceptable, but for us that has never been the case. Christian school ministry and the discipleship of students is our passion and something the Lord called us to over 26 years ago.  We believe it is a high ministry calling and our vocation.

Secondly…Dan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies, an ACSI teaching credential and is a licensed minister. He has been a Bible teacher for 25 years.  Prior to completing his degree he was a youth minister for two years.  This is all that he has ever done.

With that said…it is obvious that his options within his calling, his training and experience are limited. He teaches Bible – not history or English or math.  He has no public school options as many assume he might. (Unless we are unaware that our public schools are now offering Bible…would love to hear about that!)  He also has no options in San Joaquin County to teach Bible at a Christian school.  That leaves outside the area.  But let’s be real here – it is July – there are literally no job openings for Bible teachers this close to the start of a new school year.  Best case scenario IF he is to continue teaching (and that IF is there) is that he finds a Bible teaching position out of the area next (2014-15) school year.


Now all that could sound pretty depressing or discouraging right?  Well sure maybe….if you don’t know that our God is bigger than any obstacle, that He has orchestrated all of this to complete His ultimate plan for our lives personally; that He is in complete control,  has a wonderful plan for our future and that He is our provider as always!  But we do know all of this about our awesome God and we put our full faith and confidence in Him. There is complete peace and freedom in knowing God!

Please pray for us as we seek Him for the answers to these questions:

  • Lord, are you calling us out of Christian education at this time and leading us to a new ministry calling, or do we seek to find a new school to continue to minister to and disciple young people?
  • If we are to stay in Christian education, Lord how do you want to provide our basic needs for the upcoming year until we can secure a Christian school job for the 2014-15 school year?
  • If we are being called to a new ministry, what is it Lord?  Pastoring?  Missions? Christian Youth Camps? Some type of Chaplaincy? Going full time speaking and counseling with Inspire Ministries and raising monthly support?  We want to use our unique gifts and talents for His glory!
  • Lord, are you calling us out of full time paid ministry and into secular employment?

We know that the Lord promises generous wisdom to all who ask him and we certainly need wisdom!  (“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5) We also know that the Lord will provide for all of our needs – financial, emotional and spiritual – according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus! (Philippians 4:19) We hope to be able to communicate with you all very soon what exactly the Lord has for us to do next.

4.       Will there be any type of recognition or acknowledgement  from the school for Dan’s part in founding the school and his subsequent 16 years of ministry there?

We have been told that the school officially has no plans at this time.  We have no expectations or disappointment.  In fact, we have always been so blessed to be showered with love and appreciation by those that we have ministered to over the years that our hearts are filled to overflowing!  We could ask for no more than the amazing love and support we have had from all of you over the course of our ministry. We should be thanking you as it has strengthened, encouraged and kept us going for decades!

The plaque we were presented on September 2, 1998, the first day of classes at JECHS

The plaque we were presented on September 2, 1998, the first day of classes at JECHS

However, a group of friends have recently asked if they could do something special to give recognition and honor  to Dan for his 25 years in Christian Education.  That event will be held on Monday, September 2, 2013  which is exactly 15 years to the day that Jim Elliot Christian High School began their first day of school with a beautiful chapel service. What a perfect day to honor Dan.  Everyone is invited! More details to come out soon. We hope that many of you will be able to join us in this special time together to thank the Lord for what He has done in and through Dan Lambdin, and to celebrate the great things he has in store for the future!

To God be the glory!


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The Miracle in a Christmas Card List!

DSC_0782I am writing this letter as I sit in front of a crackling fire in my dimly lit living room with the glow of our Christmas tree lights sparkling as if they are singing along with the peaceful Christmas carols playing in the background….ahhhh yes the magic of the season that transforms a normal routine weeknight into a special evening.

And as I enjoy my coffee and Christmas cookies I am thinking of each of you…the beautiful dear people who receive our Christmas letter every year. Some we have known since our childhood (which at times seems so very long ago in this latter half of life), others who we have shared precious moments of living together for years as well as those who have just recently become a part of our life story and yes you whom we have blessed and become a part of our lives through the amazing technology of the Internet.  As I ponder these relationships…and yes there are many…I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the warm and wonderful friendships and family members that we have been given in this short season of life here on this earth.  We touch each others lives in special ways whether it is through daily, weekly or monthly interactions, planned or spontaneous visits, text, email or voice mail messages, facebook encounters, randomly running into each other, annual events, special occasions, milestone moments like graduations, weddings, babies, baptisms, anniversaries and funerals as well as this — > the awesome annual Christmas greetings through cards, pictures and letters that fill both my mailbox and inbox.

