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First day of high school – letter to Amy

 Life is flying by…at an increasing speed!

Tomorrow morning my fun loving, beautiful, crazy, blonde baby….my “Amy Girl” will begin her first year of high school. As she opens up her lunch bag she will find this note (along with some homemade cookies!)….may it inspire, encourage & challenge you today in whatever season of life you are speeding thru. (and yes…it will be going into the scrapbook!)

My dearest “Amy Girl”,


Today is a milestone!  You are beginning your freshman year at Jim Elliot Christian High School. Ten years ago this week (when you were just a playful, carefree adorable four year old!) your Dad and I set out on a journey that was bigger than anything we could have ever dreamed of accomplishing.  We decided to start a Christian high school that would glorify God, while training & discipling young people to graduate and make a profound difference in the world!

We began with prayer. We asked for wisdom, guidance and Gods blessing on this endeavor.

We surrounded ourselves with people who would inspire, encourage, support & pray for our success!

We knew it was going to cost us our time, our talent & our treasure.  We worked HARD round the clock using the skills & talents we were blessed with & our experience of a combined 20 years in Christian education.  We sacrificed our incomes & job security…stepping out in faith to make this dream a reality.

We faced fear, doubt & discouragement. We were even ridiculed. (Comments like – “It will never happen”, “How do you think you are going to start a high school?”, “No one is going to sign up for a school that doesn’t exist!”, “You’ll never raise enough money”)

We kept the faith and pressed on toward the goal and….

….one year later, on September 2, 1998…the vision became a reality! Jim Elliot Christian High School began their first day of school with 42 students!  It was one stellar day!

Now today …you are joining a student body of over 200 hundred students at a fabulous & successful Christian High School with the dream of graduating in four years with a good education, a strong vibrant faith & a clear direction for Gods plan for your life!  I want to encourage you today to follow the same plan & principles that were instrumental in starting the school you now attend.

Begin with prayer!  Pray for wisdom, guidance & success. Give each & every day, semester & year to God. Know that Dad & I along with all your sisters are praying for you as well.

Surround yourself with positive friends who will encourage, inspire, motivate & support you!  We do become like the company we keep. Choose wisely!  Amy, you are such a shining example of having a positive attitude & seeing things on the bright side of life.  You are always quoting Zig Ziglar or Amanda Gore…this is so impressive for a young person your age. Don’t lose your zest & enthusiasm for life! It is contagious.

If you are going to be successful it will cost you something. Work hard to be everything you were created to be.  This requires sacrifice, self discipline & determination.  Don’t look back with regret & wish you would have done things differently.  Strive for excellence in everything you do.

You will face fear, doubts & discouragement….you may even be ridiculed along the way.  Fight your fears with faith. Drive the doubt away with hope.  Do not give in to discouragement…. keep trying despite what may come your way. Pray for those who ridicule or make fun of you and don’t let others stand in the way of your dreams!

Have faith and press on towards the goal!  We believe in you Amy & know that your four years of high school will be everything you hope & dream of them being and more.  You are a strong leader, smart, talented, athletic, super creative and an incredible actress! peter-pan-096.jpg

You are fun, energetic & enthusiastic! You are kind, compassionate, friendly and loving! You love the Lord & want to please Him in everything. You are my awesome #2 Amy girl (which we both know is the best number! 😉 )

Know that I love you dearly & am so very proud of who you are & who you are going to become during the next four years.  I will miss having you here everyday.

Zoot! Zoot! Zoot!




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Change or stay the same

If you keep doing the same thing in the same way….you can expect the same results. This is true in every area of our lives.

 If we keep eating & exercising (or not) the same way we will continue to look the same.

If we keep training & disciplining (or not) our children in the same way we can except the same behavior.


If we keep spending, earning & budgeting (or not) in the same way we can expect the same financial status. 

If we keep communicating, relating & dating (or not) our spouses in the same way we can expect the same relationship. 