We love these Christmas greetings! As we sit around the dinner table and pass around the cards we receive each day…we are filled with joy and sometimes sorrow as we read your recent life stories, see pictures of your beautiful families and marvel at the changes from year to year (or for some of you who never age…the lack of any change!) and we smile as we reminisce about times we have shared together over the years.  We have not missed sending out a Christmas greeting for 30 years. What started as a young college girl sending out a couple dozen cards, grew to a young couple who were youth pastors sending out a couple hundred letters and photos of our ever changing family. And with each passing year our Christmas card list multiplied as the Lord blessed us with a larger circle of loved ones through the ministry of Christian education and a growing home business where our clients and consultants became our dear friends. Yes, Christmas cards keep us all connected in a special way.

And this year is no exception….as we once again send you each a heartfelt Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from the entire Lambdin clan!

Beach Album - Page 049

With eight children it is always a challenge to give a brief update on each of them as their lives are very full of so many things but let me try to give you a glimpse of what 2012 brought to each of their lives:

Michelle is a recent graduate from The King’s College with a degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics.  She landed a job shortly after graduation as a Resident Director at TKC living in the heart of New York City and is loving it!

Amy is a sophomore at Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas where she is studying Physical Education and tearing it up on the soccer field.

Kristen graduated from JECHS in May and is attending Cabrillo College in Capitola while she interns at Bloomsbury’s Tea House using  her gifts and talents in the areas of baking, hospitality and serving.

Rebekah is a junior in high school where she plays soccer, is on yearbook staff and is the founder of The Movement Club to help orphans, which is one of her passions in life.  She completed her Rite of Passage this fall and had a beautiful celebration ceremony.

Grace is a homeschooled 8th grader enjoying the “good life” of doing school in her jammies, going on lots of field trips, playing soccer and helping with her younger siblings. She got tall this year and now is competing for the second tallest sister!

Joy is also homeschooled and besides enthusiastically embracing everything and everyone in life she loves to sing and perform. She joined the Stockton Youth Chorale this year and is the star of the show!

Daniel is….the boy! (complete with a recent broken arm) He is in kindergarten but after a few short lessons he is ready to play “super heroes” or anything that includes a ball.  He is being actively trained by his six older sisters to be the ultimate gentleman and man of God.

Christiana is truly the greatest blessing of our lives.  She is now the cutest little three year old girl in the world and is adored by us all. She is sweet, sassy & spicy all rolled into one!

And then there is us – Dan and Beth


….before we tell you about what 2012 looked like for us we want to take you back to 15 years ago when this same Christmas Card mailing list was used by the Lord to bring about what many saw as a miracle…something that couldn’t happen without divine intervention.  Many of you were on the receiving end of a letter we sent out to our Christmas Card mailing list in the summer of 1997 sharing our dream of starting a unique Christian High School in our community. We had no funding, no grants, no large donors and yet we were passionate about going forward with our vision of founding this school. And the miracle began with you! Well over half of our friends and family responded to our appeal and offered their prayers and financial support to build the foundation of what would become Jim Elliot Christian High School. A year later the school opened their doors to 42 students and today fifteen years later the school is a thriving Christian High School with over 200 students, dozens of staff members and over 500 alumni who are out making a difference in the world. And it all began with our Christmas Card list…yes that list of our dear friends and family had the power to start something really big.  If you were a part of that miracle those many years ago, we want you to know that we are still in awe of your love, generosity and faith in us and we hope that every time you think of JECHS or hear of one of its many accomplishments that you will feel blessed by the part you played in prayer and support. We thank you once again!