This is all well and good…if we are completely happy and content with the way things are.  We can go merrily along this year doing the same things we have always done and getting the same results. 

Yet so many of us start the new year with great expectations of change in our lives.  We set goals, we make resolutions, we decide that things need to be different, we make schedules and lists, we join gyms, we go back to church all with the hopes of change and yet we keep doing daily things the same way and then we are frustrated, disappointed, depressed and sometimes even mad that everything has remained the same. 

If we truly want a change in our lives whether it be in our personal lives, in our relationships with others or our businesses….we must change the way we do things. 

Are you happy & content with your life, relationships or business? 

If your answer is Yes! Yes! Yes!  Then keep on doing the things you have been doing and you’ll keep getting the same results. 

If your answer is “No….hardly!” or it is is like mine…..”Well not really, I’d like more.”  

Then its time to do things differently. 

1. Start with identifying the areas that you would like to see change.  Make a list of all the changes you would like to see in your life, your physical health, your marriage, your children, your business & your finances) 

2. Write down all the ways that you have “tried” to accomplish things in these areas. Be honest and be specific.  Evaluate how hard you attempted something & how much time you gave it to work. 

3. Brainstorm new ideas & new ways that you could accomplish your goals.  

4. Be willing to do things that are uncomfortable or even outright frightening for you. We often have to make ourselves do things that we absolutely do not want to do in order to become who we ultimately want to become. 

5. Make the commitment to daily, weekly & monthly do the things differently that will have a positive effect on our lives. 

Heres to a year of positive CHANGE in each of our lives.  

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What do you really want?

I had to chuckle yesterday morning as I overheard (and I was not eavesdropping….when you live in a small 1400 square foot home with 8 people…nothing is private) the conversation three of my daughters were having as they were in the bathroom getting ready for church.  It went something like this.

Amy: I really want to have kids!  But…..I really, really don’t want to get married.

Grace: I really, really want to have kids too!  But…..I really, really, really don’t want to get married….and you can’t have kids unless you get married. (I’m so  glad the 5 year old already has that instilled in her)

Rebekah: Well………I really, really, really want to have kids!  But (said emphatically)…..I am not going to get married! Grace: (running thru the house) Yeah….I don’t like boys! I only like Daddy!Amy: (with despair & frustration in her voice)  I know BUT……..I really, really, really want to have kids! And I really, really, really, really don’t want to get married.  <sighing> What am I going to do??

I sat in my bedroom nursing Joy and laughing…..their dilemma is not unlike many of our own.We really, really, really want to …….lose weight.  But…..we really, really, really, really don’t want to exercise. We really, really, really want to …….have some extra money.  But…..we really, really, really, really don’t want to be on a budget.

We really, really, really want to …….be current with our photo albums. But…..we really, really, really, really don’t want to let go of our perfection. We really, really, really want to …….have daily devotions.  But…..we really, really, really, really don’t want to get up early. We really, really, really want to …….have a successful business.  But…..we really, really, really, really don’t want to make those client contacts

And just like my girls…..we go back and forth in desperation and frustration over what we really, really, really want to do (or earn, or make, or be) AND what we really, really, really don’t want to do.  And more often than not we let the thing we really, really, really don’t want to do STOP us from doing the thing that we really, really, really want.Now I am very confident that age & hormones will solve my girls dilemma fairly easily and that they will overcome their objection to getting married and that they will find awesome godly men who want as many kids as they do. (which is a lot….thanks to me telling them that babies are one of the greatest gifts God can give you and that I want dozens of grandchildren!)But what will we do to overcome our own objections and to press in & do the very thing we don’t want to do in order to get the very thing we want? (did you follow that??)Here are seven simple steps:

1. Make a list (not just a mental one….a written one) of exactly what you really want in life.  

2.  Below that list write down an action list of everything you know you need to do to make what you really want become a reality.      

3. Put a star by all the actions that you really, really, really don’t want to do. (or dread doing)

4. Decide that you are going to overcome your fear, disdain, distaste for that activity and that you are going to do it ANYWAY because you are not going to let your own objections STOP you from getting what you really, really, really want!5. Call a friend who you can ask to hold you accountable.  Tell them what you really, really, really want.  Tell them what you are going to do everyday to get what you really, really, really want.  Tell them the specific things that you really, really, really  DON’T want to do and give them permission to ask you every week if you have done those things.  Tell them you  want to be held accountable and that you are counting on them to bug you. (and mean it)6. Get up everyday and do those actions.  If you are like me and want to see that you are making progress. (Ok, so I’m a former teacher!)  Buy yourself a grade book…write in all the things that you are going to do under the assignments and then check off everyday that you complete those activities  If at the end of the week you have NOT done them consistently say to yourself….”I will not allow my own personal objections stand in the way of  getting/achieving/being what I really, really, really want.”7. At the end of every week that you have consistently done the business building activities that you have objected to….reward yourself with a treat and celebrate your success because you are on your way to achieving what you really, really, really want!

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Taking those first steps

In just a matter of days…. Joy will be toddling thru our house!


Yes…..”Joyful” our precious 11 month old baby girl took her very first tiny baby step all by herself last night.  And if you would have lived within blocks of our home……there was NO WAY that you would have missed out on this event as her 5 big sisters cheered & screamed wildly. (You would have thought they had just been told they were going to Disneyland)

The thrill & excitement of a baby taking those first steps doesn’t ever get old. (This is my 6th time around this block..and its still just as exciting as the first one!) It also doesn’t happen overnight.  She’s been walking around the coffee table for months & standing on her own consistently for weeks.  Her sisters have been coaching, coaxing & coaching her, practicing with her & cheering her on!  You can see the look of excitement in Joy’s eyes, you can sense her anticipation & wonder as she ponders taking those first steps…you can feel her apprehension & fear as to what might happen if she decides to just take off. And what seems like a HUGE in insurmountable feat today, will, in just a few short weeks seem easy & very doable… fact it will be as if taking those first steps were really no major accomplishment at all. In another year from when she is running through the house like it is her own personal race track…we will be hard pressed to remember this eventful day when it took everything in her to attempt one very small wobbly step.

This is just the first of many “steps” she will take in her life.  There will very soon be her first major fall….her first birthday…..her first real words (besides MAMA & DADA)….her first day of school….her first words read…..her first math problem solved…her first bike ride….her first time swimming across the pool….and on & on & on (and I don’t even want to think about her first day behind the wheel, her first day of college, her first love) Many of these will be preceded with that same sense of excitement, anticipation & wonder of something new ahead, of reaching out for a new goal or dream……as well as that same fear & apprehension of falling or failing or just plain uncertainty of what lies ahead. And hopefully she will continue to have her own private cheerleading squad that will coach, coax, & practice with her every step of the way & then cheer wildly with each successful accomplishment.

Are you thinking about taking your first steps with your business or towards a personal goal or dream? Maybe you’ve been at it for a while but have decided its time increase your pace from a leisurely walk to a steady jog or even an all out run. Or perhaps you have just had something give you a nudge or all out push towards pursuing your dream. Or maybe you’ve just made up your mind to make this the year you “go for it!”

You are filled with a sense of excitement.  You anticipate that great things are around the corner.  You wonder about all that may be in store for you in this upcoming year.  And yet at the same time you are filled with apprehension & fear.  What if I fail?  What if I fall down? What if I look stupid?  What if I am rejected?  What if I can’t handle it? What do we need to be able to forge ahead even through fear & uncertainty?  What will it take to attempt those first baby steps that will eventually turn into full confident strides?

I believe just like Joy last night we need 3 things.

1.  We need to really WANT to go forward! 

Our excitement and our hopes & dreams for the future must overtake our fear, apprehension & uncertainty.  Joy watches her older sisters run around the house….she sees the things that they can do….how fast they can go while she either sits in her high chair, or bobbles up & down in her bouncer or try’s to keep up with them through inefficient crawling. (and eventually begging to have them pick her up & carry her).  She really WANTS to walk.