The Lord has been stirring in our hearts a new dream and vision over the past couple of years and in 2012 He nudged us to pull together the official beginnings of a ministry that we hope will be a blessing and a life changing resource for countless people during our remaining years in service and ministry! This year we officially incorporated our non profit organization called Inspire Ministries and once again we are in need of the foundation of prayer and financial support from our friends and family to see this new ministry prosper.  We have big plans and even bigger dreams for this ministry that will start primarily with Beth at the helm but that we hope to see grow to a full fledged staff and ministry team who are inspiring, motivating and equipping people of all ages, cultures, walks of life, economic status and situations to live a life of passion, purpose and praise!

The Lord has already brought us people to minister to in abundance and we have faithfully walked along side them ministering in multiple ways – everything from counseling young people who are looking for direction for their future, couples in marriage crisis, impoverished families with basic needs to survive, pregnant women under stress as well as teaching life skills to young men who were raised in the foster system to encouraging and providing resources and inspiration to young families who need parenting advice or are looking for effective ways to raise their kids in the faith and implement meaningful family traditions.  There have also been several speaking opportunities throughout the year. It has been exciting and exhausting, fulfilling and at times frustrating but the results have been amazing!  We truly believe that this ministry will be life changing to many.

We need three things from those who love and believe in us and in our ministry and we are starting once again with you…our Christmas Card List:

1. We need your faithful prayers! Truly without the Lord on our side building this ministry it will come to nothing. Please lift us up in prayers asking the Lord to use us and provide for us in His amazing ways.  We need the favor and blessing of our God.

2. We need monthly financial partners who will commit to supporting this non profit ministry faithfully. We know finances can be tight and that many are struggling with the economy (we are right there with you)…so we are not asking for a huge commitment. We are looking for families that can commit to $25 a month beginning in January 2013. (If you have the means to make a larger monthly donation, of course you can and it will be appreciated and used to fulfill our mission) We believe your investment in Inspire Ministries will have a huge return for you as you help us to make a profound difference in peoples lives.

3. We need some immediate one time donations.  There are  some larger start up expenses – website launching, our first quarterly publication, donor data base software, legal and accounting expertise – and we could use a few one time donations to get things rolling. We also have this compelling vision to purchase the house next door, that is currently up for a short sale, as a ministry house to those who need someone to literally walk beside them as they make changes in their lives. (and yes we realize that is a crazy God sized dream…the type we love just like starting a Christian High School from scratch!) Perhaps you are looking for a place to make a year end contribution…we would love for that to be us!  You can make a secure online donation through our paypal account and we will send you a tax deductible receipt. Click here if you’d like to donate.

If you could fill out this response form it would be such an encouragement to us as we step out in faith with this new adventure. Even if you can not contribute financially at this time…we would love to know we have your prayer covering or if you would like to receive our quarterly magazine. Every response and comment is like someone cheering us on as we run the race…it motivates and inspires us to continue to carry on with our dream!

We are expectantly hopeful that the Lord will once again do a miraculous thing for us in starting something big like Inspire Ministries through the prayers and support of our friends and family…those that make up our Christmas card list!  We look forward to sharing the miracles that you will have helped to make happen in our 2013 Christmas letter.  Below is a more extensive explanation of Inspire Ministries and our mission and vision for those who are interested in the details.

Friends - Page 002

Friends - Page 003

We pray that you all experience blessings in abundance this Christmas season and a Christmas miracle as well! We hold you dear to our hearts and hope that our paths cross in the upcoming new year.


Dan, Beth, Michelle, Amy, Kristen, Rebekah, Grace, Joy, Daniel and baby girl (aka Christiana)

PS – If you are local and have the time don’t forget to stop by our annual Christmas Open House on Saturday December 22

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Inspire Ministries

We called her our “Christmas baby” as she was born in December of the year 1998, the first of our children to arrive during “this most wonderful time of the year”….the magical, bright, joyful, holy and divine Christmas season! 

We called her our “sweet baby” because of her gentle disposition and the heavenly scent that emanated from her tiny little body.  You could hold this precious bundle for hours watching her lips curl up in an uncontrollable smile, be enveloped by the sweet aroma and lulled to sleep by her deep rhythmic breathing. It brought us such perfect peace in our hearts despite the difficult outward circumstances surrounding our family at the time.

….And we called her Grace. 

Yes, we purposely named this child Grace because that particular year we had experienced an abundant outpouring of God’s grace in our lives.  Grace is often defined as….

  • God’s unmerited favor
  •  Loving…

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