Are you sitting around while others are doing, seeing & achieving the great things that you want for your life?  Do you know that it could as easily be you striding confidently through this life achieving great things….if you just step out in faith and take those first steps.

Do you really WANT it?  Overcome your fears, your apprehensions and your uncertainty & take that first small step today!

2. We need to press on and practice daily. (and expect to fall!)

The minute Joy got up today…the girls had her up on her feet practicing taking that one little half step.  And I’m sure they will not let her rest until she has taken 2 or 3 today.  I can already see a little frustration on her face as she struggles to attempt another step.  The excitement of yesterday as already began to wane & now the reality that this just might be hard work has set in.  And by next week just when she is making it all the way across the room she will then begin to fall……the reality will set in that in order to learn to walk….you must try, try & try again and that you will fall (& sometimes it will hurt!) over & over again.


We must do the same thing in our businesses and in our life…..practice daily.  This is most likely the hardest part. Taking one step & sitting down….taking 2 steps and wobbling over side ways…taking 3 steps and falling forward.  Our excitement of yesterday (when we first started our business…or got that first client…or scheduled that first home party… or had that first sale) begins to wane…we wonder why we are doing this anyway and we are frustrated both by our lack of skill and our regular falling down.

Yet if we give up now and don’t press through…look at all we will miss out on.  No…we need to keep picking ourselves up, keep pressing on and keep practicing daily.  (and don’t act surprised when we fall…it is part of the plan…no one can avoid it….so get ready for the bumps and bruises) Whether we are going for our first client, our first sale, our first promotion or our first incentive… is the same….we must practice, practice, practice & press on!

3. We need a personal coach and a cheering squad!

I think back to when my oldest daughter, Michelle began walking and wondered…did she have her own personal coach and cheering squad like Joy does?  After all there were no older sisters just Mom and Dad. Well…yes she did…..besides Mom and Dad’s complete focus (since she was the only child)…she had 150 teenagers at the high school I taught at performing the same service for her that the girls are now doing for Joy.  They coaxed and coached…they practiced with her and they cheered wildly with each and every accomplishment.

It makes a huge difference to our success if we are surrounded by personal coaches & a cheering squad of people who will be there every step of the way… us encouraging words, providing great examples, giving us training, practicing with us and cheery wildly with each accomplishment.

These important people might be your family…as it is with Joy.  It might be close friends who are committed to your success….as it was with Michelle. If you are in direct sales it might be your upline, sidelines or downline.  It might be a life coach or business coach.  It might even be the books you read, tapes you listen to or meetings or conferences you attend.  You are really blessed if you have a team of coaches and cheerleaders from every area of life!

If you are lacking a personal coach or cheerleaders…take the time to find them today.  For those in business – call your upline or sponsor and set up a weekly call in phone appointment, sign up for the next sales meeting, call in to a training podium call or you may even want to hire your own business coach.  For life goals & dreams – talk to your family and/or close friends and tell them you need their encouragement, positive words and cheerleading. Find a life coach! Start each day reading a positive quote or inspirational story.  (This really works….even today as I scanned my card upon arriving at the gym…the computer spit out a greeting that read…”You look great!”  Wow!  What motivation it gave me to get in there & exercise.  Positive cheerleading can even come from a computer!)  Pair up with someone who has like goals & dreams and agree to cheer each other on with regular phone contact, emails & celebration lunches as you each accomplish your “firsts” in your business and life!

And remember “the first” that you accomplish today….will soon seem easy, doable & even come naturally and you’ll be moving on to bigger & better “firsts” in your life.

Gotta run……I can hear the girls cheering from the other side of the house…..”Joy just took 3 steps!” Take your first step towards your dream today! I’ll be here cheering wildly for you as accomplish them.

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Making dreams a reality

Its been a weekend of dreams becoming reality!

Five years ago my husband and I had a dream.  After over a decade of ministering at a local Christian high school we found ourselves at a crossroads.  No longer able to stay where we were working, and keep our integrity intact, we both found ourselves unemployed.  We applied & were offered several jobs at large successful schools around the country and though we were tempted to take any one of these well established positions, we had a dream in our hearts….. our dream school!  A place where young people could come and prosper.  A school that was dedicated to teaching & training young people to go make a difference in the world.  A school that was excellent academically, with a strong athletic and activity program but whose primary goal was discipleship. A school where the teachers not only were highly trained, skilled and certified but who also loved the Lord and wanted to mentor and be a godly example to young people. A positive, motivating & uplifting environment filled with teens that were going to become the leaders of tomorrow!  We had such a vision for this school that it was…in our minds….already a reality….even though in the physical it did not exist.

Not everyone bought into our dream.  Some people laughed.  Other discouraged us saying….it will never work.  Others were very practical reminding us of the financial resources it would take that we simply did not have.  Yet we would not be moved.  We simply got up each morning & took the next step towards making that dream a reality.

As many of you know….a little over a year later we opened the doors for the first day of Jim Elliot Christian High School!  The dream had become a reality.  We were blessed beyond measure with our 42 students who took a step of faith & joined in our dream that first day of school in September 1998. It was a stellar day!

As the school grew my dreams grew…..thanks to my business and the unlimited income potential that is available to everyone who wants it.  I began to dream of making enough of an income with my business that we could begin giving student scholarships.  In fact our ultimate dream is to donate my husbands entire salary back to the school to help students who need financial assistance. 

This past Saturday…..with misty eyes….I stood in front of 850 friends, family & faculty members of the graduating class of 2002 (our first class to complete the entire 4 years of high school with us) and presented the first Lambdin family scholarship to a well deserving shining star of this incredible group of students. It was another stellar day!

Even though I have lived through this miraculous beginning of ECHS, I still find myself staring in awe as to how this “bigger than life” dream really became a reality.  As I sat in the worship center after the graduation (waiting for my dear darling husband Dan….the ever popular Bible teacher, who never ceases to amaze me!), I began to think of some reasons why this dream came to fruition.  As you read this list, please think of your dream or your vision for your life and apply these principles to making them become a reality.

1. We had a clear vision…..we knew what we wanted & could see it “by faith” even before it came into being. Can you see your dream clearly?  Can you picture it in your minds eye? Is it so real to you that you can almost taste it, smell it & feel it?

2. We were passionate & believed strongly in the importance & value of young people and Christian education.  Are you passionate about achieving your dream?  Do you believe strongly in your goal?

3. We told everyone about our dream.  And I mean everyone.  When people say…”How does one start a school?” I tell them about us sitting in our living room with our Christmas card list and mailing out a letter to everyone we have ever known telling them about our dream school & asking for their prayers & support. There is power in your words….tell someone your dream today!

4. We took risks!  Big ones….we risked our home, we risked our finances, we risked our future, we risked our time we risked our reputation (after all what if we failed after telling all our friends & family what we were going to do?).  Are you willing to take risks? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone?  If you want to achieve your life’s dream….you must often take risks with your time, your money & your talent.

5. We worked hard.  We got up every day and worked from early in the morning until late at night.  We worked weekends too.  I worked my business to feed the family as well.  “Blood, sweat & tears” as my parents would have said! Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without plain good old fashioned hard work!  Are you really working hard doing the things that count or are you just doing “busy work”?

6. We did not listen to the negative naysayers. We tuned them out even though some of them were well meaning friends and family members. Have you put ear plugs in when others start to tear down your dreams or discourage you in your business.  May I suggest you simply put up your hand, smile & say in a very quiet voice…..STOP!  They will. 🙂

7. We surrounded ourselves with talented, hard working & positive people who would become the firm foundation for a long lasting ministry. You can’t accomplish great things without great people.  Look for them  Share your heart & dreams.  Ask them to get involved.  

8. We didn’t take no for an answer.  We were persistent  We kept asking….not once, not twice, not three times…..but month after month after month we asked.  We asked for people to give up large chunks of time to serve on our board, we asked for parents to enroll their children in a school that did not yet exist, we asked for support and most of all we asked for money.  We were rejected, turned down, told no more times than I care to remember yet in the end we raised will over $200,000 to start this high school.   Are you willing to be rejected, turned down & told no in order to reach your dreams?  Will you persist and carry on….and keep on asking, asking & asking?

9. We prayed. We regularly brought our needs before the Lord & asked for His blessing on our lives & ministry.  He came through on time….every time (although not always in our time but we learned to trust!) All I can say is…..God is good and He answers prayer.  Give Him your dreams, your goals, your desires and you may just be amazed at the results.

10. When the dream became a reality….we dreamed bigger!  Establishing a scholarship fund was one of them.  And upon hearing of how many students had to be turned away for next year simply because we are out growing the church we lease (we max out at 200)…I have a dream of owning our own property & having a school large enough that we will not have to turn away anyone who wants to be there. (ok now that’s is a HUGE dream!) Have you met many of your life dreams?  Perhaps its time to dream bigger!


Begin making your dreams become a reality today!

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The Jim Elliot Christian High School Story

It began with a dream.  Ten years ago, a handful of committed Christians who believed in the ministry of Christian education and desired to see a high school in the Central Valley that glorified God in everything, came together to start a school where:


  • The staff and teachers were committed Christians with a heart for ministering to and discipling students.
  • Students desired to grow closer to God and would be trained to go out and make a difference in the world.
  • Training in academics, athletics, technology and the arts would be accomplished with a spirit of excellence.
  • The social atmosphere was positive, uplifting and inspiring.
  • Jesus was lifted up and the light of His love would shine brightly to the entire community.


In September of 1997, after much prayer and seeking God, the school was officially founded. The name was chosen, the paperwork was filed with the State of California, the first school board was officially assembled and the Director of Development was hired to take on the task of raising funds, writing school policies and procedures, promoting and marketing the school, securing a facility and recruiting teachers and students. Each month new supporters joined the effort and more families came on board in hopes of the vision becoming a reality. Everyone involved gave of their time, talent and treasure to help found Jim Elliot Christian High School. 


It was a huge step of faith for –


  • The board members who gave of their wisdom, expertise and sacrificed countless hours to start JECHS.
  • The Director of Development who worked tirelessly to accomplish all that needed to happen for the school to open and lived by faith that the Lord would provide for his family while doing this.
  • Families who enrolled their children in a school that did not even have a set location or any history.
  • Teachers who applied for positions with no certain job security and low salaries.
  • Hundreds of financial supporters who gave money to a school that did not yet exist, except in the hearts & minds of the founders.

 Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed.”  John 20:29 

One year later, on September 2,1998,  Jim Elliot Christian High School began it’s first day of school with 42 students, 10 staff members and a gym packed full of families and supporters who all came together for the opening day chapel with joy in their hearts and tears streaming down their faces as they praised God for His faithfulness.


The dream became a reality!


We will be celebrating our 10th year anniversary over the next year and a half and giving God glory for the great things He has done! JECHS was founded in September of 1997, we began our first day of school in September of 1998 and we graduated our first class in June of 1999.  We invite you to get involved, invested and join with us in this “Foundation Celebration” as we have many special events, activities and programs to –


·         Honor our founding families, faithful supporters, committed staff and board members, and wonderful students who have been involved over the past 10 years.

·         Celebrate and remember the highlights of the past decade.

·         Look to the future of Jim Elliot Christian High School and take us into the next decade of discipleship!

 “To Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.  To Him be the glory in the Church by Jesus Christ throughout all ages, world without end. Amen”  Ephesians 3:20-21


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